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so let’s proceed with the game! oh oh ParshuramJi the hooter has ringed! No problem we will play this game tomorrow again, till then bye (KBC Intro) Hail Hind Friends! Sir this is KBC abhhh, welcome everyone to this amazing game Kya Banegare Crorepati And with us 22 year old Parshuram Pandey is playing Sir its 23, last year I was 22 oh yeah, we are extremely sorry, when we were playing last year, it was season’s last episode so we made kept you on a hold for a year okay no problem so ParshuramJI before starting the game I will like to ask you a question will I get money for that? No So I won’t answer that, you ask less of game questions and more of useless questions so that you can save your money abh abh abh, computer Ji cut all this things yeah so let’s proceed further Parshuram Ji you have won 1000 rupees till now your 1 life line has been used and three are still remaining Audience Poll, phone a friend and a new life line Gochi gochi? so ParsuramJI second question worth 1750 is on your computer screen which of the following is a famous dialogue from the famous personality Hindustani Bhau option A Mitron, Option B Aham brahmasmi Option C go simran go and live your life or option D go get lost @#$% In your first free time It can’t be Mitron, it is modiji’s dialogue sir I am confused between B and C, I would like to use phone a friend yeah okay whom do you want to call? To Hindustani Bhau so If I asked you a questuion of Gandhiji so you would ask me to call gandhiji Oh NO aye you do your work, okay okay Computer please call Hindustani Bhau (phone caller tune) Hello BhauJi I am Amitabh Bacchan from Kaun banegare crorepati Hail Hind, you came to know or not who is the father and who is the son This is wrong what did you say Half Biryani No No you can’t say like this go get lost @#$% In your first free time what? listen you talk nicely sir D D lock D are you sure Parshuram Ji should I call him again computer ji lock the D option Amazing you have won complete 1750 rupees congratultions Parshuramji what will you do of so much money what do you want to do its my money i will do whatever I want you don’t poke your nose in you got angry, let’s proceed to the next question so parshuramji next question for 12500 is on your computer screen who’s love did Ganesh Gaitonde really wanted? Option A Bunty’s Love, Option B Kukoo’s Love OPtion C Guruji’s Love Option D Jojo’s Love sir I have not seen sacred games so you can take a life line yes I will like to take Audience poll Computer Ji start Audience poll Audience keep your voting meter in your hand, your time starts now so A has got 2/3X, So B has got 4*3X C has got Integration of 3* 4x and D find X Aye is this Audience poll or maths class Parshuram Ji this is updated Audience poll If you want the right answer you will have to calculate X If I knew to find x why would I leave engineering and come here? Parshuramji you only have two options left now either you can leave the game or choose the last life line gochi but if you choose gochi you can’t quit the game I will like to take Gochi take this Parshuramji What’s this? this is only the gochi, this has answers to all the questions in the universe Wow! Aham Brahmasmi Aham Brahmasmi Sir C Guruji’s Love lock it! Gaitonde can’t even think of anybody’s love other than guruji’s love wow how great guruji loves Sir you lock the c and give me two three gochi after the game okay okay Computer Ji lock the C option guruji ka pyaar Awesome you have won complete 12,500 wow wow, give me my money yeah I will give it now, but first I will have to cut the taxes what tax? GST CST, clean Bharat, Provident Fund Abhishek bachan tax, after cutting all this tax it is 745 rupees I will get only 745? No ParshuramJi You will have to pay us Aye you kept me on a hold from a year, pay me my money or I will open the umbrella in your @#$ you don’t know me well Listen Parshuramji this doesn’t work in this way how it won’t happen Aye ParshuramJi egg, egg help me So hey guys if you like the video give it a like And if you are new to the channel subscribe it And do you guys follow me on Instagram because I post new content everyday on it and if you haven’t link is in the description do it And I will meet you in a new video with a new topic till then Bye (outro)

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  1. Bhaii Malia keh rhi hai question mei english galat hai🙄
    "Who's love did Ganesh Gaitonde really need?" hoga🙄
    Video edit kr😐😐

  2. Last mein ye bolna chahiye tha( milenge fir agle video mein tab tak main iske piche chatri kholta hu.. ya fir main isse paise nikalta hu)

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  6. Parash Bhai mere mnn m character aaya tha ek agr Bhai tum usse Lena chaho to lelo jesa Bhai tumhara daru peene Wala bnda h ussi k jesa koi ganjha phookne Wala bhi hota to mja aa jata Bhai m tumhari creation dekhna chata hu k aap usse kese built krte ho Bhai agr idea aacha lga ho to bss reply de Dena I m your big fan

  7. The same video i had seen before and youtube shows uploaded 1 week ago but i had seen it months ago help me tag @angryprash

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