KUDOS: Education and General (E&G) Custodial Services

My favorite part of the job is interacting with the students here on campus and I get to see them in town as
well. Hi, my name is Joyce James I’m the c2 for E&G custodial. I get to interact
with them I help them find out with buildings if they’re lost if they need
to get somewhere direct them to an office or Public Safety or if they need
to I can call on the radio to find out if there’s an event going on on campus. Hello, I’m Paul Mack with custodial manager here at Kutztown University. I’m
part of the Facilities Department which encompasses grounds crew and labor and maintenance and the heat plant and any type of supportive work units that you
can think of on campus and we’re happy to here to serve you. My name is Lynn Hilbert, I have been here for 20 years. I personally take pride in my bathrooms. My bathrooms are spotless. They’re all golden bears here so one way or another you’re pulling
your weight in the family and if you’re not someone’s there to help you.

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