Leadership Video for Kids: What is diversity? (Educational Cartoon)

Hey, bro. Where have you been? At the library finishing up my diversity for
kids paper. Diversity for kids. What is diversity? Diversity means that there are a lot of different
things or people. I still don’t get it, bro.
Lee, you are Asian-American and I am African-American so our friendship is diverse. I think I’m starting to get it, bro. Keep going? Think about all of the kids at our school. I am African-American, you are Asian-American,
Chillz is Mexican American and more. That makes our school diverse. What made you do a paper on that? In class right, we are studying civil rights
movements in history. That is where our teacher talked about how
there are some people in the world who are afraid just because somebody has a different
color of skin. Well, that’s crazy. Right, but I did like how my teacher talked
about how we are like eggs. You lost me again, bro. How are we like eggs? If we were shopping at the store and wanted
to buy eggs we could either buy a dozen of white or brown eggs. If you take a white and brown egg out of the
carton even though they are different colors, when you open them up they are the same on
the inside. I think I get it, bro. So you are saying like eggs are different
colors, but the same on the inside we should stop looking at the color of a person’s skin
and get to know them for what’s on the inside? Exactly bro! So, we should never judge someone because
of how they look, the color of their skin and we want to work to have a diverse community
and world. And I hop you had fun learning with F.R.E.S.B.E.R.G. Cartoon.

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