Leadership in Higher Education Conference

the Leadership in Higher Education
conference is really a collection of top-notch scholars, academics, and
administrative leaders across a range of disciplines, who are at the cutting edge
of leading and directing efforts for a faculty development program,
accreditation, assessment and all the other legal and administrative issues
that come with our dynamic industry. Typically we serve anybody who is in an
academic leadership position or aspires to be. Department chairs, assistant dean’s,
dean’s, even provost’s and upper leadership, but we also have members of
the faculty that are anticipating that first promotion into leadership. Leadership is one of those areas in higher education, it’s kind of like teaching, we’re not trained to do it but we’re expected to do it somehow and
magically it’s going to occur but really it’s trial by fire. So this is a
conference that has really addressed that with some concrete session great ideas
and really is helpful in thinking about how do we train our leaders and our
institutions. For someone like me, I’m looking at transitioning from being a director to being full-time faculty and then I hope one day to make my way up to
program chair, department chair, and then dean, that’s the main reason why I wanted
to come to this conference was just for preparation and information and
knowledge for the future. After about 10 years as faculty, my chair stepped down and I stepped into that position and it was a completely new role to me
and so this conference was an opportunity to really learn and grow and
learn some of the skills that are associated with this new job that I have
now. What I like about the workshops is they’re not just people talking at
you. That what happens is you get a framework, you get some information, you get what you need and then you get to talk with people around you, then we
share our own best practices. So you feel like you’re learning but it
same time you’re contributing. It’s always research-based, we ask for
takeaways so that there are key deliverables that participants are going
to be engaged in and so rather than sort of a here’s what we did and here’s why
it worked out for us or why it didn’t work out it’s much more here’s the
research that we did ahead of time here are the decisions that we made because
of that research and here’s what we learned and and here are some strategies
for you to use at your school. There’s a real mix of both higher level ideas. About developing a leadership style or developing a philosophy of leadership.
All the way to really hands-on things that I could go in Monday morning and
try with my next student interaction or a faculty interaction. In every workshop I have been to so far, they have been something in there for everyone across
the span of the leadership. Whether you got the beginning aspiring or you’re a dean. We’ve built in a lot of time for networking whether that meals or
reception time or first thing in the morning over breakfast where you get to
sit down with your colleagues and discuss either presentations you’ve been
to or issues you’re confronting at work. Lunches are sometimes scheduled with
themes so that you can seat yourself at a table where the topic of discussion is
based on your interest. I think just sharing our experiences amongst our colleagues from different parts of the country is valuable. Even though we are
in different locations, in different regions in the world, student issues are
the same, leadership issues are the same. We are at the end of the day, we’re all
people and so the problems are the same and so you can get to see how other
leaders deal with issues. Where you can really compare what’s going on at other
institutions versus what you’re doing at yours and share strategies for how to
try things a different way. I think one of the strengths of the Leadership in
Higher Education Conference is that it’s put on by Magna Publications. They are
leaders in conferences that deliver. You can see that
across all the different areas where they’ve been putting on conferences. This
one is no different and given their long history of putting on top quality events,
well-run great speakers, a really good comprehensive package the value is
really outstanding. you

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