22 thoughts on “Language Teaching Methods: Community Language Learning”

  1. All these students already have A2 level in English. One needs to make sure the students have A1 or A2 level to practice this method I feel.

  2. I'm studying Language Science, and we are talking about this method, but my teacher told me that it has to be translation, or it isn't necessary all the time?

  3. I am currently looking into CLL and this isn't how I had imagined it but it is still a very useful video. I think I'll try it out with my learners. I wonder, however, how does grammar come into this approach?

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  7. I have the feeling that CLL was a whole group of people speaking in other language and the teacher’s role was like being a ‘counselor’ – translating everything students wanted to say into the target language. This one was more like the communicative approach more than the video you guys published before.
    The classroom arrangement should be like a circle, right?

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