Last to DROP iPhone Wins $10,000 Call From Game Master!! (Unbreakable Challenge)

– So Grace, right over here
we'll open these doors. Oh hey, Mom, can you put the
dogs somewhere safe real quick? – Uh oh, what are you guys up to? – We need to drop our
iPhones off the back deck to win $10,000 and a call
from the Game Master. – Wow! You can win $10,000? I'm in, count me in! – OK Sharers, last to crack
the iPhone wins $10,000. Oh yeah! Here we go. Let's do this. Oh! (alert tone) – Okay, Grace, you still
remember where the package is? – Yeah, I'm pretty sure I
left it in the basement, but I'm not 100% sure. – Go check, go check, go check. – OK, I'll go check. – [Stephen] Okay, hurry Grace, hurry. – [Grace] Okay! – Hey Sharers, what's going on? Welcome back to the vlog. Ooh, there's a lot of workers here today. That could be bad news. And Sharers, we've got
a spy van here, too. Hang on. Sharers, as you know the Game Master is no longer in prison,
so we don't know if that could be his car, if he
could be at the house or not. All we know is he sent a package to us. So Grace is going to
go grab it and open it and see what's inside but let me at least make sure
this isn't a spy van. Hang on one moment. This could be bad. No windows on the side, that's a sign. Caution, this vehicle
makes frequent stops. Why would a vehicle need
to make frequent stops? That doesn't make sense. Look, no windows on that side either and this car has been painted. You can see it's not perfectly one color. Hang on, Sharers, I'm
going to do something I don't recommend doing, but I've got to make sure
there's no surveillance in here. I'm going to open this. Three, two, one. (door creaks) (gasp) Oh, false alarm, it's just a utility van. We're good. All right, let's go see if Grace found it. – [Stephen] Grace, did you find the box? Oh! Hi, Cooper, hi! Say hi to the Sharers, hi! Do you know where the package is? (toy squeaks) Huh. Oh hey, Mom, what's going on? – Oh hi, Sharers! Oh hi, Stephen! – [Stephen] Mom did you see Grace at all? – She just ran to the basement. Oh hey, and by the way, there's a lot of workers here today and it's going to be super noisy. – Okay, thanks Mom. – [Mom] All right, see you later! – Oh yeah, so Sharers, the
workers are almost done. They're going to be out
of the house by Friday. All this stuff will be gone
and hopefully the house will be put back to normal. And then the next step is
this giant project here. These are the blueprints,
check this thing out. This is some giant structure
that they're building. This is gonna be insane. But that'll go on the
outside of the house. Because we are building
a giant, giant, giant deck on the back of the house. Oh, there's Otter. Hey Otter, what's going on? And that's why these doors
here have nothing leading to them because the deck isn't built yet. Oh. What is that? Huh, maybe Grace built that for something. Let's go check. Hey Grace, did you find it yet? Grace? Grace? – [Grace] Yeah? – Did you find it?
– Look I found it. – Oh, okay.
– Right where I left it. – [Stephen] Perfect, uh let's open it? – Okay. I wonder what could be in
it, it's kind of light. – [Stephen] Looks like it's
from Amazon or something. – Yeah, it does say Amazon on it. So it could be anything 'cause
there's so much on Amazon. Oh. – [Stephen] What? – Wait, are you pranking me? – [Stephen] What do you mean? – There's like, that in it. – [Stephen] A Share the Love postcard? – Yeah. – Did you send me fan mail or something? – No it's a addressed to me, not to you. Here, hold that. Let me see if there's
something else in it. – Yeah Sharers, anytime you send fan mail, if you have your address on the note, we generally send a postcard back, so maybe that's what it was? That's it? – Yeah, I'm confused. – [Stephen] I don't know,
that's really weird, whatever. Oh, wait, what's that? – Oh. Last to drop iPhone wins a phone call from me. The GM. – [Stephen] What? Let me see that. Last to drop iPhone wins phone call from Game Master. Wait a second, Grace. Remember the last postcard that we had? – Yeah, it was on our postcard. – He said continue to do the challenges. The next challenge is to do
the last to drop the iPhone. Wait a second, did you set up
the thing on the back deck? – No, we don't even have a back deck. – Oh, there's a giant X mark that's going where the giant
deck is supposed to go. Someone's set that up. We're supposed to do last
to drop iPhone onto that X. – Whoa, wait, but I don't
wanna drop my iPhone. – I mean, yeah, I don't want
to crack my iPhone either, but it's one step closer to winning the overall $10,000 prize and we can get a call from the Game Master and we can figure out where he went because he's not in prison anymore. – Yeah, wait. Show me the thing that you saw outside. – [Stephen] Here, come outside real quick. I thought you just set it up for you video.
