22 thoughts on “Lang Lang – Master Class – part 3”

  1. He stares into your soul as if he wants you to feel whatever he feels. It’s a little scary and strange but I guess good teachers are like that.

  2. If only if only I can meet him to teach me may be I will abandon all and everything just to be like him I love piano 🎹 I love ❤️ music how I wish 🙏

  3. Lang Lang is a second Mozart the only reason why everybody thinks that Mozart was such a genius is because they had never heard the music before so for them it was like wow he is amazing but today people don't think like that anymore because they have heard it so many times it's not new if Mozart lived today he wouldn't be considered such a genius because we already know and are familiar with this music.

  4. I feel more sad for the kids that were forced to spend most of their life in something they are not interested

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