LBCC- Hall of Fame, 2009

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is dario avery’s and i’m serving
as a follow socio student body president please continue enjoying year i speak lobby city college has been honoring
alumni with introduction into the hall of fame since nineteen seventy two the hall of fame was officially started by diesel shoes to him by cabinet now the original idea seems to have come
from a satirical biking hall of fame created by the aids
began in it in nineteen twenty nine to read favorite cabinet members over the years this outsider was replaced by sincerity and today’s
events as a result of this history it is my pleasure to represent the
students of long beach city college and now introduce kelly green are still
interested well everybody please rise for the might
sell it at plant two liters here did which is one nation visible retains good afternoon i’m getting baxter and i’m the executive
director the foundation and the reason i’m standing up here is
our gabapentin share maria cochran is feel so i a m taking res placed only for
today uh… welcome i’m glad you’re here uh… back to read the speech and he
asked what governor salami stakeout foundation i would like to thank you for attending
today’s event the l bcc foundation is committed to
providing scholarships and support for students today and in the future i would like to ask all the foundation
governors to rise and be recognized for their efforts so you guys know you are
just about twenty view here today if you would rise and will uh… like you the foundation executive committee
decided that to take the luncheon to a higher
level byob bring attribute book as part of the festivities i am very pleased to announce that over
twenty five hundred dollars was raise from program ads and just is a beautiful
program it in your place this is a great beginning and i would
like to thank my committee this is maria is committing and fellow got uh…
foundation members fee dodge steals barber kathy fishkin and jackie ingi and event coordinator mary crane and mary s work tear lists lee and today’s program in we’re very very
appreciative of that a special thanks a special thanks goes to doctors to
fiber who under wrote the printing of the program and ellen hernandez who did
a beautiful job in the layout i know that many of you join me in
saluting this year’s nominees for serving as role models for today’s units and the college in general for its
continued commitment for over eighty years and now it is my pleasure to call upon
doctor sue skew farber who has a few words hello and good afternoon my job two days to introduce past hall
of fame honorees the first uh… special guests at our table i have two former long beach state past presidents fast stood by the
president’s and one past president of the business so ciation toby sexton brigitte oly denny vivian to john roger pots of and my good wife
trish who completed thirty years of teaching algebra now that’s worth
luncheon is niet okay uh… by the way worse than it is the
president these gentlemen are all vice presidents
and managers now so alot my pleasure to introduce those in
attendance who had previously been voted into the alumni hall of fame please stand when your name is called
remain standing will hold the applause until everyone is standing unnamed and then the year you were
inducted susie at work okay mary alice braille you diane d wall c jen hang club joy in hansen greg harris dr bill maher mian doctor bill jeffrey knapper doctor beverly o’neill seventeen
seventy-six uh… hahahahaha wonders if you’re paying attention doctor beverly oatmeal nineteen seventy-six ron piazza nineteen
ninety six les robins two thousand eight judy seal two thousand h uh… judge judy vendor lands two
thousand one and great heroes nineteen ninety one
those are or former inductees one hundred and twenty nine previous
alumni have been inducted into long beach city
college hall of fame yell bcc instructional media production
service department has compiled a historical galleria
previous inductees so that you can put the faces with the
names on the back of your program and they’re going to show that touring or
luncheon the case you haven’t noticed onto
announced there is a cake on everyone’s table someone has been
selected to cut that so behave matured but he gets one all right enjoy your lodging and thank
you for supporting the long beach city college hall of fame thank you first off i want to introduced the hosts of the up the true most of the
program today the members of the long beach city college district board of
trustees our president marc bolan and members roberto your anger dot hoto and jeff kayla i would also like to introduce
supervisor don canara bank representing senator jenny or a piece
uh… sharon weisman and representing senator alan lo and
five billion ansel representing assemblywoman bonnie low in
salt nikki tenant from the city of long beach i want to
thank uh… mayor bob foster for making a brief appearance he just landed on it
transpacific flight from from uh… japan was good to see mir grass outside
by cerebellar ch and council member robert garcia from the city of lakewood so our another
and officials today banda block from signal hill larry four-star and from redondo beach mayor meichen are from our partner education
institution the lobbies unified school district or president mary stanton and
member from williams but also like to abuse the present the
president of the long beach city college foundation season not working at the corner they have a number of former elected
officials with us i’d like to like you’d all the journey welcoming mer bevan
o’neill councilmember former counsel embers rob eleven les robins and finally we were remiss in uh… not
failing to mention two members of our hall of fame earlier said bye to bring
those folks have those folks recognize as well of diff kellogg and elizabeth lucas we could do one more round applause and
thank all the separatist for being here and especially for the proclamations
that are in on display in the back of the room for all of our from our guests
thank you very much now it’s my pleasure to introduce
present you laurie teas or plea from long beach city college a troop
committee cut success story he graduated from or from their golden west me to
college prove first-day transferred the nearest
caplinger run has become one of the foremost education leaders in the state
of california in the nation focusing on non they success agenda for students try to make sure that we had more
student successfully treated agrees in certificates sophie please join me in
welcoming president healy thirties oakley good afternoon what a great looking crowd than yourselves a round of applause