– Maybe he set it up. – [Stephen] It's outside here, ready? Right on the back deck or right where the back
deck is supposed to be. – Oh, wait, are you sure that's for us? Maybe the workers put that there. – [Stephen] No, it's a giant X, Grace. And look what it's directly underneath. The door to the deck. (suspenseful music) – What? We're supposed to drop it from up there? – [Stephen] I think. – And look, there's a tripod. So he wants us to record
it so he can see who wins. – OK I go my iPhone. Let's do this. So Grace, right over here
we'll open these doors. Oh hey, Mom, can you put the
dogs somewhere safe real quick? – Uh oh, what are you guys up to? – We need to drop our
iPhones off the back deck to win $10,000 and a call
from the Game Master. – Wow! You can win $10,000? I'm in, count me in! – All right Cooper, come on, come on. We've got to put you in a safe spot because we can't open that back door if the dogs are going to
be roaming in the kitchen. – [Grace] Yeah, they'll fall right down. Over the fence. – You're just going to go
right here, right here, okay? – [Grace] Okay, put him down. – [Stephen] Good boy. – Alrighty, here's Otter. – [Grace] Oh, you got Otter. – I got Otter Alrighty, I'm putting Otter down. He'll be safe right here. – [Grace] Okay! – And Sharers, now that the dogs are safe, this is what we're
going to be doing today. Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. Oh dear, Grace. – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Look at that. – [Grace] Whoa, there's no floor at all. – Well Grace, you know what they say. Last to crack the iPhone wins! So, just like this and
we'll drop our iPhones and if it survives,
we'll be one step closer to winning the $10,000 and
a call from the Game Master. And to make this challenge fair, we're not allowed to use any phone cases. – No phone case, what? Mine's nice and thick, I would have won. – No phone case? I have an even bigger one than Grace, but if I can't use it,
what am I going to use? – Well Sharers, we can't use
a professional phone case but we can use any supplies
we find in the house to make our iPhones as
protected as possible in hopes that they don't crack. – Okay, so we have five minutes
to make a DIY phone case. Let's do it. – Alrighty, I think I can win this. Let's go. – Sharers this is perfect,
I know exactly what to do. I'm gonna go to go to my room. – I'm gonna to go to the basement. – I'm gonna to head to the art studio. – Okay, I'm going to head to the basement. – Alrighty, I'm in the art studio. Smash that like button. Give me good luck. – Okay Sharers, I don't
want to run out of time. I'm going to my room. Let's see what kind of
supplies I can find. Let's go, let's go. Whew, room's a little messy, okay. This might not have been
the best plan because I'm not really sure
what I have in my room. I kind of just have a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of clothes. That might not be the best. What else do I have? Let's check my closet. In my closet is just Share the Love merch, more Share the Love merch, new exclusive Share the
Love merch coming soon. Oh, by the way Sharers, this awesome Share the Love
sport tee that I'm wearing is coming to the swag store on May 1st. So if you haven't already, head on over to, sign up on the mailing list
so you can get one of these before they get sold out. May 1st is the launch, get ready. And then other than that, it's just more clothes
and clothes and clothes. This could be a problem. Although this is pretty cool. I have these Lamborghini shoes that Carter got me for my birthday. Oh, wait, check this out. Look at this. An old cone of some sort. Now remember Sharers, the
name of the contest is Last To Crack iPhone Wins. So, I'm thinking the
iPhone could fit in here. I could stuff this with
clothes on top, drop it. It would never even break. Okay, so I got a Share the Love shirt. There's two cones in here and the iPhone fits in pretty well. So what I'm thinking we do is we take the iPhone and we take the shirt and then we're gonna
