Lancaster Board of Education Meeting – September 16, 2019

I’d like to call this board of education meeting to order. In the unlikely event of an emergency, if we have to evacuate the room please note the locations of the exits. At this time I ask you to silence your cell phones and rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and remain standing for a moment of silent reflection. And we remain standing tonight for a moment of silent reflection for Diane Yakich, a cleaner in the district from 1994 through 2016 who passed away on September 6, 2019. Thank you everyone. We welcome you this evening to the
beautiful Music Hall here at Lancaster which we’re very proud of and as we
usher in another school year on to greater things for our district. 4.0 is presentations and we’ll start with 4.1 and I’d like Dr. Vallely to introduce this next presentation. Thank you so the NYSSMA Presidential
Citation Award is presented to a NYSSMA member district that acts as a model for
music education programs in New York State. The district must provide a
well-rounded music program at all levels. Strong consideration will be given to
participation outside the school and programs that actively participate in
NYSSMA. I think that it’s the most prestigious award a district music program can receive in New York State. About a year ago Mr. DeAngelis, or
maybe even two years ago, Mr. DeAngelis started the application process. It was about 200 pages of written work. All kinds of things that he had to do to
just even apply. and so I asked Mr. DeAngelis to come and give us and the Board of Education an update on the status of our application, Mr. DeAngelis. [applause] Thank you. Well thank you Dr. Vallely and of course the entire Board of Education,
administration. Yes Dr. Vallely is correct we began the application process about a year and a half ago. And then last year it was one of our department goals together with the unveiling of the new art standards. We thought ‘Okay, let’s us 20 music teachers come together.’ And we basically worked all year long to submit the 206 page application. And I got a call from the president of NYSSMA last week saying that we’re we are the recipients of the Presidential Citation Award. Thank you. [applause] A few of our music teachers are here
today. Wait, for the record, just so you know, we had planned and rehearsed that. I set you up to go ‘… and we got it!’ You know like the Toyota commercial where you jump and leap and whatever. But nice job, Dan. Okay. We got it! I would just like to recognize a few of our music teachers of the 20 in our department . Jake Seymour, Ali Metcalfe, Angela Moreno, Shannon Zolnowski, Ken Kowalski. Did I miss any of the music
teachers? Richard Goss is out in the field with
the marching band getting them ready for Hawaii. So I just wanted to say from the
bottom of our hearts truly. thank you. Oh did I miss somebody? Oh, Lynne Ruda. I’m sorry, Lynne. Anybody else? Yeah, I wrote some essays and I mailed the application, but it truly was a
team effort. We worked on it all year long. All the music teachers did. And it wouldn’t be even close to being possible if it wasn’t for the unending support that we get every year from administration and of course the Board
of Education. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we’re going to officially be awarded at the the state conference on December 5 in Rochester
with a special special ceremony for us. Only only 23 schools across the
state have ever been given this honor. It hasn’t been awarded since 2016. It’s something that you can only apply for once every 7 years. At Lancaster there’s there’s such a well-rounded program and we couldn’t thank the community and the board of education, administration enough for what we accomplish. So thank you again. [applause] Thank you very much. I’ve never seen a stronger music program. And it speaks to the expertise and the passion and the ability to teach of our music teachers and directors and of course the students as well. Because without the students the music program would not be what it is. So congratulations once again. 4.2 is our tenure certificate presentations and we have several of those for this evening. So I’ll ask some
of the heads of the department to come up and present their tenure presentations. Good evening. Tonight I am very happy to announce three different people who have been recommended for tenure in the Elementary Department. The first is Kristyn Fuqua. Kristyn has proven herself to be a diligent and dedicated instructor. She puts her students first, is a team player, and a strong communicator. She’s a member of the building planning team and the district safety team. She’s an asset to the school literacy team and her reading instruction is exemplary. She also strives to make learning fun and every year you can see her working with some of her colleagues to put on the first grade play and to put on living wax museum, allowing students to shine and share some of their amazing talents. Kristyn is very deserving of this recognition this evening. [applause] It is with great pleasure tonight that I
introduce everyone to Mrs. Jamie Morrison. Jamie just got married this
past summer so her new name now is Jamie Engl. So in conjunction with getting
tenure, Jamie also got married. So we’re very proud and we’re very happy that she’s able to have a tenure recognition and get married on the same year. So congratulations. Jamie or Mrs. Engl is a remarkable young woman who is being recognized tonight for receiving tenure in the area foreign language. Mrs. Engl has been in the district now for the past four years and has shared her passion enthusiasm for French with the students of Lancaster in the community
as a whole. She is a tremendous asset to the foreign language program and to the
community as a whole. As I’ve gotten to know Mrs. Engl, she demonstrates incredible qualities that make her a phenomenal educator. She’s a team player and a leader who puts students as her primary focus. Mrs. Engl is always looking to challenge herself to further her craft both in and out of the classroom. So let’s think about that for a second.
