Kyle Korver and His Utah Jazz Teammates Talk Racism and the NBA | The Players’ Tribune

– And I think that the
most disturbing thing, this guy felt comfortable, that he could just shout that out. It’s clearly out of bounds. – Earlier in the season, we
played the Thunder at home and there was an incident
between Russ and a fan. Some really ugly things
were said towards Russell. I mean like, talking trash, or whatever it’s just, it kind of
feels like apart of life. Like we’re the court,
guys are saying stuff all the time but there’s certain
things that are off limits. But it doesn’t feel
like, when it comes to, like fans sometimes, that like, there’s this code that
this is out of bounds. I like being booed sometimes.
It’s all part of the game. It’s part of the motions of competition, but there’s this line
that, it should be like, understood that you don’t cross. – It just shows a lack
of respect from the fans and really just across all boards ’cause, just with Russell Westbrook, he’s been touched by a
fan a couple of times. They’ve called him out, different names and just this lack of respect. It’s like we’re in a zoo almost. You just perform, don’t
say anything, just perform and it’ll be alright. We give you all this amount of money, just shut up and take it. Almost felt like that. – You know, I was bothered by, just by being a player of the team, and somebody being a Utah Jazz fan, somebody that looked up to us and cheer us on during the game, for him to be going that route to saying something like this to
a player of a opposing team. It reflects on us as well. I think, if specially if you
say something racially charged, the day we’re not wearing
a Utah Jazz jersey, you can say to us, or the day we walking down the
street and something happen, you gonna say the same thing to us. That’s where it kind of hit home for me. I definitely think the team took it hard, and as they should, and I think they’re
making the right steps. I’d like to see that the team
really stepped up and said, you know, we really gonna
do something big about this because we can’t allow that to happen. – I’m appreciative of what they’ve done. This wasn’t the first,
may not be the last time, but they finally put their feet down. But if she can create some type of change, she’s a wealthy woman, she could hop on the
phone with 29 other owners and other sports owners and try to hold them accountable. Now that she’s put herself out there, I think it’s up to the players to hold the organization accountable. – I think the best part was
they wasted no time either. I think as soon as they
got the information that they needed to, they put a ban on this man
and the scary thing is, is that people are in an arena, where we’re trying to better ourselves and work on our profession, is where fans feel the
safest that they can mock us or degrade us and I think,
that’s what hurts the most, is that they feel comfortable enough to say these degrading things in a place where we’re trying to make
something of ourselves and make a name for our families and be role models for so many young kids. – That’s the thing, it goes so much further than just basketball. You see it on the basketball court, between fans and player, but
you look across the country. In 2019, it seems like people are coming out with
words and acts of racism or bigotry or whatever it is and it’s becoming more and more. I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s definitely disturbing. I’m not being from the U.S.
but I’ve been here long enough that I kinda see the differences
and see the evolution, in a way, and it’s kind of scary time. Even talking to my children, and just looking at news, and
different things like this. How do you explain what’s going on and try to make sense of all that? – There’s so many layers to this, and there’s so many issues,
and there’s so many injustices. This has really made me
look myself in the mirror and be like, how do I be better in this? I think for a lot of white people, we kind of feel like, if we
don’t say anything wrong, and we have this idea of
colorblindness, right? Like, I don’t see color, everyone’s equal, and as long as we do that,
we’re not part of the problem, and I think my biggest
takeaway in all this is like, that is the problem. For me, as a white man, like I get to walk in and
out of this conversation as easily as I want to. If I wanted to address it today, I can and if I don’t feel
like doing it tomorrow, I don’t really have to, and there’s a lot of
privileges that I have but like, that’s kinda
towards the top of the list. So for me, I’ve been trying to figure out, how do I better engage
in this conversation, what is my role in helping progress and me and Thabo were talking earlier, like I don’t know exactly
what that looks like, but it’s important that I’m
trying to develop lenses where I’m trying to
see things differently, than what I have in the past. – I think that’s a big
thing, people don’t really, you can have the most, the craziest ideas and you just comfortable in those, and you don’t see the whole aspect of different things and different, how what I say might affect somebody else and it’s hard. It’s becoming harder and
harder to put yourself into somebody else’s shoes. And for a lot of what we see going on, it’s just people not really understanding and not really wanting to understand what the other person goes
