22 thoughts on “Land Use”

  1. I wish I had teachers like you in my school. You are the best teacher I have ever met. You are consistent and innovative and you use visual methods to make learning easy and efficient. Thanks!!

  2. Only reason they are saving the land is to give to people who bribe both parties to keep the land from us which keeps prices up & us debt slaves(to those same people who bribe both party to display puppet show for sheeple/zombies) never able to own the land under our own feet.

  3. City planning with its permits has already thought out how they will proceed. Maybe you object to it. Vegas main problem is how much water to bring in to transform the desert, what this water and water infrastructure will support regulates the growth.

  4. Sprawl isn't good interesting neighborhoods. It's not city and not country. It consumes lots of land for gardens in single houses and endless roads and sidwalks where you can't do anything. Everyone has to move to do anything other except sleep and sit in the house. They become as large as farming areas or countries. Often residents then don't want new city buildings so ever new land has to be used. We know about this now and should address it. There should be more land used to produce local food close to cities.

  5. Just have everyone with a house and a yard plant trees mandatorily and don´t waste these yards for lawn only.

  6. The type of density that this idiot advocates actually has a much higher environmental impact than lower density development. That is assuming you don't force people into artificially constrained spaces and force them to give up a modern life. Also quality of life suffers tremendously in such environments. Rather than realizing sprawl is economically and for that matter environmentally superior for any number of reasons this idiot smugly explains why we should all live in what essentially is a 19th century style of living that people long since abandoned. Rather than focus on reducing environmental impact and enhancing efficiency this idiot just pushes a zealous ideologically motivated pile of nonsense.

  7. Reminds one of what is going on in the Houston area where they paved over all the wetlands & build on a flood plain then act outraged, amazed when it floods. I call(& so do those in the know) what is going on ordo ab chao=order out of chaos as in this stuff isn't accidently engineered to cause chaos/suffering/fear it's part of an agenda to get the public to beg for the politicians who work for an oligarchy to enact certain legislative motions/laws/increase budgets/remove Rights/consolidate their own power.

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