Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking | BEST OF 2015

23 thoughts on “Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking | BEST OF 2015”

  1. I am in favor of teaching individuals to succeed. A standard should be present, but any willing student is teachable. Not a student forced to learn. So many people want to learn, and actively seek knowledge only to be turned away by incompetent or unwilling teachers. I remember going to a college level math lab, asking a question of the student working there (the only help you would get and could receive as the lab was part of the class), and the student incorrectly did the problem two or three times before giving half an answer. Putting all blame aside, how should this be fixed. I am bad at math, not because I am dull or uninterested. What happened there? And should you think this uncommon, it's not. No math = no physics, biology, astronomy, and many more fields. Side note, thesis, premise, conclusion.

  2. TITLE: "We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking". CONTENT: only mentions 'creative' in the terms of university researchers. Badly titled. Maybe should have been "we need to teach kids Critical thinking'.

  3. Hearing Lawrence Krauss speak directly is something I really enjoy, of course you can read his books and such but to actually hear the sensibility coming from him is amazing.

  4. I feel I've been cheated and robbed by the educational system. It seems the most important subjects (mathematics and science) are the most hated in school. school is all memorization and mind numbing concepts. I think half of math class should be on the history of math, to inspire the student to learn the concepts because otherwise it all seems random and irrelevant to the real world. Same with science. I believe school is boring for a reason. It teaches you to force yourself to do something you don't want to do which prepares you to become a laborer.

  5. kids are born with creative thinking. they would never learn how to talk or walk if they weren't. what we need though, is to stop teaching creativity and imagination out of them.

  6. Forty thousand people die of starvation every single day. While sixty two people own half of the worlds money. And people still like bill gates. Zuckerberg. Beckhams etc etc. Oppose globalisation and the vampire like predatory capitalism that feeds from us.

  7. the hilarious thing is that the best engineers and researchers in the U.S. are Chinese and Indians nowadays. LOL

  8. Government schooling is killing creativity!
    School is NOT education.
    See the Ultimate History Lesson w/ John Taylor Gatto

  9. My school life can be summarized in this: Everyone was there so they could finally leave again. EVERYONE, the kids, the teachers, even the director literally hated their work, some teachers were actually openly admitting it.
    That instilled in me an absolute hatred for schools I wasn't aware I was capable of feeling.
    Hopefully something is done about the schooling system, and soon.

  10. But if you don't have tests, how do we know kids are learning? What is the better substitute?

    (I'm not defending standardized testing, I'm just asking what could be done better)

  11. "Teach kids to question" – Anybody that has listened to Krauss debate knows what he is getting at here. He is talking about religion. I entirely agree with him. Unfortunately the fundies don't. They fully understand that if their kids are allowed to question then they will work out that most of religion is just unsubstantiated BS. They are also kept on track by the "fear factor". Question God and its a trip downstairs.

  12. This guy sounds like a facist, he wants to force his views on everyone elses children, nice. Common core is a joke, children learn virtually nothing in 12 years of education.

    Love internet neckbeards on youtube.

  13. Krauss makes an error based on an unfounded assumption, implying that those with less knowledge are more creative. In actuality, those with the most knowledge are most capable of creative thinking. Why? Because creativity requires having knowledge to be combined for novel use. If knowledge is lacking, then there's nothing new to be created.

  14. teachers whether they are local or national should be chosen on their ability to be creative and have an urge for continued education not only for the students but for themselves and delve deep into factual research they would take themselves and their students beyond

  15. Collective hive mind….theory…the more we are forced to think the same the less we think. lol, states that a single method should fit everyone and thus creative outs puts would happen…Marxist education….got it…lol

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