37 thoughts on “LDC driving lesson 1 – Getting Moving – key learning points”

  1. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one on my first lesson feeling like ‘ I will never be able to learn this’
    I literally had to look for the pedals… being short and having to nearly sit on the steering wheel so I can reach everything, didnt help either. :))

  2. Am in Uganda and bought my first car from a friend who had visited Uganda but was going back to his country and his wife. I did not know how to drive a manual (stick) car but with these lessons i can confidently say that i can move this car now. Whenever i go to bed at least i practice A,B, C and POM using my two legs as if am driving.Thank you so much for preparing these lessons. keep it up

  3. This might seem a bit too basic and obvious to some people. But I've never driven before, my parents don't drive and I don't often get lifts from friends who drive so I'm actually pretty unfamiliar with cars so it's nice to have a super-basic intro to things. I knew most of it to be fair, but it's still good to be clear.

  4. Those door mirrors ARE NOT in the right position (7:46 and 9:17) because they show a very big part of the car instead of a larger part or the road.

  5. The clutch is quite hard tbh, it’s weird getting the timing right and it’s decently hard to raise gently. I feel like I need to be a octopus to do this shit, second lesson today I’m getting the hang of the clutch but it’s annoying lol

  6. Just a quick tip for anyone who is going into a lesson when reading this comment. Ask your instructor if you can do a clutch contol drill. This requires you to balance clutch with gas so you dont roll forward or back and helps to get a better understanding of the car youre driving. Dont let your eyes decive you your hearing is much more accurate than your eyes especially when finding biting point of your car. You should here the car change to s slightly deeper more grumbly tone.

  7. Guys I'm pretty good at driving but my dad thinks it's too dangerous😑 what should I do to convince him?

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