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Hey friends! Isn’t the weather just lovely? Wait a minute…is it me or is
the ground moving? Be careful, its a Landslide! Let me tell you about this natural disaster! Zoooom in! When the upper mass of the soil gets
dislocated from the lower layers.. ..and travels down-slope. It is referred to as a Landslide! It is also called a landslip or a mudslide! Landslides can be caused by a
number of reasons! it could be either natural causes
like volcanic eruptions,.. ..soil erosion and sometimes heavy rainfall,
increases the wrath of landslides! Even human activities like
mining, cutting trees.. ..increase the fragility of land and make it
more prone to landslides. One of the most prevalent
reasons is Gravity. Well, whatever is up, has to fall
down due to gravity, isn’t it? Landslides can either move very slowly,
like some millimeters per year. Or it could be disastrously fast! Sometimes more than 100 miles per hour! But if you’re living on a flat land,.. With no hills or mountains, then you’re safe! But if you’re living somewhere between
mountains and on a hilly terrain.. ..then, my friends, you might be at risk. But don’t worry, you could always
prepare with some simple steps,… Avoid building houses near steep slopes
or at the edges of mountains. Stay away from drainage paths because water
flow increases the speed of landslides! Landslides do not only happen on Earth. Many scientists believe that planets like
Mercury, Mars and Venus have had landslides too! Woah! Looks like friends, I’m
not even safe here! TRIVIA TIME! Landslides can happen under water too
and they are called Submarine Landslides! The Heart Mountain Landslide is the
largest landslide ever recorded. That has happened 50 million years ago! So, friends, what are the other
two names for Landslides? Post it right below in the comments section. And wait for fun facts,
this is me zooooming out! Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on
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