acrylic soka it is to provide a committed a lock ’em everybody uh… thank you mark for uh… the
introduction and it’s always rewarding to have stood involvement in our
programs particularly from the associated student body uh… and we have the associate student
body president has met ah… mr dario avery’s and of course you’ve met our student
rusty kelly green student body sponsorship of today’s
event is a perfect example of how the s_p_ camp annette recognizes
and supports the goals of the college your contributions are appreciated by
all and i know that there are some of some of your
fellow students who join you here today to help honor our inductees so if i could take a moment asked all of
our students including the members of the s_p_ cabinet are student leadership
groups and the president’s ambassadors who
greeted you here today please stand to be recognized these students are what long beach city
college is all about and as you can see the future continues to look bright for
a long beach city college and i’m sure will be celebrating some of their achievements in uh… the
years to come now look forward to it the hall of fame induction ceremony is a
very special important activity for a long beach city college not only are we able to recognize an
honor outstanding achievement but the day also serves as a reminder of
how consistently the institutions prepared if students for success today also reminds us that some of the
students who are attending college today well at some point be our future
inductees with outstanding students being educated
in our outstanding facilities this important cycle continues in the future remains bright what will always find the grade history
and future of this college together of the thousands and thousands of students
will walk the hallways of our campuses students who have been educated by are
very very capable an outstanding faculty many of whom were here today and if i
could just take a moment to ask all of our marriages faculty who
are here today and all of our current faculty who are here today please stand
and be recognized dated for being here to celebrate your accomplishments our faculty have prepared our students in the classroom where
students are prepared themselves to go out and conquer the world this combination of faculty staff and
student out effort resulted individuals who can significantly contribute to our
communities and decide society as a whole from this larger group of students who
have attended lbc see a select few have become members of our hall of fame and serve as important examples of the
power of education they have not only become leaders in
their chosen fields of the never but continue to serve an important role as role models for our curtains current
students and and they do a wonderful job of that so to give you clamps of how we chose
all these fine individuals i’d like to ask uh… to today that you cannot tell us a little bit about the criteria
for those selection of our hall of fame thank you liane i would like to have now is the members
of the hall of fame planning committee the alumni office c l_ bcc foundation the instructional media production
services department the academic community nad multimedia
services department the office of community relations and marketing
especially camille milton the student volunteers the n_t_s_b_
cabinet and the presence of massacres and also especially mary crane or their outstanding support in today’s
effort it takes a lot of people to put this luncheon act-up if those people it
please write a book at the mouth of the plots and then when i was up here before i go
back to idea flowers for mary so mary crane would you please come
forward we uh… called i’m married to come in
and put on the special abandoned don’t you agree it’s been just that was so far and now here is the criteria for
selection uh… ten years must have elapsed since
the candidate attended college the candidate must have a proven track
record of achievement chosen field a career or service to the community the candidate must have gained local
state our national recognition an emphasis is placed at the situation
is given to those who have had a continued relationship with the college and now i turn the program over dad
president oakley okay showtime you already up there okay we will begin each induction with a preview video about the life of our inductee after which each honoree will step up to the podium to make a few brief remarks and then if the honoree would please
remain on the podium after their company complete their remarks and then board
president uh… bowen will join us on the podium for the official induction without further ado let me by way of video introduce our first
inductee susan b susan b_ needs best known as the founder
and executive director the new hope grief support community new hope is committed to providing grief
support through education and grief groups to all people of all ages who are
suffering the loss of a loved one her work is being used for survivors of
columbine the oklahoma city bombing hurricane katrina nine eleven and many other tragedies that have left
children orphans and parents without their children it’s been said that some people get the
experiences they need early on for their careers this is true for sue be neat who has
been dealing with greece and she was very young suzanne early life consisted of many
happy memories combined with the sadness of losing many people dear to her seeing the benefits of grief counseling
sit at the memory of its value deep inside until she needed to use it later
in life symmetric the love of her life in junior
high school cylindrical graduated from jordan high
since it began her studies at long beach city college toward her first career as
a dental assistant nl bcc she was a cheerleader and the
pacific coast campuses board secretary while participating in any college
events sheehan rick married in nineteen
sixty-nine and raise their family sewer then followed her long-held desire
for advanced training in science and went back to long beach city college earning her associates degree in
nineteen eighty three international degree in nineteen eighty
six as a nurse and a long beach veterans
hospital sue witnessed the disparities survivors
based after losing their loved ones she was motivated by the stations as
well as her own personal losses to pursue greater understanding the grief
and healing process in order to help those families with
children in particular soon found limited amount of material to
bite her invest began her own life’s passion in nineteen eighty seven she assembled to research notes the journey of hope brief handout to
help people reach a new normal she’s also the cooper of kids journey of
grief handbook memory book families and
