45 thoughts on “Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim ADORABLE!!”

  1. HAHAHAH AWWWW. I'd be the last pup to go in the water cuz' I was the scaredy cat growing up with cousins lol

  2. Do dad dogs really spend time with their puppies? I want to live there! Get me out of the city!
    That dad went hither and thither. They were so quiet, no barking.
    Dumb title

  3. I guess the 1.4k down thumbs are because they think Dads are supposed to be weak, and some how this translated to healthy male interaction with children is bad. Boo, boo to those downers! Try to elevate yourselves.

  4. Beautiful! Love that it's silent, too! Fascinating to watch the father with his pups and also see how each pup is a little different in how they react and behave.

  5. I don’t know about you but I would be stressing and counting the dogs every second so I don’t loose
    Edit- ohh never mind just realised there is a gate around it 😅

  6. Rofl…..right when the video started I thought to myself "OMG"….
    mainly because this wasnt clickbait at all and it literally started with a big doggo and his pups running towards a little pond to go swimming. Haha. Too much cuteness.

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