49 thoughts on “Krayzie Bone Life A Lesson To Learn Official Video”

  1. Everything Krayzie Bone says in this song is FACTS. Krayzie Bone is iconic. He's legendary. I noticed the more Bone put out music the more Hip Hop music changed. There never used to be singing, harmonizing, and melodic flows in rap music until Bone did it and opened everyone's eyes. When I listen to Bones older hits it sounds like today's music.

  2. Truly Kray breaks down the life of one who sold their soul and now regrets their decision in this song. Jesus is the Truth, appreciate Krays warning in verse 2 for all those who want fame, money, and riches.

  3. This the kind of song that makes you want to head to the gym bust a sweat and think deep about your life while listening to this song at the same time same time on some Dre beats headphones. 🔥🔥

  4. Sad that I knew stuff as kid wasn't right. Listening to songs now about some things I already knew then.

  5. can i get my picture in church standing next to the preacher after the question is asked no trick answer let the preacher ask when he raise his hand lie thats a good great picture worth having cause its a snap shot of a skeleton lieing in church

  6. Scared for your life is the major problem we need to fix right. If the hoods were able to provide for their loves without slanging drugs or running around with guns cause if the get some their pockets about to get run. Put more money into the hood then the cops wouldn't have to pull their guns and gs5 would be graduates but those funds are for weapons cause your scared that other countries will combat it see we all just scared living but you blame it on the hoods for killing. Too scared to loss stocks so you get caught up in corrupt plots and blame the have nots have not a say have not a vote have not a good school to go so we have not an easy way to grow but y'all already know your scared of the truth so it Too True the evil dude

  7. Snatched ya breath, now you runnin' 'round wide-eyed like, "look, momma, there go that man".

    Feel good, don't it.

    TL, bubba.

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