LCS Spotlight: Paul Munro is a National Blue Ribbon School

The National Blue Ribbon School is a
national recognition for exemplary student achievement. The were about
360 schools recognized nationally, and nine schools in the state of Virginia.
This is kindergarten through twelfth grade, both public and private schools. I feel like our students are proud to be
Paul Munro Patriots, and you know, I’ve said over and over we have the best
children, we have the best staff. It does take a whole team to have a Blue Ribbon
School. They are all a crucial part of becoming a Blue Ribbon school. This community effort that they have at Paul Munro… you will see teachers
collaborating, you will see cross curricular activities, you will see a
sense of family, and it is that sense of family that has resulted in this
tremendous recognition for them. It is something that… I’m over
the top, I’m so excited. I am proud of my students and my staff, and it just makes
me so happy to know that this is a recognition that our school is received.

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