children both excellent resources creatively
designed for children to dive into andrew the healing process written any kid-friendly way the books
provide tools to deepen children’s understanding of their grief journey there’s also a special official military
addition of the book new hope receive national recognition in
the world of therapy increase education partnering with tax the military’s grief
program for families of slain soldiers the work currently being done at the new
hope grief support community started with sue leading grief groups anywhere
everywhere she could her house churches anyone’s kitchen the
y_m_c_a_ her friend emma remembers the early
years my mob nine were instantly for stepper print support group over twenty years
ago she was my dad’s nurse when he was in the with cancer we now all volunteer our whole family
volunteers for new hope it’s a poor community uh… it’s a family affair now monopoly sim the history of new hope reveals a
home-grown vision come to reality through hard work and dedication as a
model for entrepreneurs with the social service stream sue considers her family the ghost
co-founder of new homes and he remains of the royal family this is amazing
ability to help others souvenirs avert half person which is best about being compac back
from simpson’s alkyl her classes not have or bold i think she is busy scurrying for those
grounds screwed up secret as volunteers like marines banana
and donors such as the miller foundation for enabling the unique new hope kids
camp and weekly support groups for adults teenagers in kids it’s rare to
have a conversation with sue monring without laughter tears and hugs there’s is a partnership he spent more than four decades and
family spirituality and a drive to help others groove new hope agree support community definitely is
her passion many times phone calls that she’s got just listen
to talk to people the passion and emotion comes down for
them she has been my best friend we’ve gone through an awful lot together that’s of family members to extremes your ears for concerns and now we have three grandsons i am forever amaze on a daily basis at writings that god does through her removal impact in people’s lives that i’ve lost somebody it’s amazing to
watch her passion work for most passionate people mirrors advisor president healing parties oakley and the
long beach community college district board of trustees probably intact susan beanie into the
two thousand nine hall of fame well here better grabbed the kleenex on the lady
who makes you cry uh… overwhelmed by this honor to be
amongst this amazing group of honorees today can and mary died incurred congratulations i would not be here today without my accepts a long beach city college
education that a tremendously helpful financially
support that i’ve received unite college career and the finest training from the best
nurse educators for my our and to create beyond compare suggests ways that could ever made school and a career choice this award is given today’s truly for the privilege i have day by day of serving eight often forgotten those who agree big people little people momslikeme i france that stands for hats
increase port by the way and fathers people of all ages need to know that there is hope that
healing for them head my heartfelt thanks to the committee for this treasure the word thank you to my precious and friends here today for believing in me and what i do thank you to my waist sage and mentor
wing total and his energetic white joni part of this award belongs to you and finally to my soul mate uh… forty-five years plus week beanie thank you honey for this wonderful
journey called life we’ve had a lot of fun along the way and
more yet to come mom and dad the sorts for you t each of our recipient of our war
display will be receiving this plaque commemorating today’s activities plus
also uh… tell and president oakley will be
putting on them too sexual often others everything they have to be proud we have
to be proud of uh… in in their accomplishments on behalf of the board of trustees long
beach city college students faculty and staff it’s my honor to effectively city
college loans old right thank you uh… will continue or along though
along our journey here our next recipients and inductee into long beach city
college hall of fame mister kamber chances are you indicates business jo
jo’s a rite of passage fundraiser playoff game or simply twenty nine
degrees cooler of beer located near the intersection anaheim
temple known for its pickled eggs specials and rafts it’s one of long
beach is oldest watery jo jo’s over the business in nineteen
twenty four is a barber shop and as to what he should harbor city
behind the bar from the early days when jill sandwiches
fear and haircuts aside from the lack of clean shaven head little has changed in the past thirty
five years jo jo’s was electable businessman loved his family adventure and
participating in the community the same can be said for joe’s grandson
today’s long beach city college hall of fame inductee judge ito’s piece for me just version of
cheers a place to get away where everyone knows
your name a place where the city’s firefighters
are filled bags of famous marnie impedance when the drive-by the walls are cluttered with snapshots
of patrons jo jo’s t-shirts standing in front of world landmarks from pre nine eleven new york city to
iraq the alamo costa rica and throughout
europe it’s come clean on as a practice called
josephine kevorkian jo jo’s sure many similar
traits their spirit of adventure and self reliance they’re lovely books and sports outdoorsman tenacious were
catholics who both had a special man keeping good friends for life only about their new film reels gentleman and i will news that tape worm and and just really privilege territorial eventually canada’s enterprising spirit
purchased your jobs from the same way might be quiet but the impact has
another species he’s the kind of guy whose employees
become family members and customers become life-long friends at breakneck yet as uh… wake you up cannot wait at long beach birthday with a history that you’ve but or panjab at birth that’s something that that i’ve been
very fortunate web work with them what or camp and out tonight you cannot do it in much longer without anecdote alive dot everybody karelian unit one long beach in nineteen fifty can
enjoy recalls a leave it to be very experience his mother patricia joe seniors daughter having trouble which she would klein whatever she
wanted him home and television watching took a back seat
to playing with friends in the sixth grade kid was the president of lowell
mantri school which he says began and ended his
political career after graduating from rogers and wilson
