Lancaster Board of Education meeting – August 26, 2019

I would like to call the Lancaster
Central School District Board of Education meeting to order. In the unlikely event of an emergency, if we have to evacuate the room, please note the locations of the exits. At this time I ask you to silence your cell phones and rise for the Pledge of Allegiance. Please remain standing for a moment of
silent reflection. thank you everyone So thank you for coming everyone tonight
to our last meeting of the summer. We’re on the cusp of another school year and I know that there’s a lot of exciting things going on within Lancaster like all
school districts around the area. And I for one, as a dad and a teacher, I look forward to going back to school so we’ll start tonight with 4.0 Presentations. We have 4.1 fire inspection presentation, Mr. George Pease. How’re you doing? My name is George Pease, fire inspector and I did a annual fire inspection for the schools this year. And I found everything to be satisfactory with some minor infractions. That everything
was pretty much taken care of by the department, so we’re good for another
year. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Pease. Next we have a presentation 4.2
Middle School Summer School, Allison
Smerka. Hello, again I’m Allison Smerka. This was
my third year running the summer school program. It was a lot of fun this year
again. I was fortunate enough to have an intern, Maria Laratunda from Holland
Central School District. And she’s going to Canisius for an administrative
internship. She was very competent, very knowledgeable. She just had some great
ideas and really took the bull by the horns with so many things. So she was
wonderful to work with she has a great future ahead of her. [Applause] This summer we had
36 students enrolled in our program. Every year we’ve gone up in the
last three years. The first year I did the program we had 26 students. Last year, 33 and now up to 36, so it’s great to see the program continue to grow. Last year, we had 15 students who had special education accommodations or 504 plans. This year we had 21 out of our 36 students who had those accommodations or
plans. We were lucky enough to have Mrs. L for part of our program and we hope in
the future that we can maybe have a full time aide to assist our students even
more in that area. The way that our program worked, our students had time for core activity or core skill in their academic area. So they had math, science, ELA and social studies, three times a week out of our four days for a half an hour each. They also had PE throughout the week when it worked in their
schedule. They also had studio time where they had opportunities to work on their project-based learning presentations, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Genius hour, where they got to kind of research other things that were
of interest to them. As well as we had a garden in our courtyard, where they were
growing tomatoes and peppers and herbs. I I think they even grew some potatoes, maybe some onions. And at the end of the summer, even though we weren’t able to harvest the vegetables and use them, did make pizzas to kind of show them some of the things that they could have done with the vegetables that they grew. We had four teachers, one library media specialist and in our classes we had the
students broken into three groups with about 12 students per group. That way we didn’t have a big class of 36 students trying to learn and work on their
projects. So we do a project-based learning model for the middle school. The
students take ELA, math, science and social studies and then they complete
one project incorporating all of those classes. So this year our theme was
countries. So students chose a country that interested them and then they could
research whatever topic it is that they wanted to. It could be climate, history,
culture, food. So they were able to choose things interested them, which made the
learning more fun and engaging for them. At the end of the four weeks, the
students had an opportunity to present their learning, not only to their peers
but they were able to invite family and friends. So they were able to learn some
presentation skills and kind of it held them to a higher caliber because they knew that they were going to be showing off their work to people other than
their teachers. We were able to take two field trips this summer and our first field trip was to WNED downtown. So the students had a lot of fun seeing the
behind-the-scenes for the TV and radio. And learned some of the history of, you
know. records to CDs and digital for the TV and the radio. So that was a fun field
trip and it was a free field trip too, which made it even better. Our students and teachers were also very lucky that we got to spend a couple of hours at New Era’ field this year. We got a nice tour of the stadium behind the scenes, the media suites and we even got to go into the locker rooms. And the students had an opportunity to run around and play on the new turf before the Bills even made it back for their first preseason game and their first preseason practice. So that was a really great opportunity for them. So the students really did enjoy the summer program. It’s very unique, it’s very different than what they kind of have during the school year. You can see some of the quotes that the students said about the program some different things. Twenty-five out of the 30 students who completed the survey reported that they
did enjoy the program. So that’s that’s pretty big. We had six students who are
mandatory in the program and then all the rest, the other thirty students, just
wanted to be there or their parents signed them up. And they really did have
a good time. So it is a fun program. And the last thing above all of the academics, was that we were trying to help the students learn some skills that the high school teachers really thought that they could benefit from experiencing and practicing before making it to high school. So they’re listed right there: teamwork, time management, research skills. And those
were all incorporated through project-based learning and even clearly
through PE class. And now we have one student that wanted to come and share
her experience from the summer program with you. So this is Gretchen Keller. I’m Gretchen and I have participated in the middle school summer school
