Lead Forensics Focus – B2B sales: 11 game changing statistics

Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational
video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing
and sales leaders. In this video, I’ll be providing you with
eleven game-changing statistics from the world of B2B sales. These will change the way your team views
B2B sales, and help you discover the best steps to take for success. 69% of prospects find their
business needs are not met on the first call? With this many salespeople not ticking the
first box of buyer-centric sales, we can clearly see why so many aren’t meeting their targeted
quota! Understanding your prospect’s business needs
is imperative to your sales approach. Use the opening few minutes to gauge immediate
pain-points and tailor your product to meet those needs. This makes for a more positive call, and increases
your chances of making a successful sale. Only 24% of sales emails are actually opened! If just one in four sales emails are actually
opened, that means even fewer are being responded to. Now don’t worry! There are ways to make your emails more successful. Start by replacing words like ‘invite’
and ‘assistance’, with ‘demo’ and ‘connect’. It’s important to remember not to rely solely
on email marketing for B2B, as customers often prefer social media or even a good old-fashioned
phone call. At least 50% of your prospects are not a good
fit for what you sell. If your prospects aren’t right for your
product, no amount of strategy or communications is going to actually fix that. So, look at how you generate new business
and gather prospect data. Is there a way you can ensure only those well-suited
to your product enter your pipeline? Remember: it’s quality over quantity! Social selling can increase win rates by 5%,
and deal size 35%. It’s no surprise that social selling continues
to gain popularity when 57% of business decision makers use social media to research vendors. Social media fuels more decisions than ever
before, so B2B sales teams need to shift to meet these changes. Incorporating social media into your sales
strategy to discover new sales leads and nurture them through your pipeline has proven exceptional
results! Nearly half of all buyers are millennials. As millennials move into decision making roles,
they bring with them a new age of B2B sales. Conduct research into millennial business,
their preferences and their motives. And, get to know who you’re targeting so
you can encourage them to move through your pipeline as you want. Budget and timing are the two key reasons
behind lost sales Around 50% of deals fall through because of
budget, and 25% are down to timing. The sooner your team asks about budget hindrances,
the better! And, the better they understand your prospect’s
time constraints, the easier it will be to ensure they don’t come back to bite later. Almost 60% of salespeople do not change their
process once they find one that works Changing a process that gives you great results
can be scary. It’s predicted around 1 million salespeople
will lose their jobs by 2020 due to the ever-evolving digital world, so there has never been a more
important time to embrace change. More than 50% of the average salesperson’s
day is spent doing tasks that could be automated. Remember that inputting data, sending emails,
and researching leads are all vital, but they can now be automated. This saves your team valuable time while they
take more money. Only 7% of top-performing salespeople use
a ‘pitch’ As 93% of the highest-performing salespeople
have abandoned the sales pitch altogether, it’s clear what your team must do. Understand how your team wants to win clients
and create something much more valuable than a run-of-the-mill sales pitch. 50% of salespeople say they avoid being pushy,
but 84% of buyers have had negative experiences due to pushy salespeople So, it’s clear there is a serious rift between
B2B salespeople and their buyers. Many salespeople are completely unaware that
they are being pushy. Remember to place yourself in the buyer’s
shoes! The best performing salespeople use an average
of six sales tools Using the right tactics and tools can produce
a winning strategy. So, it will come as no surprise to know just how many tools that the most successful salespeople use. Lead Forensics is one of the most advanced
sales tools available, offering 10,000 B2B sales teams a bounty of high-quality sales
leads by identifying the businesses visiting your website. Providing the business name and address, along
with contact details for key decision makers and a breakdown of each visitor journey. You can find out more via the link below. I hope you found this video helpful. Please give this video a like, share and comment
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