through on the daily basis. The color is different, where
you live might be different and the school that you
go to, might be different. I mean, there’s so many different
layers that makes people just being different
in a day to day basis. – I think when we see injustice like this, we need to hold each other accountable, and not to the point
where, after the fact of when the racial act or
something degrading is going on, and after being like,
oh, I shoulda did this, but you know, nipping it
in the bud when it happens, we’re all humans and this isn’t right, and we need to learn how
treat each other better. And educating people ’cause
I remember after it happened, we were talking about
the tweets and I came in and I can’t remember
exactly what one it was but, where he said, go back
to where you came from, and you think of, there’s kids out here, that have all types of internet access and they’re reading these
things and seeing these things and they don’t really know what it means, ’cause they haven’t really educated themselves on racial issues and all the history and what people from
different minorities and races have had to go through to be successful. I’m gonna throw it out there but being a white male/female is probably not as difficult as being an African American. There’s just some things that
you don’t have to battle, as a Caucasian woman or male that African American females
and males have to deal with on a day to day basis. Whether that’s being
looked at a different way, or being stopped in a shopping center because they suspect
you ’cause you look like you’d be a suspect. I mean, it’s just all those things that we have to have this conversation like Kyle talked about, he could talk about it today, he can not talk about it tomorrow, but I think, for us, with
the platform that we have, we need to educate, hold
each other accountable and have these conversations on what this stuff actually means. – You talk about white privilege and it feels like it’s
getting to a point, where you, if you bring that up around white people, there’s like, oh, here we go
again, alright, roll your eyes There’s just like, when
you say that to someone, they’re like, I’ve worked really hard, my life hasn’t been that easy, like why is my life so privileged. We don’t have the ability to always see, like, yo, divorce hits every color, right? Economics, money issues,
that hits every single color. Cancer hits every single color. There’s these issues in the
world, everyone deals with this and no one has this easy life. But there’s an and, that people of color do have to deal with. They gotta deal with
cancer and money problems and whatever else, and police
brutality and, you know, all this other things that white people just don’t, we just don’t really want
to go there in our mind, and we’re a little bit afraid of it. – What do you tell people
when they say, okay, slavery, Jim Crow era, whatever
it was, happened so long ago Why should it be my problem now, I was born 20 years ago, I was born 30 years ago. I never did anything, I
never insulted a black guy or anything like that. I’m not gonna throw names of politicians but just in America in general, when you look at politics and the policies that are put in place, they’re here to benefit the top percent, the top people with money
and lobbying and all this. In a lot of ways, people with, when you have some
advantageous, some privilege, you don’t even see it as
privilege, it’s normal. – Pure ignorance. – Yeah, and then some body say, oh no, but this is a privilege. If we take that away, why
would you take it away from me. It’s that duality that, yeah I wanna help but at the same time, why
should I hurt myself helping? – That’s tough, I mean,
it’s not for everybody. There has to be a line,
you can’t be this one day and change when the
cameras start flicking on. Once you get in it, if this
is what you want to be, you wanna be a better person, or you want, integration all over then
be that person all the time. Some people, it is what it is. Everybody can’t run this race,
but for the ones that do, put your all in to it. Try to find ways, but for
me, history is the key. It just repeats itself. Slavery never really ended. – That’s crazy to think
of ’cause that was what, 2-300 years ago. – Well, that’s what they say. – It’s still going on today, yeah. – They just went into the systems and those are the same
systems that are in place that keep black folks behind, but if you don’t educate yourself, you’re never gonna know that. – First time I had a Black
Lives Matter conversation with an African American, I came into the conversation thinking I had some kind of
an idea of what was going on, and I stammer and stutter my
way through this conversation ’cause he’s coming back at me a little bit with what he thinks and I’m like, wow. After that conversation,
I had no idea what I was talking about, I
really need to find out. Just being in a relationship,
being in conversation, being in situations where
I didn’t feel comfortable. You gotta get comfortable
with being uncomfortable. Once you’re able to do that, you get this whole new
set of lenses and eyes for what’s going on in our country today. And then I think, once you do that, once you’ve been educated,
you start to understand. Once you understand, you
