Learn ABC Alphabet WITH 3 YEAR OLD! Fun Educational ABC Alphabet Video For Kindergarten, Toddlers,

Kid Friendly TV Hey guys, it’s Whitney from Kid Friendly TV and today
we are learning our ABC’s with this fun alphabet puzzle Blake, can you say ABC? ABC Yea, this is going to be so much fun, let’s
do the puzzle together Blake, are you ready? Can you say ready? Ready Ok What’s A for Blake? Alligator Alligator Can you put it in there, good job A is for Alligator B is for Bear Bear, that’s right Blake What is C for? C is for Cow Cow Cow D is for Duck Good job What’s E for? E for Elephant Elephant F is for Fish Yea, that’s right F is for Fish G is for Gorilla Good, G is for Gorilla H is for Horse Good job I is for Iguana Ok, or I is for Inchworm Can you say inchworm Inch Good job J is for Juggler Can you say jelly beans? Jelly beans Good job, what’s next? K is for Kangaroo Right, Kangaroo L is for Lion Good job M is for Moose M is for Moose N is for Nest O is for Octopus Right, O is for Octopus, good job P is for Penguin Penguin Penguin Good job, what’s next? Q is for Queen Good job Blake, Q is for Queen, can you put
it in the puzzle? Good job, what comes next R R is for Rabbit A Rhino, that’s right, what’s next? What’s the next letter? S is for Sun Yea, S is for Sun or Snake T is for Tiger Tiger, that’s right U is for Umbrella Good job Blake, what’s next V is for Violin Violin, or Vulture W is for Walrus Walrus Walrus Good X is for X-Ray X-Ray Y is for Yak Yak Z Zebra Good job, you did it We had so much fun with you guys today learning
our ABCs Thanks so much for watching and please make
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out on our daily fun toy videos We’ll see you guys soon Bye Bye

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