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The birth of the first Homo Sapiens, a great change of the history of life on Earth all thanks to a mutant born in the threshold of the caverns that first man or woman who carried our oldest DNA and who with his intelligence began to develop a character never seen before among his community So, generation after generation there were more of them, of the fittest the smartest who were developing a new type of more advanced civilization, and to advance in technology, art, culture, etc they also had to advance in language the way to communicate with each other to reach increasingly difficult goals That was how the first human language was born If you want to know a little about possible inheritance of memories from generation to generation you can go see my video on epigenetics but in this video we will talk about the birth of the first language how it spread and how it evolved over time . So, let’s go to that first point of our history the birth of the first Homo Sapiens. If we see the evolutionary line of hominids we realize that homo sapiens may have evolved and mutated from a homo rhodesiensis about 350,000 years ago The Homo Rhodesiensis already had their communication system to establish hierarchies and functions of their societies to achieve them effectively but their cranial capacity did not allow a complex language of communication however, they surely communicated with sophisticated sounds and signs thanks to the freedom of movement of arms and hands something like the communication that humans and bonobos can achieve today Or deaf people that need to use the sign language But sign one is a total and complex language A question that arises is how were there more homo sapiens? Well, the first one had to have mixed with a homo rhodesiensis therefore, its descent would be a hybrid of both but being more skilled and intelligent through natural selection and many generations later, the first complete tribes of homo sapiens would come out In light a comunity only of homo sapiens a tribe smarter than the line of hominid ancestors a thing that will make them to evolve and explore more territories which thanks to their intelligence and the need to survive was the matter that took the homo sapiens placed on top of the pyramid of the animal world It is necessary to emphasize, that these first homo sapiens were in Africa and from there they began to expand all over the world where they will contact tribes of other hominids, such as Neanderthals and will get to a mixture that was the first language This first language had certain characteristics which can still be found among the different languages ​​of today such as common phonemes We know that our ancesters must have a language because they already had the physical capacities to produce complex sounds in addition that a spoken language was necessary or the transmission of ideas both for survival and for the construction of tools and instruments that required complex techniques created by the sapiens But possibly everything remained very similar until the tribes separated in two and then in three, and the more they grew the more they separated and therefore migrated to have a territory from which to obtain resources it was the moment when the tower of “Babel” was burned and the languages ​​spread And what do all the separations have to do with the language changing? Simple, being two tribes separated by thousands of kilometers the geographical conditions are going to be different the animals and plants also the language has to adapt to be able to transmit the ideas effectively id needs to evolve and to take your ideas to perceive what surrounds you In addition, another factor also enters the territorial man If some one do not know your language you are not welcome because you do not belong to the trib It was another resaon to make tribe to change some words so other tribes dont understand We can see even today that, even if countrys are near the language is very different another change in language change about 11 thousand years ago that moment where man ceased to be sedentary and agriculture began aroud the globe It is strange that it occurred at similar times in places as distant as Mesoamerica and New Guinea at a time where traveling between those places was practically impossible but it was something that happened This changed things drastically humans were no longer busy hunting and gathering all day now that they could produce their food in one place they had more time to think, to imagine and create Artistic and musical expressions began to flourish religion took power and hierarchies were working as never seen before now there were rulers, religious, artists warriors were created to defend their small towns farmers and ranchers life began to seem to what we know today a system where everyone does their part to make a civilization flourish The first empires are born, and with them comes the following language boom: Writing. The wedge system invented by the Sumerians was the first time a language was written In this writtings each form represented a syllable or an idea written sentences were built for the first time political decrees, religious texts but the most important thing is that now the ideas did not die with the individual now they transcended and could survive without the need to go from mouth to mouth the transfer of ideas that gave life to the hard sciences of engineering and mathematics precise calculations could already be made giving a gigantic step the writing emerged in many other places and the commercial era was booming Thanks to the organization that tribes had now cities began to form empires which were hungry for power, and the conquest carried its own language which was imposed on the conquered and their languages ​​mixed up These changes continued until today No matter how many conquest How many changes of territorie and migrations Now it is estimated that there are about 6000 languages around the globe many very similar and with many speakers many others are disappearing because there is no one who speaks them and others demanding to be spoken by the power of their Nation Like chinese and english Are we at a point where language is no longer going to change? Will we evolve and find languages ​​that allow us more than is currently conceivable? I do not know, what is a fact is that languages ​​do evolve mutate, change, and this will not stop in the following years who knows maybe one day humanity will find a unified language a utopian society , gray society but that scenario is only known by the F U T U R E If you liked the video Tell us what you think in the comments section, drop a like Dont forget to subscribe and click the bel See you in the next videos Hello to every person that reach this video from all the countrys that see this chanel Bye

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