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what's good everybody Daniel Miraval I'm in Illinois for an event you didn't say Illinois's yeah yeah it's Illinois yeah so I'm growing up in Michigan we always say Illinois's know they get really Illinois's so and then I text him I'm like don't you live in Illinois and he's 15 minutes away bro you have up so I'm like dude we're getting some dinner and you're gonna you're gonna you've got a school as landscapers on some arboriculture edumacation I will do my best to share the knowledge I have so we're at you're right we're actually at your business right now yeah and one half of my business got to be really clear this is not the only location we got another location 980 miles from here on the east coast awesome My partner handles all that they're doing a lot of work right now what's up I'm Daniel Merville international society of arboriculture certified arborists and today we're at our shop at our Illinois location and I'll give you a little bit of a tour you can walk around it's kind of like cribs right but better come on let's take a walk you ever here at coincide coincide is phonology on if you know what phonology is but there are certain plants that when they bloom okay they they're indicator plants so when certain things are flowering or blooming or growing or whatever they let you know that it's a time for certain diseases and insects past stuff like that to be active at the same time so this is a book of uh phenology so you know when a tree plants that's why you're on just doing random sprays like some big-box companies do best book people always asked on YouTube when we do these videos with Keith what's the best book I can get to learn about pruning this is the best book you can get the illustrated guide to pruning by dr. ed Gillman fire plus he autographed isn't he great on camera right there let teach it see he even told me teach it I'm teaching it I teach what I know but this is the best book if you want this if you want to learn about burning and how to do it right get this book this book will teach you a lot a lot of things will give you a leg up on your competition like you wouldn't believe if you're not a certified arborist you can still learn how to do this kind of stuff right just like the certified arbors manual study guide there's so much knowledge that you can get out of this book if you don't want to go through the steps of becoming certified that's fine but you know learn this stuff it's an investment though I mean this book was like 100 and some bucks and I think this one was like 80 bucks but because of the calibration of the way he communicates on social media he has so many like landscapers and tree guys and learning tree guys contacting him especially lucky knows and I appreciate that a lot thanks you guys for following me I think it's overwhelmingly I think there's like 75% you at least they're Latinos second third generation you know like myself and I appreciate that so I'm not brown enough to be all the way Mexican but I'm too brown to be all the way white so we're kind of in that gray area and I relate to that and I love our culture and I love being an American too so you know I'm here for you and if I could do anything for you just hit me up that's beautiful thank you all right so let's hear a truck and dump trailer yeah yeah we bought this in Virginia and brought it up here to Illinois when we started our root color excavation division and it's really grown from from there it's a 96 bought it from all older couple they use it to go camping I've bought it brand new and got it for you know pretty cheap and no payments on it's better than you know finance and brand-new equipment so for starting up a new division trailers new though well this is actually a tree that we took down it was a linden tree and you can see the hardware that was installed in it by somebody at some point and you don't want that going through the chipper so we bring it all back here and then we split it up and try to get that all this metal hardware out of there before we send it to the dump or through our chipper because we don't want anybody to get hurt what's this oh those are remember logos tree care industry association the Illinois arborist Association of which I'm the commercial director though plug for myself and their member of the International Society of arboriculture and then the advertisers that were certified tree safety professionals well these trees these posters have these trees on them it's a lot of times we get calls from people who have questions about what kind of trees they should plant which we encourage people to do or if we take down a tree because sometimes trees get sick and they got to be removed especially in the case of emerald ash borer we want to be able to give them alternatives of what they can put in place that are as good or better varieties than the ash that we're taking out so that's what these posters are like quick references guides and anybody can get their hands on these I got these from Schmitt and Jay Frank if you go to their website you can request a lot of these posters so if you're in landscaping you're looking for trees these are obviously more specific to the Midwest but if you're looking for information and you can reach out there's so many free resources out there we wipe the board clean because it snowed a couple of days ago so the board was full everything laid out for all the jobs and then we got snow and everything's now off kilter so this is what we say if anybody calls it snowed we'll get there as soon as conditions permit because now it's wet all this is the Nifty lift 32-inch getting them you know started out right so the orchard lighter we do a young is our orchard lighter our 12 footer so we do a lot of younger small tree pruning you know get them started out right in their life and this comes in handy a lot of crabapple pretty little things like that was that the air compressor that runs the air Spade can I see Rudy Association summer conference back in 2017 this is a pride and joy right here this thing has been seen around the world but this is a great example of what happens when trees aren't properly planted or they come out of the nursery incorrectly you see though you see the twine so the story this tree is a guy cut it was a linden tree guy call said he planted it like 17 years ago and it wasn't looking good is very thin up in the canopy you know from the top of the tree and leaves were very small or void devoid of any leaves and we right away we knew it had to be some sort of root issue because that's typically what the problem is with Linden's went over there and scraped away and yeah sure is man we found some stem girdling roots but so we prescribed what's called there Koller excavation came in with compressed air and you can find that video that we did at the Illinois arborist Association I'll put a link below yeah but so we excavated everything and and one of my arborist Adrian he called me I was in the backyard he's like hey you got to come look at this and I'm like dude I've seen hundreds of these it's the same he's like no you got to see this and he had actually excavated me stopped when he saw this this non biodegradable nylon twine wrapped around he saw the girdling so you can see you can embed your finger in here he's like man this is this is something we haven't seen before so it was very interesting so I've taken it to a lot of conferences so yeah we've seen all the non biodegradable twine the girling that was going on and just all of this stuff it so it's a good example of what happens from the nursery to the planting process to materials being used it was over mulch there was mulch and dirt up to here so the only thing that was keeping