Learn about Planets in our Solar System | Space for kids | Educational Video for children

Hey Toy-Timers! Hey TommyDog! Let’s Go! Let’s learn about Planet and Objects…in our Solar System. Which space object do you think is behind the green box? Wait until the end to see if we can lift it with our hand! U is for Unbelievably Cold – It has the coldest atmosphere of any planet in our solar system. Cool, let’s show a piece of the space object. R is for Rings – This Planet has at least 11 faint rings. A is for Axis – This planet has a tilted axis, which means it rotates is on its side. Do you know what this space object is yet? N is for Nine – it took Voyager 2 Nine and a half years to reach this planet. I think I know which object in Space this is. Do you? U is for Umbriel – The name of one of its moons. S is for Seventh – This is the Seventh Planet from the Sun. Yes, it’s Uranus! See our new videos, make sure you press that subscribe button. Become a Toy-Timer.

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