make our own case because we're gonna take the iPhone and wrap the shirt around it to give it extra protection like this. And then like this. Now this is already pretty protected. – Okay, uh, let's see. I don't know what I'm gonna do, but there's gotta be
something in here I can use. I just don't know. Maybe I can put it inside of a painting. That's kind of flimsy. I gotta hurry. Oh, hey, I'm gonna give
you a little sidetrack. Come underneath the table. I made this for Grace's
bedroom, check it out. I'll show you another
one later, but for now I've got to get back to work. – Okay Sharers, so I have
the whole entire basement to get whatever supplies I want
so my iPhone does not crack. So, I actually just filmed a slime video. So I think I'm going to
do some slime ingredients. I think this will be
perfect because it's nice and cushions like packing peanuts. So let me put that there,
protect the screen, because that's all that really matters, and tape that up. – We're gonna make it extra protected and we're gonna shove it
into the cone just like this. And then I'm thinking we
take something else like a sock or something. Yeah, this is perfect. We can take some of these
Share the Love socks and then we'll pack the cone
full of Share the Love socks. Then I'm gonna take another
Share the Love shirt and cover the top of the cone because the iPhone
sticks out a little bit, but I'm gonna cover the
top of the cone with it so it has extra padding
all around just like this. – Whoa, ooh, this might work. I got foam wrap, duct tape, duct tape. This might work, this
will be nice and soft. Wait a minute, I found something good! These are Otter and
Cooper's favorite toys. Maybe this would work. It's super soft and cozy, woo! Let's try it, let's try it. I need a pair of scissors. Got 'em, okay. I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry. Okay, I'm gonna cut foam. Wrap, wrap. Okay, duct tape. Let's see what we can do here. Whoa, this is tough. – I think that will work. The screen won't crack. Now, I'm gonna add one to the back. Tape it like that, so
if it lands on the back that's protected and
the camera's protected so I can still take selfies!
(camera shutter clicks) So now, let me add just
one more to the side. Okay, add a little more tape. Okay, and maybe one more on this side. Okay, secure that. – I'm thinking this is pretty secure but the only problem is, if we were to drop it right now, all this stuff would come out and I don't have any tape, but I thought of a really cool idea. And that is to use a belt
and tie it all together. So we'll take the belt,
stick it like this, loop the cone around it just like this, and then we're gonna tighten the belt as hard as we can, just like this. The tighter the better
and then woo, voila. We got a belt holding everything
in so this way the cone can drop and nothings gonna come out. And just to be double
safe, I got another belt and we'll do the same
thing on the other side. Voila, we got our belt, we got our cone. We got the iPhone drop test ready. – Now, we're gonna use
the favorite dog toys. Put that on his belly. Alrighty, now I have the
iPhone stuffed in the middle. All I need to do is
put duct tape around it super tight to hold it in
so it doesn't slide out. Let's go. Oh, that's not gonna work. Oh, this duct tape is hard to use. It's not really sticking that well. I hope I can get it tight enough. Okay, for extra security I'm
going to tape it the other way. No way is this gonna break. My iPhone is gonna be safe. – And to add some Sharer good luck, these Nerf foam darts from the fan mail will definitely help not crack my iPhone. Okay, let's tape these on. Put that there and then one on the back. Okay, not only is mine secure, it has Share the Love luckiness on it, so let's get this going. – [Stephen] Okay, time is up. Is everyone ready? Everyone got their iPhone ready? I got mine ready. – Okay, I got mine. – You ready, Grace?
– I got a Share the Love one. – [Stephen] Okay, Mom, you ready? – I'm ready! – What, what is that?
