Launching a new name: Lynch School of Education and Human Development

(Professor Dennis Shirley) I’m very pleased with the addition of human development to our name because … in the popular imagination, education has come to mean more and more … the kinds of education that occurs in schools … the kind of teaching and learning and assessment that transpires in schools. But we have to be concerned about the development of whole human beings in today’s context. And by whole, I mean as people as spiritual beings, … people who are embodied, … people who have cultural identities, … people who have historical identities, … people who have fluid identities that change and evolve over time. And the term human development captures this dynamism of the human personality. ( Assistant Professor Andrés Castro Samayoa) Joining a school of education and human development … means that you’re joining a space where committed to understanding that … the way that we navigate through the world is mediated by the types of interactions … we have in classrooms, by the types of interactions we have within the communities that we inhabit … and by the types of experiences that we have from the social occasions that we inhabit. The ways that we inhabit our race, our gender, our sexuality … are all really important ways that inform … how it is that we take up information … how we make sense out of it, and how we choose to act in the world. And being part of a school that’s committed to thinking about all of those domains … from a multidisciplinary perspective means that you have the benefit of a really robust education … that invites you to think about complex issues from complex perspectives. (Professor Belle Liang) The Lynch School’s new name more fully reflects what we do at the Lynch School … our mission, the school’s strengths, the expertise and contribution of the faculty. The name change positions our school for even greater growth in the coming years. So some of the reasons that this change is important include that it reflects the mission … that it reflects national and local trends towards the applied psychology and human development fields … and that it also reflects what we do better here at the Lynch School. For years, applied psychology and human development have been amongst the most popular majors at BC … even though most students at BC don’t even know this major exists. And now they will.

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