4 thoughts on “Late Night build #ChiefHoliday "I Don't Debate, I Teach"”

  1. Who is the Original Man? The A and the B…that knowledge and that wisdom…the positive thoughts and the way in which it is being conveyed or expressed or lived out! "AB-original"…I will LET YALL breakdown "ORI" (head), "GIN" ("ruach" –> spirit, vibration, energy, frequency given off), and the (within) ALL [all walks of intelligent life]!!! HAHAHA…THAT'S WHY was MOOR profitable for the "oboyo"/pale skins to try to TEACH to us that we were EXCLUSIVELY from "Africa" (little, tiny "Carthage"…now Tunisia (Algiers/Morocco) areas)!!! HAHAHA…

  2. Contract law rules shit…we ALL…even with the The Most High, Creator have a CONTRACT/COVENANT…that moment your daddy's sperm from knutsack penetrated that egg in your ol' Earth's womb! That sperm cell was navigating aka "mooring" –> had a function, an occupation, an obligation, a duty, a job (Job in the Bible) to PERFORM! Performance…the Wisdom for one's knowledge to reach an understanding! Peace to Allah's 5%…aka the Nation of Gods and Earths! Let's GIT IN ONE TIME FOR YA MIND!!!

  3. The Original Man ALWAYS "Builds and Destroys" –> ADDS ON positively to destroying all negativity within his realm/cipher of life…it is hard to show 'n prove that You are Aborigine IF You still holding on to SSNs, birth certificates, using fiat currency to purchase large thangs instead of You God-given exemptions! 27 CFR 72.11 = all CRIMES are commercial…thus meaning that EVERYTHING is jusr about commercial…that's WHY everyone keep talking about "get'n that Bag"! I bring that up for the fact that alotta these laws, rules and regulations are Moorish in nature…if the pale skins was to quit and give everything BACK –> the Moors would STILL have 1st dibs LEGALLY via the Adverse Possession (aka Squatter's Rights)! THIS IS WHERE this whole "Aborigine Community" falls short…and civilly speaking, "community" means "a corporation or body politic" SOOO THAT is NO DIFFERENT, in a sense, to the Moorish negroes' 501(c)(3) BULLSHIT!!!

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