Focus in challenging herself, in challenging to better her craft. Mrs. Engl works diligently to find ways to expand her own skill set, while
advancing the learning of her students and colleagues. She serves as the secretary to the Board of Directors for the Western New York Foreign Language Educators Council. She’s an adjunct professor of foreign language at Buffalo State College and as a member of the American Association Teachers of French … and I could do this for the next 20 minutes but I won’t… Outside of academics she can be found chaperoning the Lancaster Middle School Ski Club, school dances and as an active participant in the middle school character Education Committee. She truly does bleed red and black and I look forward to participating in future projects and issues with her for years to come. Our Mantra here at Lancaster is always to hire the best and Mrs. Engl is a great example of that. She’s not just a great teacher, but she’s a great person. Congratulations, Jamie [applause] Our next teacher that we would
like to recognize is Stephanie Devaney who works in the library media center at William Street. And she understands that the library can’t exist in a vacuum especially with all the content area teachers. One of her main goals has been to help the teachers better understand how the library can enhance their instructional goals for all of our students. She’s been instrumental in bringing the STEM initiative into the library and to help
with the redesign of the library at William Street. We’re so happy about her prospects of being a tenured member of our family here in Lancaster. [applause] The third of the elementary teachers
that we’d like to recognize tonight is Kristiana Keller. She is an excellent example of teachers who work collaboratively with their department. That collaboration has resulted in better lessons for our students and a
stronger vision for the program up in PE. She has created informational handouts
for parents in an effort to build home and school connections. She is also well-planned and understands the importance of essential questions instructional outcomes and rubrics across the curriculum. She’s taken advantage of all of the professional development that we have here in Lancaster. And as the coach of this Lancaster High School tennis team we’re thrilled that she has been recommended for tenure. [applause] I was told to pare my comments down to
only one or two pages. So I’ll make that attempt here but Mr. Krazmien brought this up. Dr. Valley does advise us to hire the best and he and no one he talks to the new teachers upon hiring, he always tells them to take care of our kids too. So I want to tell you the next three professionals I’m going to talk
about have done that and then some. They are the best. They’re the
absolute best and they they certainly have taken care of our kids. I won’t even be able to do it justice here in just a couple minutes because they’re phenomenal. I’ll start out and say that I’ve also
had a chance to see them all in action. I’ve seen them work with children,
giving speech therapy or providing lessons. And there’s there’s no doubt
that they are incredible, special educators. So with that said as the group,
I’ll start with Katie Boersch. Katie persevered with us doing part-time work and interim work. And I’m so glad she did because she has developed into one of our finest teachers. She is incredibly organized, calm, a superb teacher. I just like going in her classroom. When I get in there, I just feel like relaxed and comfortable. I love going in there. I don’t get in there enough, but I when I get in there I enjoy just that time I get in there. This is huge. Again I could go on and on, but just one big point I want to make and I’ve heard this from her colleagues: She understands students so well that that might struggle socially
and emotionally. And I hope she knows this, but sometimes they even call her the whisperer. Right? I think I might have heard that
from you Amy I’m not sure. But that means she just gets kids. She listens, she understands and because of that they do well. So Katie, come on down. [applause] Okay, Shalynn McCabe. Shalynn is a speech language therapist
here for the district and has worked at Sciole and other buildings. I the last couple years she’s been at Sciole and Court Street. And in a very short time, four years, right? I got a count. Yeah four years. She has become an incredibly consummate professional. I mean we knew, as I mentioned, she had great potential coming in, but just to see the development in four years as a speech therapist is just amazing. She is always prepared to discuss children’s progress, their levels, their needs. Sounds like an IEP doesn’t it, kind of? Yeah? But it’s true. I’m not just saying that. She she gets the kids and what is amazing I think or maybe sometimes I