this tree alive were what we call these adventitious roots which is what all this is and everything below it is dead so this tree wanted to live trees wanna live I really do and they try to do everything they can but eventually just like humans you know you get stressed enough you get something and you die so I didn't want this to go to waste and we preserved it named a Rudy our o TT Roo ti and it's her and she's got a story to tell and a big part in educating I think especially the landscape community because I don't believe that most people who do this kind of stuff are doing it because they don't care they just do it because they don't know I mean we're doing everybody does things on a daily basis they're not right what all right so just to be clear for my brain this shows all the things that go wrong the tree from the nursery jump to planting to everything yep to make all happen on one tree yep because of human beings absolutely so there's be an abiotic condition so abiotic is like something that man-made or woman made you know something that humans affected this so that's a great can thats a great example of that I love it yeah and it's the more bark rx m15 chipper it's it's a beast we actually picked it up and win Michigan were they at the more bark factory got a tour and everything so it's very cool had a angel angel investor who financed it for me and he's a Michigan resident so he was able to get it directly from the factory which was very cool we got a great great tour of that place okay what's that that's a case skid-steer 430 yeah we use that if we got anything that's too big you know obviously that we can't pick up we don't deal with a lot of bigger trees that's not what our thing is this is where the magic happens I went to a conference at the Illinois green industry association so they represent like all the nurseries within the state and you know green industry and specific in you know specifically and they have these out for free and it's kind of their new campaign don't just stand there plant something so you gotta plant something org and there's a lot of good information on there that you can use or lay back to your clients you know it doesn't matter that you're not in Illinois specifically but you know there's a lot of good information out there it's free so they said take one so you know you boy two three sweet we got to not do in the industry is if you know something and you see that someone else is in doing something right you got to try to reach out and share the information that you have what we don't want to do is let's say you're an arborist or an even another landscaper that seems to know more happens to know more than the next landscaper you don't want to be like hey you stupid idiot you don't know you're just doing this for the dollar this that and the other you don't want to shame people into shadows because they never want to come out admit the mistakes that they might be making or even admit the fact that they don't know what they're doing you know you want them to come out and say hey I'd like to learn a bit a little bit more can you share some of your knowledge with me isn't ready to give it to them yeah like and it's very important for me that people understand that I'm not coming from a position of I know everything my god there are some amazing people that I learned from all the time and I can't retain all of it but I try to retain as much as I can and then share it freely to those who are willing to listen because urban forestry really is my passion and I want to help other people grab whatever little bits and tidbits they can so that every day they can get better and make better decisions thank you welcome Keith I've known you for quite a while now I got to tell you that I'm really impressed with the amount of knowledge that you so willingly share to people in the green industry I think that you do a lot to promote proper practices within the green industry and when you see things that aren't right you'll actually either call your you know call yourself out or just admit and you have such a big reach when you have all over a million views a month across all social media platforms imagine you have upwards of a hundred thousand people that follow you and your message of not just becoming an entrepreneur but building a business but more importantly doing things correctly in regards to the urban forests have an enormous influence and power to spread the message of proper tree care plan care the urban forestry so I said on every plane I said with the Chicago region trees initiative here in Illinois and it's a collaborative effort and response to key issues that are facing trees and there's no other initiative like the Chicago region trees initiative of this size in the entire country so although we are focused with Chicago and the seven-county regions surrounding it you know we'd like it to be a model eventually maybe even for the entire nation as a whole take care of trees proper practices and there's a lot of parts to it so I sit on the tree risk management and assessment work of the Chicago region trees initiative and I'm a big promoter of them and the work that they do and again like I said I'm very proud of what you do so I would like to present you with the Chicago region trees initiative proud partner sign because really you are a partner in a way even though you're on the other side of the lake in Michigan you're part of the Midwest you know big eco system that we have and we all share this a lot of the same issues either on the other side of the lake or on this side of the lake or even downstate and other parts of Ohio Indiana up in the Minnesota Wisconsin places like that so you know I hope that you'll take these signs will display them somewhere proudly man maybe you'll talk about it a little bit and share this message with people in the state of Michigan which is actually my home state as well and of course yours and I want people to know that this organization has gone through a lot of work to provide a lot of free educational material that almost anybody can access if you go to the CRT website there's a lot of brochures a lot of things that the landscaper wanting to know more and learn more can get information and share with their clients or other people in the community and start doing better tree care practices and help the urban first forestry you know urban forest as a whole so again I'd like to present you with these and I thank you for what you do for the industry and helping those who want to learn more so I think you take these home and and display them proudly sweet thank you so much you're welcome thank you thanks man thank you so much you up this is awesome this is behind the scenes I'm very uh incredibly thankful I'm very thankful for this and this means a lot to me I wouldn't give it to you unless I really felt that that you were a part of the bigger collective movement of what this mission of the mission of the Chicago region trees initiative is and the passion that I share for urban forestry and I believe you're a big part of that you you'll call yourself out on your own faults admittedly you don't know everything you've made some mistakes I've made plenty of mistakes wrong making mistakes every day but that's what this is about it's about okay cognizant of it of the mistakes or how we can learn to do things better to inspire that ongoing interaction with knowledge so we can make better knowledge based decisions when it comes in regards to urban forestry it's very important very important indeed and you have such a large reach and influence thank you can make a big big difference not just in people's lives but in urban forestry as a collective thank you you

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