KY Dept of Education and Interapt TRACK Partnership Announcement

Hi I’m Steven Pruitt, Commissioner of Education
for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I’m joined here today by Ankur Gopal of Interapt. We are here to have an exciting announcement
about a great opportunity for our students in our TRACK program. For the first time, we’re going to offer an
Information Technology Apprenticeship. It’s a 2-year pilot for select schools that
are going to allow our students to engage in computer programming apprenticeships. This is going to be incredibly important opportunity
for our kids, for our employers, and for our state. Wouldn’t you agree, Ankur? Yes, Dr. Pruitt, it is. And Interapt is very proud and pleased to
help be part of this solution. By the year 2020, there will be over 10,000
open technology jobs in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In fact, many businesses are already struggling
to fill in these roles with skilled developers and IT team members. As a partner in the first IT TRACK program,
we’ll be able to introduce high school students to this fast-paced tech industry. They will learn how to use their skills to
develop projects, work in a software development lifecycle, and participate in the gig economy. Those who successfully complete the pre-apprenticeship
program will have the opportunity to apply at Interapt after graduation. If accepted to our apprenticeship program,
they will be credited for up to 500 hours toward their apprenticeship completion, get
paid to train, and receive a nationally recognized credential from the U.S. Department of Labor. But don’t take my word for it though–meet
Brian Keinsley, Enterprise VP of Information Technology at Humana. Thanks Ankur! At Humana, we’re excited to hear about TRACK. We intend to take a good look at the job applicants
who have completed this program, and be sure to follow the ones who go on to complete the
Kentucky Registered Apprenticeship. We believe these individuals will have proven
they are hard workers and are passionate about working in technology. We hope to be hearing great things about these
students in the future! Pairing this type of blended learning with
an apprenticeship program will give students, parents, and educators the opportunity to
look differently at post-secondary education. Additionally, it will give students the skills
they need to be competitive in a local and global job market, as well as participate
in the upcoming gig economy. We really look forward to seeing the outcomes
of this program and sharing those with you in the fall of 2018. Thank you so much, and we are so excited about
this brand new program!

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