think we take it for granted in my area is that at meetings with parents and
other staff she just explains herself so well. That parents and other staff
get it. Because some of what I think speech therapists do is pretty technical. But she brings it down to a level and I know parents understand, staff understand. And when I’ve seen her, again, and I’ve seen her in action with the children I know and I know from the data that they’re making
progress. And that is incredible she’s constantly seeking out training and further staff development to improve her skills as a therapist. And then I think this is just in terms of her being highly effective as a colleague just the the epitome of collegial work with everybody that I’ve ever come in contact
with you and other people that I’ve talked to. So with all her facets of this kind of a complex role as a speech therapist, she’s exceptional. So congratulations. [applause] Alex Pawlowski For this this team, Alex is like the first to offer and to help and to volunteer to
meet student needs. Just incredible. She’s helped me out countless times
with summer programs. I don’t even know how many things she’s helped me out with,
but that’s one of them. And just helping out in her building, she’s become a huge asset and again developed in the past four years at Court Street into just
a wonderfully effective teacher. I mentioned this before, I’ve seen her in
action, teaching. Her kids are learning, maybe that’s somewhat obvious, but I’ve seen her I’ve observed her and trust me and in those lessons and what I’ve heard, those kids
are learning. And she’s developed into an especially good reading teacher. Which is one of my areas that I always look at. So in that regard, she’s a self-starter, she’s organized, she’s highly effective in working with kids. And I guess one of the really, really strong points among many is she works with parents well. I mean that’s maybe an understatement, but she seeks them out she’s not afraid to pick up the phone, call them, understand where they’re coming from and if there’s issues or anything, she has to work out
with her students, parents, she does it. You certainly don’t have to remind her. She’s probably done it already. So Finally, along with that, she’s
a great, great advocate for her children, for her students In all those areas and more, congratulations. [applause] I’m sorry to make you get up again, but if we could ask each of the tenured teachers to come up for a group photo, we’d like to have that for posterity. [applause] Again, congratulations to our
newly tenured teachers. it’s very nice to hear about each of them and to see each
of them here, the smiles on their faces. Very proud and happy to be part of
that picture that was pretty cool. We’ll move on to 4.3 our elementary
summer school program with Mrs. Colleen Schaefer. Can you hear me? Okay. Hi everyone, I’m Colleen Schaefer. I’m
the principal of the elementary summer school program. And it’s loading it’s been on all night, you’ve seen it. This is my intern. This is Andrea
Parker. She comes to us from Sweet Home Elementary and she has been the administrative intern all summer long. She has helped me out, as you know our
program is in two buildings. We are in Hillview and we are in William Street
School. This summer I wanted to show you, but I guess I’ll just have to tell you. of course we are one of the very first
presentations here so we got to work out the kinks for you, right? Well that’s okay. This summer we had almost 70 students. I’m just gonna shut this off. How’s that? There we go. We have a great audience. They’re gonna get a lot of use out of this room, aren’t they? Okay, so our program, we had almost 70 students. We had incoming kindergartners,
all the way up through sixth grade. We get our students mostly through teacher request but we do have parent requests. And a lot of students through
kindergarten screening. This year we had 11 teachers, so the student-teacher ratio was very small. And it was outstanding. If you look at us by grade level, we had a
big chunk of students at our Williams Street level. And over the last few years,
if you have been following me, our attendance rate was hovering over 90 percent. We have really improved at our K through
three level and we think it is because of our small student-teacher ratio. We also had an outstanding project-based program, which I want to talk to you about. That really helped boost our attendance rate. You see project-based learning, for those that you don’t know, really help students get engaged. They have projects or questions that they have on their mind and they work through these questions they have because of all of this exciting, motivating. Our theme last year was full STEAM ahead, so we twisted it a little bit and it is innovation station. So it was very exciting. It just really provided a positive attitude towards school. It really helps you embed social studies in science. So students who come into our program, they get a jump start on the curriculum and they really get to build their schema