high school ken knew that he and long beach city
college would be a good fit cans classes were business-oriented which he says has had a lasting effect
on his career success ken then transferred to san diego state
university and became a member of the fraternal organization sigma alpha epsilon san diego proved to be lucky forget
later as well when he reconnected with his future bright kathleen on a san diego beach a long-time supporter of the long beach
police department in long beach fire department ken is a former member of the
board of directors for the long beach police officers honorary association ken is also a past member the mayor’s
task force on homelessness founding member and the current board
member of the east anaheim street business alliance ken and his sister co-founded the
patricia but scholarship fund honoring their mother and aunt benefiting
students from wilson high school in fact each educational institution
within the city of long beach benefits from the generosity of jo jo’s gelato is a institution camp rock is the greatest back off base in regards hotels go hand-in-hand kathleen claims that she does her best
to keep out of the day-to-day operations of the business but there are a few things we can thank
her for establishing at the long beach institution pick their money in peanuts for example might confirmation of that phil gramm going to be next year and try to help in the kathleen
certainly knows a good thing when she sees it never get that back that i place that i was married now he’s done a lot like field right and the
packet autocratic what do you think harada maytag unemotional money one that lights the limelight about that at and out people often ask him if it’s a good day
it shows he replies everyday is a good day at
joe’s the here president utilities all along beach
community college district board of trustees proudly and can work into the two thousand and nine hall of
fame cried uh… i’d like to thank you for the
wonderful video was uh… more than i expected uh… i’d also like to thank lobbied
city college associated the student body uh… president oakley the trustees of foundational involved in
the hall of fame nomination process needless to say i was quite delighted
when frozen oakley surprised me with my nomination of the lobby city college
whole thing and for my name just to be included with
the other nominees is truly on please allow me to reduce my wife
kathleen v staff tomorrow we will celebrate twenty eight
years of marriage and i would like to thank her for unconditional love and
support i know what i’d like and be a handful also at the table i would like to use my
sister brother what kristin john white they travel for central california
bigger and my general manager of best friends chon fathers i thank you all my friends and customers
who i see out there today who have come out today to support
myself and the other moderates well contemplating the are of my
nomination to this long beach city college hall of fame i sent soon came to the realization that
i was not selected because of my academic ability well my athletic skills if you’re tasos friends of mine here
this afternoon to attend a city with me they would tell you i was an average
student as my grade point average would uh… confirm and although three friends and myself
including dave johnson who’s sitting at the out here just after noon held the lobbyists ecology intramural
swarm record for the four by fifty swim relay for a number of years that was a
total of my athletic problems however i do credit dog walkers golf
class with an improvement my handicap even though i did not accept
academically my city college experience had a profound influence on my life after springs professors like doctor ho
hi zl who talk geology i never start the same again for years
after that class i never went on a driving trip without my textbook so we could discuss
a very slash features and later after i began flying i was
able to see that landscape and understand why and how it looks as it
does and how was formed and truly made a life
more interesting and who could have taken film
appreciation top by professorship xin decide and truly open our eyes and and ever
seen a film the same way again or professors battery in dr stray cat
who taught astronomy and truly open our eyes and minds to the
universe p_r_ it was classes like these i remember and once again made more of my life more
meaningful but more significant to me was the
business side of my education city college professor fits dot economics he helped
me to understand the production distribution consumption of goods and
services or in simple terms how capitalism works he took a difficult subject made an
interesting to nineteen-year-old student and then it was professor vento scene
who taught accounting through his and my father cell i was able to create an understandable
cheetah profit loss statement at a young age and that brings me back to the reason
why i’m up here this afternoon in nineteen seventy six i want to work
at and eventually purchase my mother’s family’s business trojans it is through this business that we have
been able to get back to the community that has been so generous stars i’ve been the steward of this
institution have costly drawn in the tools of my education and life’s
experiences to make joe joe stork profitable enterprise and a large part of enterprise has been
a strong relationship with our community i believe my life to be a charmed one merrick to a woman i love owning a business that i look forward to working at everyday having the finest customers in the world and cultivating and maintaining personal
business and community relationships with powerful people in organizations what’s going to do that in closing i would like to offer some
simple advice to the students in the audience did a good education find a job you want to go to every day work hard raise your family and good things will come to you and for that for those of you are closer
to my age who have already gotten their education
worked hard and raise your family i suggest you go down to joe’s and have
a ice cold beer because you deserve it once again thank you to my family and
friends for their support thank you my customers you must believe
we’re doing the right thing because that kept walking our doors for
the last eighty five years and a lobbied should ecology is on an
average guy who threw his small business as try to do the right thing in this
community i’m eternally grateful soap on behalf of the board of trustees
at city college listed faculty and staff it’s my honor too officially and up to you lynn alright outfit our next honoring miss mary mccracken before they were women bartenders before wolfgang puck and the rise of
celebrity status before the food revolution of the late nineteen
