LeapPad Tablet Provides Learning Activities through Educational Games | LeapFrog

My name is Amy Locke, and we are at Northwest
Parnell Elementary in Jackson Michigan. I am a kindergarten learning specialist. In
our classroom the LeapPad tablet is used as an independent instructional aid to foster
the skills that we’ve already worked on. They consider it play but they’re still learning.
I’ve had the LeapPad for over 2 years and hundreds of kids have used it, 4, 5, and 6
year olds. It is robust enough, it has stood the test of time, They drop it, they forget
to turn it off, they set it on the floor, somebody accidentally steps on it, and they
still work. It’s held up beautifully. Learning from the games on the LeapPad the students
practice with the handwriting tool, and they do continue to learn constantly from the LeapPad,
and they think it’s play. It’s great!

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