start to confess and be like, yo, man, I didn’t know this,
I still don’t know this, I’m still learning this, and then you start actually
doing something about it, because I feel like there’s
so much good in our country, and so much good in a
lot of the people here, that it’s just not activated. It’s this big, intimidating conversation, and I don’t wanna look like an idiot, and I don’t wanna, you know. You gotta be comfortable
with being uncomfortable. – I think change comes
slowly, that’s the main thing. I think what you’re doing,
Kyle, and us talking about it, I think it’s, in a lot of
ways, just planting a seed. There’s no bad time for
a conversation like this. I think especially now, it’s
necessary in a lot of ways. You look at this guy in Utah, I’m sure, he has probably children and
all this and what to follow, what is right, what is wrong. You was talking about right and wrong and there’s such a gray area. People are certain about what they think, even though it might be
contrary of what I think. I think just to have those voice of middle ground and
reason, I think it’s big. – I think understanding
each other is huge, with this issue because obviously, that guy in that arena, obviously has a misunderstanding
of what he thought right from wrong is and what
he thought was heckling or, maybe he thought he was doing
us a service as a Utah Jazz by throwing Russ off his
game but realistically, he was hurting all of us. I think people need to realize that, you may think by degrading
someone or saying something is mentally messing them up but we all know the NBA’s a
fraternity and we all are one. I think we need to continue doing this and the next step would be, what can we do better after this. Just talking about it is one thing. I just don’t want people to think like, oh, well, I write a check
to this organization and, no, but, be different, be okay with, like you said, putting your
feet in and fully be in it and watching the change happen. – What does that mean, being
in, like jumping in and– – I mean, like he said,
I mean, if you gon’ write that check, you need to follow up on that. Follow up with the organization, show up at the organization,
talk to the kids. We won’t see the change,
we’ll only, like you said, the seeds, like you try to
put the seeds and we won’t, we just wanna spark that fire, and just keep it going. It was sparked, but then it got dimmed, now it’s sparking again
with all the climate that we live in, so we just
gotta get it to blaze away. – I think like change, you gotta start small, right? so it’s like, you start with yourself, that’s the smallest you can
get, just in your own self, and then you start with your family, and how you raise your kids and what they grow up thinking is normal. For their kids, are all their dolls white? Are all the cartoons they watch white? Are all their teachers white? Are all their coaches white? Are all the voices that
come into their head white? You know what’s gonna
happen if that happens, they’re gonna grow up, thinking that the world is white, right? So it starts with your closest circles, and you just make sure
that that’s good first. We can’t be waiting for policy, we’ve been trying to pass
laws and policies forever and some of them actually took
us in the wrong direction. – Correct. – Right? And so it’s like, we gotta
talk care of ourselves, and take care of our own
hearts, and our own character. Keep on thinking small with this I think. – Yes sir. So what do you think, Thabo, especially you know,
you’re not from the States. – I think there’s definitely
a historical problem with race in America. I see it as well, in South Africa, that’s where my father’s from and where a lot of my family is, and it’s a little bit the same history of apartheid and
segregation and same thing. But I think here, in a lot of ways, I think some of the policies actually, are really hurting certain people. And it’s not just black but
it’s poor people in general. There’s a lot of white
people, Asian people, whatever, that are poor and
I think in a lot of ways, it’s just, I see a lot of policies that kinda keep the poor, poor and facilitate for the well
off to keep rising to the top. And that’s just the one
thing that scares me, when I look at it, I say,
okay where is this going? Until you read some books and understand why black people act the way they act and treat each other the
way they treat each other, and if you don’t understand that, it comes from a past of
violence, of slavery, of not having, you know, the same right in the eyes of the world, and being angry at that. You gon’ look at people and say, oh well, they’re just crazy. Nah, but there’s a reason why everything is the way it is today and education is key and conversation like
this, I think are key. – As I look myself in the mirror, and as I look how I can be better and it’s all about how
do we add more voices to the conversation and voices
of all colors, of all races, how do we keep on engaging
more and more people into this because what we’re talking about is right. This is what’s right. This is what’s good. It feels like, like in
Salt Lake, a step was made. I dunno how big a step it
is at the end of the day, but there was a step, and there is people that felt responsible and I think that it’s gonna be powerful. I hope it is.

