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content marketing university is a wonderful program where we bring together a backbone of a curriculum that I've created for the Institute to really bring in the core learning classes that you need to bring a content marketing process forward and then hanging the current most and best practice that we can from the thought leaders all across the world EMI University is a series of online classes and it's usually a video followed by it has a transcript as well as slide presentations I then would go after I watched it I just apply it think through it sometimes I would take the quiz there's a little exam afterwards sometimes I would wait but you can do the modules at your own pace take the quizzes when you want to take them and I thought that was just awesome it was really useful for somebody who already has a full-time job because you know you could do it at your own pace you could do it wherever you wanted whenever you wanted I mean for me I just set aside an hour to once a week and just said okay this is the time where I'm ignoring my email ignoring everything else that goes on and just focusing on this people should sign up for content marketing University if they're looking to get a deep education in a function of content market and how it really works and is a measured in the business it's really that what's gonna bring you to the next professional level of your content marketing career as someone who has like no marketing background whatsoever the university was the most amazing thing for me to find especially with the role that I'm in now and content marketing university really laid the foundation just to give you the tools that you needed to be able to apply it to your own situation so I got a lot out of it just because it was a foundational tool for what I can apply in my job day-to-day especially with the additional resources available to you on seeing my university I thought that was phenomenal and then there's always great stuff that you from that even it's just tips tricks or just even just general aha moments I would recommend it to anybody I feel like it's helped me enlighten my career a little bit so I feel like I've got this new enthusiasm they had the authority and a lot of the content information that I needed I'd like to welcome you to the audience traffic CMI education you can make 2018 even better than before and it'll help your business really stand out and differentiate in all of the sea of content that's being created

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