seventies before there was a twenty billion dollar a year party planning
industry it was hard to get it catered meal even the rich and powerful with pretty
much confined to the rubber chicken circuit event planning is a arts and sciences
peace for all the census and our hall of fame inductee was at the forefront of it all may want to see is best known for her
company along came a reproductions on any night of the week nicotine company can be found wrecking
small armies of lighting sound and music directors entertainers and chest for a seemingly endless list of high-end
clients different handles countries of the than
teaching her company has criss-crossed the
country planning events for clients nationwide and as transforms countless types
opinions from airport hangars anticoagulant football field to private homes studio backlogs the
santa monica pier all manner of hotel ballrooms convention
centers in retail stores and places that had yet to be thought of the company’s range of services includes
event production logistics decor audio-visual entertainment management
and rental coordination the company is that definition of
full-service but does remains the cornerstone of the events
and most is very specialized to launch a marriage before i came here there out yet here mary grew up in a warm hearted attorney
family and came away with deeply ingrained
memories of important family event corresponding meals kinship with your
siblings and friends that background shape how she approaches
life you know makes a living they say at the world’s most successful people
follow their hearts this couldn’t be trailers for this
offended intelligently after a five year career as a flight
attendant based out of miami mary came to los angeles to attend college in the
nineteen seventies she came to long beach city college in
two classes from none other involved on secrets and for helping them build her confidence
and self-esteem her experiences fidel vcc helped point
during a direction that would change her life vickie davis tells us more about mary while working her way through college as
a waitress marion that that was uh… from
hollywood power brokers in the late night mary out yourself in the middle of so went holly and enjoy of like at the graduating from college but a marketing degree and managing her all-girl bartending
service maritime herself that the other party for some hollywood wives six months
later celebrity friends hard married into acted upon persisting in nineteen eighty next transition can’t
show started the party pop up just like to really big advance for
marion county ranging apartheid here showed her this special events not just
came during lesser future she knew it she would make it after
successfully catering many events as part of the nineteen eighty four
olympics you can see some of her spectacular
creations on the alarm he married dot com website secret surprise present catering bill
starbuck for much of a success we uh… buy the ticket but starting hidden for for the record forfeit your
project everyday c_b_s_ answers to those that you might help so
i can afford and uh… and greater percent but i think you know
there is he doesn’t know art though or pushing me myself and athens
first company forward where we are now bleak talked out the details and after the question each other’s going enjoyed it i wouldn’t have any other way the next uh… point five bicycle pioneers listed anywhere soon revelations may read everything and
minimally along came mary has produced in catered
almost everyone works have held in l_a_ including emmys grammys satellites most movie premieres countless
fundraisers gallons and high-profile events for private clients are some of the most powerful and
recognize people in the world including presidents and fortune five
hundred fine she has been reading nothing every
imaginable magazine has garnered numerous awards something called everything from epicurean steven spielberg’s through the
maze in a marvelous nis claims claim that mary will move heaven and earth to make fantasy become
a reality mary takes a active role in her
community as well her generosity can be witnessed and
countless pounds of food donated each year to paint a harvest ellie foodbank and other missions other charities near and dear to her
heart good shepherd and house of ruth focusing
on the needs of women and children very donates her time and money
producing fundraising events for a variety of terry for her charity and community where and
for entrepreneurship that impacted an entire industry president you might like to use and
clean and the long beach community college
district board of trustees proudly intact meri mcatee into the two thousand and nine hall of fame everybody i once did a speech and all the uh…
core to work out of order and uh… i couldn’t do that today okay and so very very happy to be here today
and i think the long beach city college alumni association for choosing me as
one of your honorees along with these other wonderful the luster yes arteries i would also like to think my dear
friend nikki data stream nominating me today and my partner kimberly noted for being
here uh… it means so much to me that the
they are both here i’ve loved i’ve loved by love long beach
city college when i left new york in the early set
seventies after flying around the world is a flight attendant i
decided to make a major changed my life and moved to california it was for a lot of course why else what i believe my a mason
family and friends icic i quickly settled into the
lifestyle southern california but had no idea what i was going to do
with the rest of my life f friend of mine suggested that i go to
college had never considered before at that long beach city college was a
wonderful school and the education was somewhat free i thought long and hard about this as i
never considered myself as an academic my thought was for sports and having fun
when i was in high school as a flight attendant i’ve learned to
embrace all the countryside visited with a leap of faith iced i decided to
jump jumped in and give it a try quite frankly this markets this station i did it ever made in my life the school the faculty the campus was
quite amazing and this new york it’s business new
york’s soon felon love with long beach city
college i can start decided early prime my major would be speech communication and my teacher was a gentleman by the
name of the world johnson i tell me where she could be here today
as he is one of the most instrumental people in my life and soon became my mentor lowell and my other teachers in the
academic standards of l bcc put in motion a sense of confidence and
and and intellectual awakening i had never can’t excuse me experience before lowell is quite sick but i hear today that he’s getting