– Oh my goodness. – [Grace] Is there even a phone in there? – Oh yeah, oh yeah, with a little help from a little duct tape and my little pup-a-roos. These are their favorite toys. – Okay, well, uh. – Grace, what is this? Is that candy? – No, it's slime ingredients. – Oh, I was gonna eat it. – All right, so looks like we all got our iPhone stuff ready. Um, Sharers comment right now, whose iPhone you think
is not going to crack. #Stephen if you think I'm going to win. – #Mom! – #Grace. – All right, well there's
only one way to find out. Grace, let's open those
sliding glass doors and let's drop the iPhones. – Let's do it, c'mon.
– Okay. – Okay, Sharers, last to
crack the iPhone wins $10,000. Oh yeah. Here we go, let's do this. Oh! – Who's gonna go first? – Uh mom, maybe you should go first. – All right, I'm pretty confident. I'll go first. – [Grace] Okay! – Okay, Sharers, wish my mom luck. Here we go, let's see what happens. – Alrighty, here I go. Three! Two! One! – [Stephen] Oh! – Oh yeah, I think that survived! – Wait a second, I heard
a little crack noise. – Uh oh, Sharers, did that survive? I have no idea. But Grace, you're up next, good luck. Okay Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Ready! – [Stephen] Here we go. In three! Two! One! Drop! Oh! – [Mom] Oh no! – [Stephen] Uh oh. – I don't know, Sharers. That sounded like it might
have cracked like crazy, ah! (deep breath) That might not have worked at all but I have no idea, Sharers. But I'm up next. I think I can do this so smash the like button for me, give me good luck. Okay, Sharers, I'm up. Here's my contraption. Let's drop my iPhone and
see if it cracks or not. Okay Grace, I'm ready! – [Grace] Okay. – [Stephen] Okay, here we go. Dropping in three! Two! One! Go! Ah! – [Grace] Oh, whoa! That sounded like a big thud, Stephen. I don't know if that survived. – Sharers, now it's time
for the moment of truth. Did any of the iPhones crack? Who won the challenge,
who lost the challenge? And who's gonna get the
call from the Game Master? Sharers, looks like a
lot of you are commenting that Grace's probably definitely broke. So Grace, you're gonna go first. Let's see if yours broke. – What? Okay, well I'm convinced
that didn't break. – [Stephen] All right, we'll see. Did Grace's break or did it survive? – Looks like the screen is good. – [Stephen] Okay. – But let's take everything off to find out and see what happened. Okay, let's see, let's see. – [Stephen] Did it survive or not? – Well um, the screen is good. I have a tiny scratch right
there but that's okay. But that is not good. – [Mom] Look, look right here! – Oh, no! The charging port is completely broken and there's a crack! (dramatic music) – No, my phone! – Ah, that's awful but
I could be the winner. – Sharers, looks like
Grace does not get a point. Uh, so it looks like
me and my mom are left. Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go next because
I have the most confidence that mine survived, so. (deep breath) Let's find out. Okay, did my phone sur– Oh, you know what you heard crack? The cone cracked. (Mom gasps) – [Grace] Whoa. – But I think the phone survived because there's so much padding. I used all Share the Love shirts. So I'm pretty sure it all survived. Let's see here. Belt one off, belt two off. And I did this without any tape, Sharers. Let's see, yeah. (gasps) (group laughs) I thought that was the phone, we're good. The phone is stuffed in here. Not there either. It's in this t-shirt here. And there's no tape at all, so I all I have to do is unravel this and let's find out if the
phone survived or not. Sharers, comment down below if you think I have a winning iPhone. Here we go, three, two, one. (Mom gasps) – [Grace] How is it, how is it? – It's perfectly fine. – [Grace] What!? – Look at this. – [Grace] I don't believe it. – Perfectly fine. Not a scratch, nothing. My Share the Love shirts
worked really well. This cone broke but we're good, Sharers. Oh, yeah, I got a point.
– Oh, no! – Mom, now it's up to you. – Oh, it's up to me! Alrighty. All right, it's getting hot out here. I'm sweating, nervous
about the competition, but I can do it. – [Grace] Okay, let's see, cut it open. – Alrighty.
