Lab: Exploring the Dataset – End-to-End Machine Learning with Tensorflow from Google Cloud #10

The goal of this lab is to investigate which features have influence on what
you want to predict the baby's weight. For example, if you want to know
whether the field plurality or the field is male has some
influence on the weight, you can generate a bar chart for
the average weight of babies sharing the same plurality value,
or the same is male value. However, it's not enough to just check whether the average weight of the baby in
these different conditions is different. Normally, you would also look at
the whole distribution of values. Checking the number of babies for
each value is necessary because if you don't have enough sample
data for any range of input values, predictions using those values
may not be very accurate either. So go ahead, do lab number one. And when you come back, my colleague
Chris will walk you through the solution.

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