Language Lessons

Sammy come a little MJ funny Jeff Hanneman and instead of my mind city artists let me get a vodka in the hand okay yeah how are you today glad glad glad to hear that visit the first set of feelings early lots I feel relaxed – relax relax relax we're teaching English it's all online through Skype what brought this up these ladies they have little kids and they cannot leave perhaps they have only one color and your husband is using the car or even don't have to drive we work on their time their schedule the cake are you want to buy a flower excellent flower usually I teach them what they use in daily life we go in imaginary trips to the store social security school and we just try to have conversations and to add words to it so when they meet someone outside they know what to say and how to use it okay Manali today we're gonna go handle or Sierra Lima Cub epsilon and HT my handiwork the Social Security office anything I can amass missing you need to bring your take you dig human okay with a thirsty maja me inside the feeling more and Mila sure it smell maja me I want to speak lawyer excellent lawyer legal legal illegal citizen so are you a US citizen I am I am citizen oh yes or I am citizen a green card holder no let's take it one one step at a time hot were hot one citizen bus I'm not a citizen I'm not citizen this refugee when they went to a lot to be cheer bye-bye so limpid the us you need to speak in worship so they are so dedicated to the class one time big practice look at looky here he refrigerator when when I see the English English they are so dedicated to learn the language to make life I feel surprised what we do dates me their feedback that they are using the words they they're so comfortable to talk with people out there now they have none perfect speakers friend English speakers friends and that's awesome they motivate with their kids move by themselves and they can communicate I feel optimistic you thank you for coming today thank you for coming here today

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