Learn about Polar Bears, with fun facts for kids (Educational Videos for Students)

Hey, there Chillz How are you doing today? Hey, Mr. Rose. I am doing okay. Just getting ready to head home do some work
on a project about Polar bears. Polar bears. I love those bears. They are so big and it is crazy how they may
look different colors. Mr. Rose aren’t they all Polar bears white? Oh no Chillz. Actually, polar bears have black skin. A polar bear’s fur hides the black skin of
a polar bear because each of the longer guard hairs on a Polar bear’s body is hollow and
reflects visible light, kind of like snow. So when the sun shines on a polar bear, is
that why they may look really white. That is correct. I never knew there were so many interesting
things about polar bears. They are interesting, aren’t they. I remember learning in school that Polar bears
live along shores and on sea ice in the icy cold Arctic. Right and how they find their food is pretty
interesting. They like to hunt there and eat seals for
food even waiting by a seal’s breathing hole so when the seal come up for air they
can get them. That is right too. I know that Polar bears are pretty big. They weigh a lot. Yes. Talking about weight, polar bears are very
heavy. On average they weigh between nine hundred
and sixteen hundred pounds. That is more than a piano weighs. That is huge. Are polar bears really long? They sure are young man. They are even longer than some of the cars
in my garage. That is because polar bears can get up to
eight feet in length. Cool, Mr. Rose. Well, I have to go but it was fun talking
to you about Polar Bears. Same here young man. Same here.

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