for next year. They enhance their research
skills. And, of course, they use technology. Here are some of the pictures at William
Street School. Kids working on their projects. Pictures speak a thousand words,
of course. And at Hillview the JumpStart program. That was our rocket launch. Now I want to have Miss Parker talk to you about our Color Wars program, our incentive. So this summer we wanted to have a focus on literacy and math. And one way that we challenged students to engage in reading outside of summer school was we posed a Color Wars challenge with them. Each grade level was assigned a color and
we started off giving each student one bookmark. Each bookmark had four different places that we wanted them to read. Under a tree, under a blanket, with a friend, in the bathtub. When they were reading at each of those
spots they got to color in the bookmark. As they brought the bookmark back, we
hung a star on the color wars chart and they received a little token. Students were picking out bookmarks, little toys. We started off thinking we
would just give them one bookmark, but then they kept asking for more and it
turned out to be a huge success. We had 140 bookmarks turned in in total. As you can see, second grade dominated the competition and what’s interesting is
they were the smallest class in the summer school with only six students. So they really took this challenge to heart and they really turned in a lot of reading time and they earned some Frosty’s gift certificates for their hard work and dedication with this program. And then this year for our field
trip we were able to visit the brand-new Ralph C. Wilson Explorer Moon Explore
and More museum in downtown Buffalo. What was great was we got some funding
through Explore and More. They had a Title 1 grant that allowed us to get free busing from one of our schools. So Lancaster only had to provide busing
from one building. They also opened the museum 30 minutes early for us. So we got to come in before any of the public was there and we really got to dive into each of the learning centers. Kids got to dress up as doctors, play with Legos, they got to ride bicycles to make balls light up, and, most importantly, they got to dress up as their favorite Buffalo sports players. So it was a really great morning that we got to spend at the museum. The kids were inspired and it really linked up well with our innovation station theme for the year. And, as you know, we have a huge end of
the summer project celebration. We do have some of our genius hour projects linked on here, so I wanted to show you some of them. So they picked the projects that they
wanted to study and research. That’s what made it so exciting. They had several inquiries that they had to really move through in
order to finish their projects. And you can see they picked several different mediums. This is a media, they did it on a poster. Amanda, she did a PowerPoint. Ford did the difference between electric and gas cars so that was just a stand up. Alex wanted to learn more about phones. Ava and Maria made a
song. These are just a few pieces a few projects that we wanted to highlight, but
unbelievable. Why you shouldn’t smoke. Logan and Carlos made a roblox monopoly. So throughout the summer these were their final projects while mixing in
social studies, science, math, and, of course ELA. This really was a huge, huge
success. All the parents were able to attend and we really had just a great
celebration, didn’t we? So, last, but not least, we definitely want
to thank Dr. Vallely, the Lancaster Board of Education. We need to thank Mrs. Marchioli, Dr. Kufel, Mrs. Ziegler. We want to thank Mrs. Mohler and Jackie Bull at our school just for really being supportive and helping us with all of the little day-to-day minutia. The district office and building secretaries,
and, of course, the building cleaners and the custodians. We really had a great
summer so we appreciate your support. [applause] Thank you very much for a very nice
presentation. It’s great to see students and teachers engaging and learning, especially in the summertime when it’s very difficult to do. We’ll move on to 4.4 We’re going to take a short building tour led by one of our partners, Joe Armini and our principal Cesar Marchioli. Those of you that would