program. I thought it was very educational for learning like judgment and time-based stuff. It really helped that we all, that all classes were like working together. What was your favorite part of the program? Was there anything? The people that were in the program. Though they weren’t
perfect, they understood and were willing to help. [applause] Gretchen struggled during the school
year and she really thrived in this program. It was it was incredible. I mean, the teachers kind of tell us some things like just you know the
student maybe needs more help with this or that. She was phenomenal. I mean the
project she created was amazing. It’s like I said, she just blossomed and we’re hoping this is a point of these summer programs is that the students can then carry that into the school year with them. Because it was just incredible to
see. So, thank you, Gretchen, for coming and joining us tonight. And a big thank you to the to the board, Dr. Vallely, Dr. Kufel, Andy Krazmien and
everyone at the district office who always helps us throughout the year. As we plan and any questions we have throughout the program, they’re always
there to help us. A big thank you to Mr. Schieffelin, the LMS custodial staff. They
were so accommodating with us the summer. They have a big project they have to do
in the summer, getting the building ready for the school year and they were very
accommodating with us and our needs. And obviously to the secretarial staff as
well and Mr. K and Mr. Binaman as well for allowing us to be in their building. So thank you everyone we do appreciate you letting us run this innovative
program. So thank you again. [applause] Well I as always I have to follow
Allison, which is never easy because their program is awesome. But then this year I have to follow a student, who I don’t know how you’re this brave to come up here and do this because I feel like I’m about to drop the mic because my hands are
so sweaty. And you came up here, flawlessly. So awesome job, honestly. So I’m Patrick Smith. I was in charge of the summer school program for the high
school. And I could not have done it without this amazing staff that I have. One member right here Miss L, Michelle Lasinski, is the jack-of-all-trades and
the master of all trades. So to you, thank you! Because I couldn’t do it without you and the entire staff that are there that have one focus and that’s kids first. And making sure that these kids are successful in the summer school program because ultimately our goal is for credit recovery and for remediation on
the exams. And that’s what we ultimately want. We have six weeks, nine teachers, 18
total course offerings and with every course we offer a review closer to the
exam so students can be successful on the assessments. New this year, I had to compete with Allison. So we had to throw
some pictures in this year and
ultimately highlight the kids. but here’s for example some kids in our algebra class, here’s a handsome guy walking into a writer’s shop for ELA. So our different course offerings, you
could see them up here, but we offer anything. And if we don’t offer it in the
actual classroom, we offer it on grad point. And we had about four or five
individuals who took part in grad point this year. Our enrollment, every week we
had about a hundred students, maybe more for classes and review. We had a hundred and one students for actual classes and credit recovery. 198 students registered for the Regents exams and 77 students took the review classes. So not all students took part in review but those who had the classes also got the review as part of it. Our enrollment up here. There’s one big
key up on this enrollment for this year. There are no twelfth graders. We had zero 12th graders that needed credit in order to graduate and none that needed an exam in
order to graduate. Now that’s not a selling point for us, that’s a selling point for the great job that the staff is doing during the year at the high
school. And that these students are giving throughout the year because last
year we had three individuals this year at zero. So I would say that is a success
of what’s happening during the year. One great benefit we have is the amazing Mr. Harris. He allows the education to happen in the classrooms because we don’t have
to have teachers taking their time to make sure the halls are good and all
this. It’s, we can focus on education first and helping these students be
successful. And there it is pointing. That was staged. And here we are preparing for
the Regents exams. You can see the class sizes grew by about 7 or 10 students each for the review classes when we got near the end. And this helped the students be more successful on the actual Regents exam. This is the second year we offered chemistry review. We had terrific teachers that would be willing to come in and put in that extra time to help these students be successful. Here are some more review classes we were able to rearrange some schedules there’s Mr. Pollard, a high school math teacher. who is phenomenal. We were able to move it around where we had two students that were really, really, you know, higher needs
with being successful. And were able to put him almost one-on-one with Mr. Pollard, which is almost like a private tutoring that is extremely beneficial. And, again, just the students that we had
in the program. Mrs. Lasinski doing the
amazing job that we know she does to
help our students be successful in the end. In our final numbers here, we had 175 examinations administered and scored. 87 credit hours earned from classes so that’s 87 credit hours students would
not have gotten without our summer school program. And then we had 16
students participate in internships. You can see we had Oshei Children’s Hospital, Kidney Architects, the Summit Center, Shakespeare in the Park, Buffalo Public Schools, Lancaster Central School District, Pediatric Adolescent Urgent Care of Western New York, Try-It Distribution, Northtown Orthopedics, Kaleida Health, Millard Fillmore Suburban, Catalyst, law offices of Ralph LaRiggio and law office of Stephen Boyd and Chartered Professors. Another big thank you to
everybody here. I definitely bugged many of you throughout the whole program with
questions and comments. And that’s just a big show of our district and that’s why I wanted more pictures of the kids in here this year. because it goes from the kids all the way to the very top in this district that we are all committed to the success of our students. And it shows because nobody ever said “Smith, beat it.”