– Cut it open, let's find out. – Be careful not to hurt the– Oh, I can just slide in here. Good luck, guys. – [Grace] Cut that open,
let's see, let's see. Sharers, comment down below if you think it's cracked or not. – [Stephan] Oh, is it cracked? – It's perfect! – Oh!
– It's perfect! – Oh yeah, Sharers, my phone is perfect and my mom's phone is perfect. I think we need to do a tie-breaker. – Definitely, 'cause I gotta win. – Okay, Sharers, so the tie-breaker round is my mom versus Stephan
(wrestling ring bell dings) and they can't use any of the
props that they already used. So they have to build a
complete, new contraption. You have three minutes. Three, two, one, go. – I guess I'm gonna
wrap it in paper towels. Lots and lots of paper towels. Okay, that should be enough. Okay, so I need to seal it. Blue tape, this is different kind of tape. So this is still good I think. Okay, now I need something
to go around this. Alrighty, okay, I'm gonna
use the tennis cans. I'm gonna put them all around here. They should add some nice cushion. Let's see if we can get
this to work, c'mon. Okay, that looks good. I'm a little worried
about it hitting there. I'm gonna put a compression
stopper on there. Let's see if that helps. All right, better put
one on this side too. All right, let's give this a try. – Okay, so Sharers, this
time I can't use clothes. And I can't use that
cone I used last time. So let's go back in my
closet, see what I have. Not much. I could use, like a shoe or something. Oh! Why don't we try this? Share the Love backpacks. We could wrap the iPhone in
the backpack just like this. (gasps) Wait, I got a better idea. Check this out. We'll put the iPhone in
the Share the Love backpack just like this, tie it in,
and then check this out. Oldest technique in the book. Make a parachute. Oh, yes. This could be perfect. We'll tie this on just
like this on one side, and tie it on on this side, just like this. Oh, yeah, there we go. Parachute coming in for a landing, woo! Let's try this, I think
this is gonna work. Okay, Sharers, round two. Me versus my mom. Comment who you think is gonna win. #Stephan – #Mom – All right, let's do this,
opening the doors again. Let's do the iPhone drop
test tie-breaker round. Oh, yeah! Okay, Sharers, my mom's
gonna go first this time. – Okay, I'll go first. I'm not quite as confident
'cause I really liked the toys. But I think this'll
work, I think it'll work. I got safety caps, I got
tennis cans, and paper towels. Oh, boy, here I go! Three! – [Stephan and Grace] Two! – [Stephan] One! Drop! (Mom screams) Oh! – That didn't sound very good! Oh my goodness! – I don't know, Sharers,
that could've been bad. – Oh boy, Sharers. I have no idea if that's
cracked or safe or not, but Stephan, it's your turn! – All right, here we go. Three! Two! One! Go! Oh! – [Grace] Ooh! – It kinda worked, the parachute
activated a little bit. Okay, let's find out who won. Moment of truth. Okay, mine, my parachute did deploy, so let's see how the iPhone is. – [Grace] Let's see, let's see! – And, let's see. It's perfectly fine.
– Oh my gosh. I can't believe it!
– Whoa, the parachute! – 100% fine, nothing wrong with it, not a scratch on my phone at all. – I can't believe it! – Oh yeah, Sharers, smash the like button. I'm doing good at this. Okay, Mom, you're up, go ahead, let's see. – Alrighty, let's see what I got. – Open that up!
– I'm not so confident about this at all. – Well, one good thing is I can't get the tape off. Where are those scissors
when you need 'em? Uh oh. – [Grace] What? – I don't know. – It's in there very good.
– It's in there good. Doesn't mean it didn't crack. Maybe I used too much tape. – Okay, moment of truth. Let's see, did it survive? – It feels all right. – [Grace] Careful! – I used a lot of paper towels, too. – [Grace] What is it, what is it? – We have a tie! – [Grace] What?! – Oh, another tie! Okay, both our iPhones survived, Sharers. This is getting wild, it is a tied game. Comment down below your awesome ideas for what we should do for a tie-breaker so we can figure out
who's gonna get the call from the Game Master. And until next time,
Sharers, you know what to do. Stay awesome, and share the love. Peace, woo! (curious music)

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