like to join us on the tour, please you’re welcome to join us. We’ll return shortly thereafter and move on with our agenda. [inaudible] we appreciate the partnership that we have … [Inaudible] Before I continue, I would like to take a moment to wish a happy birthday to a very good friend, who turns 50 today. And that is none other than our very own Dr. Michael Vallely. [applause] We should have sang “Happy Birthday” before the pledge. We should have, yes, but I forgot so sorry about that. I know he would like more people here to recognize… I’ll be 50 next year too, so it’s alright. 5.0 correspondence, does anyone ever on the board have any correspondence they’d like to speak on? 6.0 approval of minutes. Could have a motion to accept the regular session minutes or August 26, 2019? So moved. Seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 7.0 items from staff organizations. Anyone from the Lancaster Administrative and
Supervisory Association? Mrs. Adamec so we could just we want to get this on the record, so I’ll ask that we grab the microphone and we can pass it around, if we could? Thank you. I’m not even sure how to convey our
thanks and gratitude for everything that you’ve done for our our school district
as a whole. Speaking from the administrators standpoint, holy cow, it’s amazing, it’s amazing and we’re in awe of it. So we have the Lancaster
community to think, we have all of you to thank, we have our district office people
to thank, we have all the teachers that were involved in the planning process to
thank, administrators, whoever’s involved. Thank you, thank you thank you, thank you. It’s amazing. Look at this place! We’re in awe of it. So we need you to know how very excited we are about this. Again, it’s hard to thank everybody, but we do have to we have to say something about our custodians. I know they’re gonna talk about it too because if you were here on Friday afternoon before school started,
you would not believe what you saw on Tuesday morning. We are blown away. So a huge thank you for everybody that has touched the projects that have made Lancaster state-of-the-art. Thank you so much. [applause] Thank you Mrs. Adamec. And the Lancaster Central Teachers Association. So we talked beforehand and worked this out so that I could really, really, really thank the custodial staff throughout the district for everything that they did for every building but especially up here at the high school. I know the teachers at the high school were displaced those two days we had, but we did the best to welcome them at William Street. And they were wonderful to have with us, but especially the custodial staff that chipped in to get the high school ready to rock for all of our teachers up here. We would also just like to congratulate
all of our teachers receiving tenure tonight. I know they all went home to their families because they’re very young and we wish them a great year ahead. So thank you so much. Thank you Mrs. Cole. [applause] Anyone from the Lancaster Association of Service Personnel? And anyone from the Lancaster Association of Substitute Teachers? Okay. Thank you. Moving on to board reports. 8.0
board reports. Anyone have anything they’d like to report upon? Okay, hearing none. I’ll just mention that we had our annual board retreat this past
weekend. And we take this time to to talk about the future, recognize the past, and
just collaborate as a board. I think something we all have in
common is we believe in this school district and those who work here and the
students here. So we’re very excited about what we’ve accomplished as a board and what we look forward to accomplishing in the future. And then lastly just an observation. My daughter is on the varsity volleyball team, so I’ve been coming to sporting events for quite some time. And I noticed the last couple home contests, we have athletes who come from other sports, from football
from soccer from lacrosse and support the girls in the volleyball program and then vice versa. And we have modified volleyball players coming to support and then vice versa happened today. The varsity girls went down and watched the modified team and they engage, they have fun with it, they support one another. And I just think that’s so much cooler than I was in high school. I think if I could
go back I would act like that. I would engage, I would support, I would accept, and I would just appreciate the time that they have here. So many students spend most of their day here and go home late at night. But they just live that process. So you know for as much as young people take a knock for being on their phone a lot and you know playing video games. There’s a lot of good things happening with young people and especially here at Lancaster because the culture is so rich and inviting and they’re a huge part of that. So I envy you. I thank you very much and I’m just very, as always, happy and proud
to be a small part of this school district. So thank you very much. 9.0 superintendents administrative report. Dr. Vallely. I’ll make this quick. We’ve thanked a lot of people here. I just want to thank one