better which my heart is so so relieved and i’m so happy uh… and i know we’ll have another little
reunion after this is just did embrace each other and give each other
tests on each cheek in you know have a good time i don’t know
if anybody knows lol but to know him is to love him i had my speech with this lovely thought itu took a poetry class for moral something that i always thought was kind
of sad day but after being disloyal i’ve learned a poem by
william wordsworth call daffodils and whenever it well and wherever lowell
is i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart heart the teaching me how to dance with the
dells okay yet right listens and with studios in all
instead it’s my pleasure formally inducted them thank you you’d place thank you so much okay now for somebody who’s very near and dear my
heart mr dot just try to keep up with doggone it sure he was in actually born in long
beach california but luckily for us doug decided to adopt
this at an early age with a local couple have the chance to raise identical twin
infant boys from illinois they let the chance douglas and donald auto became official
residence of long beach at the age of six weeks successes at least leaders can relate to
the art world dot was known as the smart one and doug
was known as the jock however over achieving came early to dog
and he’s still managed to serve a student body president marshall junior
high and milliken high school while playing
football and running for the track team while attending milliken doug met
someone who would continue in faces throughout his life that was about sixteen years old and in the warriors students minute that he was not only a good
student effective student but somebody that leadership ability had a very good heart after spending his freshman year at long
beach city college doug transferred to stanford university as a college student in the nineteen
sixties doug grew up in the generation that
believe that individual actions could change the world philosophy is still today life and death of doctor martin luther
king prompted him to get right across the country to washington d_c_ doug experiences include the
organization of the caravan for the poor people’s campaign and to work on resurrection city after afflicted well public graduate from stanford
interviews animated religion jointly from union theological seminary and
columbia university he decided he wanted to be in actor in
the world and the law became his chosen profession graduating from the university of
chicago law school back in long beach dot mehta profession
of being an advocate whose voices might not otherwise be
heard there are many examples of how his
tireless and relentless efforts on behalf of its clients friends and causes
has paid off uh… he’s into fifty couple the as uh… an absolute iron constitution he
believes that everyone to get eight hours of sleep but i think that’s the
only during the course of a month the is uh… enormously effective advocate and we knew mary those to qualities
together you get uh… lawyer and just popped up delgado has also assumed numerous
leadership positions and community and many have said the dog never sat on the
committee he didn’t want to chair the results of his work and his service
can be seen in the city at the aquarium in the preservation of historic
buildings and among the legal profession now he is making a mark of long beach
city college as a trustee and at the state level in student
success policy-making well i think you’ve gotta go i think a lot of long beach israel
leaders it’s not so much because of positions
informal leadership that is held although he has had plenty of those but
it really is through his informal leadership over many many years in
virtually every aspect of life in one piece he was on the founding board of
directors of the aquarium in the pacific he chaired are planning and
implementation committee he oversaw the committee that developer
campus master plan and that will guide our development over
the next twenty years the often tells me what to do where to
go uh… he has been obviously very active
at long beach city college and he’s been active in community
planning efforts throughout our city he’s a wonderful facilitator and
convener of important discussions and is also a great advocate for people who are less fortunate and
for important costs we’re better suited because it despite all of his work in serving the
city your doors and as an advocate to his clients doug has the ability to cover an
astounding amount of territory one day you may represent you a trial in the
morning or argue a point of view of one of the very sports who served on in the
evening he remains a friend and father at the
forefront i remember from the time i was a very
well overall um… he was always running around to
meetings in and functions receptions and he always had me and my
sister intel you always wanted us to the a part of what he was a part of that it was interesting that he ever sort of
kept separate that it was like at and learned from a very young age that being
involved wives very very important part of life it’s pretty amazing i think what we’ve
been able to deal with our family we have wonderful children wonderful
grandchildren and data at at at an amazing interesting may have hit the only way i can describe my marriage
to dad is that it is after element a constant adventure we path so many things going on in so many
friends and so many uh… things that are meaningful in our
lives but we managed to have a great time doing that what it meant to him to get his stardom
on the city college to go on with his amazing academic
achievements and i know the coming back to the college as a trustee has been one of the most meaningful
experiences in his life uh… dead i’m just atlantis can tell you how great
it is to be a part of your adventure and to share that with you you are the love of my life and it has
just been more than anything else just agree right for his service and advocacy president hilo reports he spoke and his fellow board members probably
conduct douglas auto into the two thousand nine of thing in thank you congratulations to all the uh… the and uh… it’s a comment on the sense of
community here in long beach that uh… kidnapping occurred pedersen per decades here that’s the spirit of this community in
many ways unlike introduced my family without the
support and forbearance uh… think it would be here so if you just stand up
everybody as as the video indicated i think i’ve
lived uh… allied of of uh… advocacy in community service here in the city of long beach have been involved in social justice
issues for a long long time um… the reason i decided to come and serve
