Leamos – Spanish Language Literacy

my name is patty Sally dawn Dallas administrator an online course designer at pearl literacy if you serve spanish-speaking adults at your program and you know that they're not literate in their own language I will really recommend that it's worth investing in their literacy skills they want to jump straight into English and in a moment you don't realize how important it is for them to learn Spanish thoroughly is as important as it is to learn English we gotta take those couple steps back and you know fix the foundation first before moving forward Lambos changes the lives of non literate spanish-speaking adults by helping them take the blindfold off their eyes and allowing them to learn how to read and write in their own language they fully build that confidence and their self-esteem and they want to learn more that's what motivates us it keeps us going the learners feel really empowered because they feel that once they have learned how to put those sounds together the syllables and the words they just feel like they accomplish a lot really when they're able to put those sentences together they feel like they have accomplished so much when it's just the first lesson that they completed

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