Kritical Kwikies 02 Test for Differences

last time I talked about the necessity of testing claims if you aren't testing your ideas then you're simply not doing any critical thinking but a useless test is really no better than no test at all I saved Eric to Bay's first proof for this video let's watch that now Wow the horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude all amateur balloon rocket plane and drone footage show completely flat horizon over 20-plus miles high only NASA and other government space agencies show curvature and they're fake cgi photos and videos what test has mr. Dubey given us for this claim that the horizon looks flat he doesn't say but I presume he suggests that we simply look at the horizon and make a judgment call does that count as a test yes it does so what's the problem let me try to illustrate with my strawberry jam again and to help me out with this I'd like to introduce my friend the straw man say hello straw man that Jam is raspberry I'm sorry what was that I said that's raspberry jam it isn't strawberry it's raspberry oh really why do you think that we were just talking about testing ideas can you suggest a way to test this Jam to see if it's raspberry or strawberry dude that Jam is red raspberries are red it's raspberry jam well yeah raspberries are red but so are strawberries the test doesn't show us anything got anything else seola's will seeds in it raspberries are full of tiny little seeds like I said it's got to be raspberry strawberries have seeds – you know I'm starting to get the idea that you're not really trying here the problem with these tests is that they fail to tell the difference between the competing ideas red color and tiny seeds are common to both raspberries and strawberries those tests tell us nothing how does this apply to the curve of the horizon simple the standard globe model tells us that we should see a horizon that looks perfectly straight to the naked eye that's right and I'd be very surprised if this is the first time you've heard about that I guarantee Eric Dubay has heard about this by now so what does The Horizon test tell us it tells us nothing if you're watching this video because you think the world might be flat you're welcome here I'm not telling you it isn't all I'm saying is that Eric Dubay hasn't shown us any critical thinking at least not yet before we make any firm decisions one way or the other we really should test these claims and before you use a test to verify a claim you need to make sure your test is even capable of verifying the claim for a horizon that means figuring out how much curvature the globe model requires and then finding a way to measure the curve with enough precision to see if that's there for strawberry jam I'm sure we could come up with a way to test for that too thinking is critical because sense is not common

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