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  40. "…get comfortable being uncomfortable." Nice. He shouldn't be the most insightful voice in that group though. It speaks poorly to how our young men have accepted being conditioned to focus on…?

  41. im sorry that im white and you guys are black. im sorry that we white people are superior all these years and i feel really feel bad about that. im sorry for being a white man.

  42. Hey Kyle, nice try but guess what, you still missed the boat! Kyle, let me ask you a question and since I know you wont answer, I will pretend to answer for you. I am assuming you are well off financially because you are an NBA player who has spent countless hours of your life mastering your craft in order to demand and receive the wage as an NBA player that you so honestly deserve.

    QUESTIONS: If a so called black man breaks into your mansion, steals and drives off with one of your expensive collector cars parked in your garage, whose car is it? If you are an honest and just person who believes in justice for all your answer will be that the car that the black thief stole from you garage is your car, right?

    But lets say that the black thief takes the car he stole from your garage and he paints it a new color and he puts new tires on it, whose car is it then? If you are an honest and just person who thinks that justice should be for all then again you will say that the car the black thief stole from your garage is still your car, right?

    But lets say the thief who stole your car then replaces the engine amd interior so that the car is now worth more than what you paid for it when you bought it new, is it then still your car? If you're an honest and just person who believes in justice for all then I would expect that again you would still say that despite the fact of all the upgrades the thief has made to the car it is still your car, right?

    But lets say that the thief then after making all these upgrades to the car so that it is far more valuable then when you bought it, then took the car and gave it to his son as a birthday present to celebrate his son's 16th birthday, would that car still be your car then Kyle?

    Kyle to make matters worse, lets say that the son of the thief at some point turned 50 years old and he took that same car and he gave it to his 16 year old son, would that car still be your car? Of course it is right?

    And lets say for argument sake that the car was passed down over several more generations and then finally sold for several hundred thousand dollars because of its pristine collectiblity and the funds for the sale bought several hundred thousand dollars of stock options on the stock market, would those proceeds be your proceeds since they were generated from the sale of your stolen car? Of course they would Kyle because you already know the final answer to these questions in that no matter what the thief or his subsequent heirs do with the car or the proceeds from it, nothimg changes the fact that the car which was rightfully yours was stolen from you, right?

    See, now this is where you originally missed the point Kyle. Are the subsequent heirs of the original thief of your stolen car guilty of their forefathers sin? In your little story you wrote you seem to think white people are not guilty for what their forefathers did way long ago but that white people are only responsible for change.

    Well Kyle, if you're an honest and just man who believes in justice for all, then you would have to agree that if the heirs had knowledge that their forefather stole your car and then passed it on to them, then they the heirs are both guilty for the theft their forefather completed and responsible for recompence/restoration to you for stealing, keeping and benefiting from your car! If you are an honest and just person who believes in justice for all then you would agree Kyle that the thief was guily of stealing and the sons were guilty of being in possession of stolen property and profiting exponentially at your full loss.

