Labdoo’s 5 Step Process to Spread Education

Did you know that every year the world buys more than five hundred million laptops and tablets, yet five out of seven people do not have access to free open education resources? That four year old laptop of yours sitting idle at home, at work or anywhere, could help bring education to millions of people.
But how? Here is the strategy: global collaboration plus excess capacity The Labdoo platform breaks this process down into five simple steps and allows people in every corner of the world to participate. Step 1: Locate and tag a used laptop at Labdoo. This allows you to track the laptop while enabling transparency through the process. Step 2: Sanitize and install the education software, or deliver the laptop to the nearest hub and allow volunteers to help erase data and install new software. Step 3: A traveler will carry the laptop to the designated school in the free space of his/her luggage. That’s right, a global transportation system with almost zero CO2 emissions. Step 4: The laptop is delivered to a needy school, pictures are reported back, and everyone will get to see all of the global goodwill actions through the Labdoo dashboard. Step 5: Once a laptop no longer works and can’t be fixed, it is carried to a recycling facility. This ensures the impact of electronic waste to our dear Planet is minimized. With this strategy, we have already delivered laptops to more than 600 schools in more than 100 countries; reaching out to more than 150,000 students. The best part of it? We did it together without using any money. That’s right, we are a zero funding organization. Cool enough? to learn more, please visit the Labdoo Project at See you soon!

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