They said “Okay, how can we help? What can we do?” and I just love this district and it’s one of the greatest districts in western New York. If you know the best district. So thank you to the board. Thank you, Dr. Vallely. Thank You, Dr. Kufel.
Thank you Dr. Krazmein. Thank you everybody because without the
LMS staff, the LMS cleaning crew doing what they did in order for us to jump
around and play musical classrooms. This wouldn’t have been possible either,
so thank you to everybody. [Applause] Both the programs at the middle
school and the high school, I mean I’m just watching here and I’m thinking of a
phrase like, “dedication to education.” Right on this in the students’ part and
the teachers’ and the administrators’ to go to school as a teacher or a student
in the summertime is difficult to do. But, to offer a productive nurturing
environment and culture within which students can either remediate or enrich
with some of the internship programs. My daughter was an intern through the
school this summer. That’s great stuff. I mean and I have great appreciation for
everyone who does that work. So thank you. Anyone else have any other comments? 5.0 Correspondence, Anyone from the board? 6.0 approval of
minutes 6.1 Could I have a motion to accept the regular session minutes from
August 5, 2019? So moved. Seconded. Questions or comments? All those in favor? Aye. Those opposed? So moved. 7.0 items from staff organizations Anyone from the Lancaster Administrative
and Supervisory Association? Anyone from Lancaster Central Teachers
Association? First of all I’d like to congratulate all the
students who were successful in summer programs. It’s not an easy thing for them
to do. I’ve had many students who go through these programs and the work that they do during the summer is really meaningful and sets them up for success. They do a tremendous job.
I’d also like to thank all the teachers and Pat Smith and Allison Smerka for running a tremendous program. To give our kids the opportunity. Pat will say it’s the in-the -school-year work that gets done, bus some of those seniors that graduated on time, were it not for participation in this program in
previous summers. The commitment on the board, financially, administratively, with the building use, it’s tremendous. And our teachers, time after time, year after year, they step up and they go in and work these jobs in the summertime and they do a tremendous job. So congratulations to all on that. Other than that we just look forward to the beginning of another school year and welcoming our new teachers tomorrow. The LCTA will be providing lunch and some support and information for the teachers tomorrow with cooperation with the district. So we’re looking forward to the beginning of the school year. Thank you Mr. Kirsch. Anyone for the Lancaster Association of
Service Personnel? And anyone from the Lancaster Association of Substitute
Teachers? 8.0 Board Reports Anyone from the board have anything they’d like to report on? 9.0 superintendent’s administrative report, Dr. Vallely. Yeah I have two things. First Mr. Kirsch
mentioned the new teacher orientation. I’d like to thank Karen Marchiolli and Andy Krazmien and all the administrative team and staff and teachers and people who helped this group of 32 new teachers get off and running so beautifully today. Many people are involved in this new teacher orientation but it goes to who really have done a wonderful job leading it and getting others involved. For example, like every year I cooked hot dogs this afternoon and tomorrow I’ll take a group on a bus tour of the district. But please know that it’s Andy and Karen who do the heavy lifting for that whole new teachers orientation and have built a
wonderful program. So kudos and thank you to them and everyone involved. Second, construction. I toured the district as recently as today to see what’s going on and everything looks great and it’s coming along. I’d like to thank Buffalo construction and all the men and women working so hard to give our community’s children new beautiful and safe places to play and learn. I’d like to thank our own buildings and grounds who were working double shifts and on the weekends to
clean the spaces for a faculty, staff and administration to do their important
work with the with our community’s children come this school year. Additionally, we are so lucky to live here in a community like Lancaster that
supports its schools. I am truly grateful. When you’re doing $12.7 million of work in eight weeks, now for six years consecutively, it’s a lot but things are coming along nicely. We’re on schedule and we’re in good
shape. Thank you very much. Thank you, Dr. Vallely. 10.0 Old Business
anyone have any old business 11 point Oh new business 11.1 personal items eleven
point one point one could I have a motion to accept the personal changes
any questions or comments I just wanted to comment and welcome Allison grant one
