Kynduh ki rangbah shnong ka West Shillong ia u myntri Social Welfare halor ka drok policy

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8 thoughts on “Kynduh ki rangbah shnong ka West Shillong ia u myntri Social Welfare halor ka drok policy”

  1. ngi ba lah tot ha u ne te la da fi ioh kem ia nga te pyniap syndon ia nga.nga im ha pyrthei TNG ki jing jynjar suda

  2. Kaseng HNLC kadei ban leh tyngeh iakito baju supply drug kadei banshu pynjah klep beit iaki supplier tang kata kan duna

  3. Shna ia ka policy ban teh lakam ia ki brw ba thep kam tuh ha kano2 ka post jong ka sorkar namr kane kam thok ruh kumjuh kum u drug hi.

  4. Polo lei ka main wt ki briew ba mt bn lt thd dawai na polo kito ba sumar kum ha Lawmali nea ha kino2 ki hospital kila long salia bn wn tang shu la miet namr ba bun plt ka jing sniew hangne ha ka jaka

  5. Lah donkam kyrkieh namar mynta ka um ka lah poi haduh ryndang bad ka imlang ka sahlang ka lah kulmar hi thlim na ka jingkynrei u droks bad khamtam haba ki nongdie ki ioh bail da kaba suk bad leh kajuh shi kajuh ka kam khlem jingtieng

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