more individual and then one group. The individual is Jamie Phillips. Jamie is the financial brain behind these capital projects. And I’d like to thank her and appreciate the fact that she is maximizing aid to make sure that our promise, my promise as superintendent and this board’s promise that it is a 0% tax impact on local taxpayers for Lancaster in these projects comes true. And that is a lot of hard work and a lot of planning and a lot of paperwork,
but she does an absolutely fantastic job. And then probably most importantly to
former and this Board of Education who has guts. Since 2012, they passed, gone out with and now done half construction of $146
million worth of capital construction. So we have completed half
of that. We have another $77 million to go in the next five years. And I look forward to doing that and more good things to come. Thank you so much. Thank you, Dr. Vallely. 10.0 old business. Anyone from the board have any old business they’d like to discuss? 11.0 new business. 11.1 personal items 11.1.1 Could I have a motion to accept the personnel changes? So moved. Seconded. Questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 11.2 education items. 11.2.1 Could have a motion to accept
the committee and special education report? So moved. Seconded. Questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 11.2.2 Could I have a motion to accept the committee on preschool special education report? So moved. Seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in
favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 12.0 business and financial
items. 12.1 Could have a motion to accept the financial items? So moved. Seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 12.2 is policy adoption 7220
graduation options/early graduation and accelerated programs. Could I have a motion to accept that policy? So moved. Seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. The next for our second policy readings for 7511 immunization of students, 5681 school safety plans, 5620 fixed asset inventories, accounting and tracking and 5662 meal charging and
prohibitions meal shaming. Those are information only and will be voted on at a future meeting. 12.7 is a revised AIA contract with Watts
Architectural and Engineering. Could I have a motion to accept the contract? So moved. Seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 12.8 is a contract with Veronica Grande
it’s a tutoring service gonna that could have a motion to accept the contract any
questions or comments all those in favor hi those opposed so moved
twelve point nine is a contract with Cleveland Hill School District could
have a motion to accept the contract any questions or comments all those in favor
hi those opposed so moved 12.10 is a
contract with the town of Lancaster and this spells out that the use of our
pools fields facilities we share those with the town free of charge because
that’s good for kids and we have a very good relationship with the town so I’d
like to thank them for that cooperative balance and
I have a motion to accept that contract any questions or comments all those in
favor aye those opposed so moved 12 point 11 is authorization to carry
firearms per a change in legislation we now need to approve all those carrying
firearms on our campuses and that mostly is for law enforcement those who have
the by license and by training so that list has been proffered for your
approval could I have a motion to accept that
authorization any questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so
moved 12 point 12 or the construction change orders could have a motion to
accept those change orders any questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed so moved 12 point 13 can have a motion to accept
the surplus equipment report questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed so moved 12 point 14 is a contract with heroin BOCES a title 2
contract and that’s a cooperative effort for professional developments with st.
Mary’s and other parochial schools I have a motion to accept that contract
questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so moved and 12.15 is
a Memorandum of Understanding with the town of lancaster regarding school
resource officers by law we have a motion moment a Memorandum of
Understanding stating the duties of our SRO officers could I have a motion to
accept that mou any questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed so moved 13 Buono is our public hearing where we
hear from the public we have no one signed up to speak for this evening
14-point o is our executive session may I have a motion to go into executive
session to hear the Lancaster Central Teachers Association grievance regarding
a teacher transfer any questions or comments
all those a favor so with that this effectively ends the public portion of
our meeting for this evening our next meeting will be October 7 2017 at
William Street School at 7 p.m. we thank you for coming everyone

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