of our new teachers at William Street a music teacher and thank you for coming
today so thank you for coming is do we have any other new teachers who are thank you for coming and welcome to you any other questions or comments
all those in favor aye those opposed so moved
eleven point one point two could have a motion to appoint our acting assistant
principal mr. Patrick Smith will be taking over for Stephanie Lackey any
questions or comments mr. Smith we look forward to we
appreciate the work you’ve done we look forward to the work you’re going to help
us with all those in favor those opposed so moved 11.2 education items eleven
point two point one could have a motion to accept the committee on special
education report questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so
moved eleven point two point two could have a
motion to accept the committee on preschool special education report any
questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so moved 12 point Oh
business and financial items twelve point one could have a motion to accept
the financial items questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed 12.2 is the first policy reading of 7511
amusing immunization of students twelve point three is a first policy reading of
56 eighty-one school safety plans twelve point four is a first policy reading of
56 20 fixed asset inventories accounting and tracking 12.5 is person first policy
reading 45662 meal charging and prohibition against meal shaming twelve
point six second policy reading four seventy two twenty graduation options
early graduation and accelerated programs those will be voted upon in a
future meeting twelve point seven could have a motion to accept the construction
change orders any questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so
moved Belle Plaine coven wants to accept the
task they’re Cherie with Eagle Associates of Niagara Frontier questions or comments all those in favor
aye those opposed so moved 12.9 another text so sherry with
rite-aid corporation could have a motion to accept any questions or comments all
those in favor aye those opposed so move 12.10 could have a motion to accept the
2019 2020 district goals any questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed so moved 12 point 11 could have a motion to accept a Distinguished
Alumni wall of honor inductees list any questions or comments all those in favor
that was opposed so moved 12 point 12 is the professional development plan could
have a motion to accept the plan any questions or comments all those in favor
aye those opposed so moved 12 point 13 could have a motion to accept the office
of the state comptroller’s corrective action plans any questions or comments I
just like to comment that the Audit Committee at 6 o’clock today and we do
recommend to the full board that go forward this plan Thank You mr. sage
any other questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so
moved he’ll point 14 is a contract with the
town of Lancaster and a family support center that I motion to accept the
contract questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so moved
12.15 is another contract with the town the Lancaster for school and community
program could have a motion to accept questions or comments all those in favor
aye those opposed so moved 12.16 is a contract with AP OT who does
physical therapy work for us motion to accept the contract so questions or
comments all those in favor aye those opposed so moved 12 9 17 is a contract
amendment with premier consulting which does our self-funded health care I have
motion to accept the contract any questions or comments all those in favor
aye those opposed so moved twelve-point 18 is the district
wide school safety plan could I have a motion to accept the plan any questions
or comments all those in favor those opposed
so moved twelve-point 19 is the building level emergency plans could have a
motion to accept those plans questions or comments all those in favor aye those
opposed so moved 12.20 are reserve fund transactions from
our capital reserve and our bus reserves could have motion to accept those
transactions questions or comments all those in favor
hi I was opposed so I moved 12.20 one could have most to accept the bid award
for our printing questions or comments all those in favor aye those opposed so
moved 12 point 22 could have a motion to accept the auction results any questions
or comments all those in favor I was opposed 13 point O is public hearing we
have no one signed up to speak this evening 14 point o may I have a motion
to go into executive session to discuss grant litigation case C a1 801 3 3 6
questions or comments all those in favor aye
okay so the effectively the public session of our meeting is now over our
next meeting will be September 16 at Lancaster High School in the drum roll
please black box theater at 7 o’clock very exciting stuff looking forward to
that thank you for coming you you you

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