it will be city college uh… hopefully is a trustee erotic was
fortunate enough to be elected is because i think the civil rights issues of the twenty
first century have to do with higher education that we limited time right now where it is so important we have an educated workforce that we
have an educated citizenry but uh… policymakers telus is that if we don’t
have a million work people with degrees by twenty twenty in
the state of california we’re gonna fall behind in printed commonly we need we’re going to to have great difficulty universal shel
fabric that network because people won’t be able to make the kinds of living to
enjoy the prosperity that uh… that we all have and so on i think that the work at long beach city
college is so important and that’s what i’m trying to do in this uh… more or less hotline first phase of my life one of the statistics that i have been
impressed with when i came into this kind of work is that there are two hundred thousand you see students there are four hundred twenty thousand c issue students their troop point nine million community
college students uh… we all know that many students com
to college under prepared they come without the social skills that they need to be successful
in life if you are admitted to a university of
california campus or see if you campus what they say to you is congratulations we hope you will succeed if you come to a community college what we see use who are you we need to get them to me because it’s part job to making
successful you know this hasn’t made it’s more like a a military campaign
with two point nine million students the use of wonder woman relationship and it’s way too late for small
categorical programs like point eight or ups work any any other good things that we do
want campus to be enough it used to be said that the challenge four higher education in california was all about access it was all about getting people into seeds in
classes that’s not true anymore it’s all about student success it’s fallen about giving students not
into seats uh… those seats persisting staying getting certificates getting
degrees and that’s where temperatures long beach city college has become a
front-runner even this we’ve received recognition throughout
the state the president has a student success of gender of the board of
trustees has adopted a set of student success schools and we’re working very hard to change
the way that we do business at long beach city
college to ensure the success of students that is so fundamental to the late that we can be successful in
the future not just as a community but in the state
one uh… marty my favorite movie i think is uh… it’s a wonderful life you know the movie usually seen at christmastime uh… jimmy stewart two words really is you know that hit his heehee they lose
the money at the bank he thinks that they’re going to be on
the two sittin there by the river thinking about suicide thinking about
what it is that he should do in this darkest moment in his life and
his guardian angel proclaims continuing to try and convince them that
now it’s not so bad and you really can’t convince him that it’s not so bad because it looks
pretty darn doctor george bailey uh… and so he says look george let’s look at what bedford false would
be like if you work here in the country all remember the movie
remember how different it would have been these events for all of us as inductees or our chances for opportunity to be to expect everybody is george big we just got this great opportunity today
to be recognized and i think long beach city college
foundation incomparable ginny baxter for putting this on thank you so much and which is good developments mold officially you’d the open yet uh… about that beard your beard and now last but certainly not least
mister curtis this is the office of los angeles county
supervisor dot com within area bigger than some states and
a budget larger than some countries gross national product the work done
here has a huge impact on the daily life of millions of people managing the fourth district requires a
well oiled machine staff quite highly qualified multi tasker is and headed by
chief of staff and two thousand nine hall of fame nominee kurtz patterson looking back on his life it’s fair to
think that car was born to do this job he learned many concepts at an early age
while growing up in the very same district now works for hurriedly
district of long beach attending both left by yet and berney
elementary schools he loved his small town like experience
in this historically rich and strategically important city with lots
of interesting social problems and reminders of important events that
happened only one generation before he learned about flood control playing
in what is parents called cedar gulch during the rainy season the street they
lived on cedar avenue flooded and overflowed he learned time management by choosing
to spend the fifty cents for buster downtown and the price of a movie by ignoring orders not to go to the pike by going to the place he learns the concept of public trust by
visiting the local mom and pop grocery store where he would hand over a list of the
grocer and get a paper bag full of items to take home his parents would settle up later he learned a lot about disaster planning
emergency response and public works projects by hearing about the nineteen
thirty three years his parents were both of holi hai during the quake protocols many stories that are part of
local legend full warning collective memory is unique to long beach in
southern california following high school he left california
briefly to attend graceland college in ohio on and enjoyed playing football in
the fall but the winter of nineteen sixty one
sixty two it snowed in late october and he didn’t
see the ground again until people this gave him a new appreciation of the
southern california climate and he returned home however one very important event
happened hierarchy but his lifelong friend and her boss doctor nagy next up on first educational career was
one of these college was working twenty four thirty hours a
week changing tires evidence higher story seeking a full both classes following graduation from one st in
nineteen sixty-six back to work full time family business curtain or his wife rosy in nineteen
sixty seven and to begin the process of his family definitely inspired sizzler as awful to believe that children skirt helped hall of fame there were
doctor partly to see the light about working for a living well one of the
best thing about curtains that he is responsible for my college education uh… when i was right out of high
school he owned the car dealership one summer he put me to work stacking
tires and that’s what i learned that hard work