    Kyle this is why you and a large majority of white people today are both guilty and responsible for what your forefathers did concerning the building of this country. Your forefathers kidnapped, murdered, raped and pillaged the blood, sweat, tears and land belonging to others Kyle.

    Then To make it worse Kyle, your forefathers passed on everything they stole to their kids as an inheritance all the way up to you today and all other white people who take advantage of the inheritance stolen. Do you understand that your forefathers stole black and brown people's inheritance and passed it on to you for your enjoyment? Your forefathers even admitted it in their constitution. Go read the constitution again concerning the part about "our posterity!"

    You as one of those heirs admit that you know what your forefathers did to acquire and subsequently build the greatest nation on earth and then passed it on to you as an inheritance, yet you still claim you are not guilty of anything.

    Kyle, guess what? You have stolen someones inheritance and legacy and then scream you are not accountable for your actions or that of your forefathers.

    So Kyle, again if you are an honest and just person you will finally realize that after 400 years your daddy is a thief and you are a son of a thief who is still riding on daddy's stolen inheritance and at some point you and your daddy will have to pay for your crimes, that is if you believe in justice for all.

    Kyle, I hope you at some point along with all your white brothers and sisters finally understand the position you and your forefathers put your generation in and find a way before the Creator to make things right before it is too late. But to think that you or Any other white people would actually do that would take a real miracle for sure because you still think you didn't do anything.

  43. You really want to get rid of your White privilege, Kyle? Prove it! Register all your wealth and resources to Black people. Make sure that you quit the NBA and give your valuable position to a Black youth. Don't keep anything with yourself. Don't keep any resources to yourself. Prove it, Kyle! Quit everything and give away everything to the minorities! Your car, your house, your wealth, everything! Don't be a hypocrite, Kyle! 100% of your salary and wealth can benefit several Black families here in the USA or Africa.

  44. To all the Black people in the comment section supporting him: Try to ask him to give up all his wealth and resources to BLACK people/families by saying that he has "privilege". Then Kyle will show you what REAL privilege means! Like, REAL privilege.

  45. I feel today the source code of racism is the war on drugs . How as a society can we move forward when a person , a kid of color can get shot in the back running away from a law enforcement officer , because they may be carrying the wrong cigarette ; All the while Wall Street hedge funds make Billions on the same thing the kid was shot over . I mean Get Real ! If you don't have the courage to speak against the drug war/holocaust you are part of the problem ,not the solution . Talk about the elephant in the room , Nixon's Revenge , or shut up .
    I've thrown down the gauntlet – I have the courage to write about it . Do You Have The Courage To Talk About It ? To Be Real ? To extinguish the last relic of the Enslaver , once and for all

  46. Stop The Hypocrisy ! Everyone knows what time it is . The Madness of the War On Drugs must end . Ask Richard Lawrence Miller featured in Eugene Jarecki's Documentry " The House I Live In " whether The War On Drugs is not based in racism . Speak to David Simon creator of HBO's " The Wire " ; He is quoted as calling the drug War an American horror show .
    Do an accounting : My supposition is that Fifty Years of thIs War has produced casualties, excluding those caused by the drugs , in and of themselves . At a Holocaust rate of , say at least a Rwanda Massacre every ten years . If we factor in Mexico , Central and South America now we have Holocaust in historic magnitudes and climbing . People are dying while tongues are being held in clenched mouths .There is complete historical continuity between Slavery and the war on drugs ( Nixon's Revenge ) I.e Slavery , Black Codes , Jim Crow , Prohibition , Nixon's War On Drugs , Just Say No , Clinton's War On SuperPredators ( The Pot calling the kettle black ) , to The New Jim " Drug " Crow as described by Dr . Michelle Alexander . I accuse the last remnants of Enslaver ideology inside the Beltway of Crimes against Humanity . I further assert that one of the unintended consequences in the perpetuation of the WOD is to in effect , make the U,S. government the biggest facilitator of prostitution and the sexual exploitation of minors, in recorded history .
    Yea , I said it ! … The Ball Is Now In Your Court !