and i just did not mix you know that we needed to state school
fort collins slightly appreciate that experience yeah i think that i would say about is he’s always been helpful to me but everybody right now we need like this we need help with school he was there very supportive of our family as well as stephanie in the community great inspectors always count find a way to help purchased the goodyear tire business
from his father in the early seventies but in nineteen eighty-five expected when he got an offer to sell the
business decide as an opportunity for change and
decided to reinvent himself the role that whittier law school this act of courage was inspirational
for kurt sneezes i’ve always abducting very inspirational when those people at eight forty at exit
risky completely changed that west tire at here citing what player it’s not that that’s something that fits
that very good example policy polyethylene matter agent where you are outgrew something very inspiring helical city college estateexperts and does found him the in the family after arquette side involved in it will turn to for good
advice i’m just very proud of him as a working member of the california
state party forty two creek was a trial attorney at the u_s_
small business administration all the pieces were falling together
with the also supervisor cannot be needed an attorney on staff while friends for more than forty years
at this point don knew there was no one better than he is chief of staff of the
position opened in two thousand three in august friendship has developed into
a working relationship i have looked at it project about this recently the staff elastically so it’s very very nice one absolutely
quarterback totally trust with your life but if that person pocket to say that we’re close isn’t understate ducky imposing on the
documents boys oldest son is named after her uh… so we have a very very specialized
robert are not speak for myself family at the heart our staff six graduation hurt well deserved and uh… but fortunately warriors fracture showed as many serious matters to attend
to put a stop all business for the fourth district team as a mystery trip
continues to be played on today’s hall of fame president you or your keys hopefully for
the long beach community college district board of trustees probably
doctor patterson into the two thousand nine pulsing i don’t know how many of you looked
inside the program my family has a picture of me a door door which debuted in nineteen
forty three and uh… when you start off life was
the reportedly baby to term by bartering for us that’s an order rewarded for me to be
inducted into the when the city called such wonderful people conflict people’s
such tonight alone thank everybody was involved in the selection process drill uh… first ritual quickly i’ve a bunch
of people there because i don’t get this town is very often and
sold and i think along sort of justices is true that so is like what we ought to go through
and introduced my family couple friends up my beautiful wonderful wife rosaria
forty two years my daughter tina and her castle steve pot panic ami murray and their guests david
summers and then all my nieces and nephews that’s got uh… janet are a lot uh… john and michelle molina doctors do you know and martha
bernadette alleged josephine petitioner gas either
really and truly and didn’t resource thank that also my boss and long-time friend i said we go back at one forty six forty
seven years something like that but duncan on the and i think bob my second oldest friends
like julie and then all the great staff the self they make it easy for me to do my job
i’ve learned something from each and every one of them and i just want thank you for or sports
equipment mclean unloaded united uh… is born community hospital went to bring her school maundy um… left for period of time to go to iowa which i’ve as the senate uh… quickly
came back golden operator businessmen my wife and i have lived in the same
house on six days long beach for thirty six years long beaches through in my book analyst recent release a the long beach
city has a real impact on my life up i was one of the few people i think that
and it will be shitty on probation academic probation and as part of that to mandatory meeting with their and wonderful wonderful woman inland and
sixty two sixty three when i wonder world was a little bit one people l went to work for company ryla high
school and uh… stay there and retired from there college was an option for no question about myself but emotional considered to be the best
option and i think when i came in long beach city i was a really sure of
college is for me and so they said had the support of his counselor and ginger wonderful woman really was a
record number to transmit and she said current current you’re
better than this and so she said i want to do one thing
that’s missing she says i want you to spend one at our standing for every hour color and i said well it’s a novel ideas and
never heard of and so anyway i thought i figured it was
working twenty four twenty four hours a week and fifteen hours class fifteen hours per
day hundred sixty eight hours you know week i could do that might figure i
could do it to anyone i did that and won’t be home migrants start to improve i’ve finish two years on the city and
went on and went on the state and so army i think it tommy life lesson
that sometimes thus the simplest things things that you don’t really recognized but that at some point so
simple to his family doctor your your lifestyle and she pointed this out to me anna locally because that’s a pretty yes but you know sometimes but you’re in you’re eighteen or
nineteen years old leasing sort that only sanchit was out to me and as i said which aims to change my life
ins also another thing i learned was that people need a sector and i’ll tell you what more recently i
think lease for unit for a number of people
giving people sectors to go on and for their careers personally the procedures both of you
know the classroom counselors is wellness instructors and recently really put me on the pathway of self discipline that allowed
me to runat our business trickle back austral foreign and becomes chief of staff into the most
respected politicians and again effect on the same thank you
very uh… it cities it hai uh… all right ladies and gentlemen two dozen inductees into the laundry for
the call toll free mp leaves on the internet if you would not stand we have what we tried to get in and some
bargains if you don’t really need it now destroyed skated or the all we easily do the on bihari seeee florio and hounds and lol he’ll the too bodies on on why onto isn’t is all he needed arm hand

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