  47. The Drug War and the damage done :
    I've seen the drug war and the damage done
    On Our young daughters and poor sons
    Seems Emancipation not for all , not all
    I saw them no-knocking on a cellar door
    SWAT locked and loaded ready for war
    Killing Our children become a daily chore
    Ooh ,oh the damage done
    I hit the city and I lost my band
    I watched the drug war take another man
    Gone , gone the damage done
    That drugs are bad for you is probably true
    Without 'em another ruse they'll use to come for you
    Ooh , ooh , the damage done
    This drug war's really been a hell for all
    Brought in OxyContin and that Fentanyl
    The working class has had a great big fall , all , all
    The damage done
    I sing this song because I love this Man
    I know that some of you don't understand
    That people of color too have the right
    To live and prosper in this land
    I've seen the drug war and the damage done a little part of it in everyone , and every Injustice is like a setting sun
    Nihilist Youngest

  48. Kyle korver is a proper dumb cunt. Shup and shoot. You don't understand a bit of political groups. A millionaire star black saying that's slavery didn't ended is hilarious. Smart black people understand that people who ended slavery were white. This excessive victimization will destroy America.

  49. they had me until they started talking about white privilege and im not even white. this is the stupid shit i thought when i was 7 that every white person lived in a palace.

  50. My favorite oppressed class. Millionaire Athletes. "Oh whoa is me. Someone called me an inappropriate name". I'm Afro-Latino and grew up in a sh*t hole ghetto. These guys have no idea what "racism" is. This trivializes the term. It's a serious issue that has nothing to do with name calling. Grow a pair and go into the Ghetto's and help those suffering from real racism.

  51. I like how everyone can be so civil and politically correct , and less then a week later this is a forgotten issue .
    Well Brother ! Today 4/16 in a Reason Magazine article statistically shows that In many counties , particularly ones that are predominantly people of color , over fifty percent of arrests are for Marijaunna – that is 50% of the totality of arrests are for something the Wall Street investors and hedge funds make Billions for , a person of color goes to jail for . Know one sees a cognitive dissonance. Tell me again that there isn't a steroid infused standing army of tyranny in over 50% of this country .

  52. White bad..
    Black good..
    Have i done enough now not to be seen as a racist nazi white supremacist by you liberal communist sheeple?…
    I hear there are many black on black murders in chicago….
    im white so thats on me,and i will try to be better…
    If only the world started today and everyone tried to be like black people,we would have a 0.0 crime rate and flying cars in 25 years…
    Unfortunately we cant all be as noble as the black race

  53. White privilege doesn't exist. Majority privilege exists, white privilege does not. Please someone just tell me one metric that proves White privilege?? Why don't we talk about over 70 percent of black children grow up without two parents.

  54. So let me get this straight, racism is everywhere, it's getting worse, by not seeing people based on the color of their skin, I am part of the problem…….that's deep.

  55. gotta give korver some credit he's man enough to admit that he gets treated better because of his skin complexion, majority of Caucasians just want to avoid this subject & act confused lmao

  56. Nobody is giving this views because it is positive and reveals underlying issues with firsthand experience that cannot simply be shrugged off. Working class caucasians who are gettimg played just as much as niggas are the main ones trying to claim racism doesnt exist.. because theyre not apart of the mafia pulling the strings

  57. Ekbe said slavery never ended and it is still in the system. He's a very perceptive and intelligent man. And Kyle seems to be sincere in wanting to improve race relations. He has empressed me with his comments.

  58. As a black millennial, I can't believe that overt racism still exists in the NBA, let alone a depressing discussion like this would happen amongst NBA players in 2019.

  59. As Arnold from Different Strokes used to say to his Brother- Willis- "What are you talking about Willis?" How come they don't talk about all the Racism by Black Players against White and Non-White Players like Asians. That has been Covered up. This is a lot of B.S.

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