43 thoughts on “Korean Apartment Tour | EPIK Teacher”

  1. Seriously the most random things are high tech, and then you still hang up your washing πŸ˜‚
    The bathroom is exactly like that I see in Cameroonian homes~ The detachable shower head and EVERYTHING gets wet.. I wish they had that in America.

  2. How did you apply for the EPIK program? Was the application process difficult? Can you give me the link to a website you used to apply? Please and thank you! love your videos!

  3. your apartment is like mine, its messy. also i did everything at my desk. eat , study, makeup, watch movie and stuff.. lol.

  4. was that a random potatoes on top of your shoe cabinet? hahaha great tour video though, loved it. I find the studio apartments pretty neat and simple for one person to live in

  5. How did you got a appartment like that feom your study how did you go study in japan i really wanna know. Also ibwould like ti private message you about ty

  6. how much rent cost's for these kind of studio….its just my style, hope rent won't cost much -500 usd or something…??

  7. Really good honest look at what our ESL teacher abodes are like. If you are moving to Korea as a teacher. CHECK THIS OUT! @ariwanders

  8. I'm 13 and I really want to teach in the epik program, I'm willing to put in the effort for my degree's and education, as I've always been a hard worker. I'm currently in my second year of secondary school (I think that's middle school in America, not sure sorry) and I have the right standards for high grades in English, but our teacher is unbelievably strict with grading and the highest I've got is a C but he has graded everybody with a C, so u just wanted to know if middle school grades matter and also I don't even know if there will be an epik program in 2025 which is the year I turn 21. Could you help me?

  9. Love your personality! Thanks for sharing your apt. I'm looking to teach in Korea so this was super helpful on seeing which types of adjustments I'll have to make from my US living. Abundant Peace and Love <3

  10. Just found your channel, and can I just say that I love you and your channel already?

    I’m part Korean and I live in the US, but I’m obsessed with everything Korean? I so want to go and live there one day!

    I just need to become fluent in Korean, and get a job once I’m done with school, and blah blah blah…(insert adult stuff)

  11. might be a silly question, but are training facilities easily accessible? are there gym's nearby?

  12. So I know that EPIK chooses your house/where you live but what if you want to move houses? Does EPIK automatically pay for that house? What's the process of moving houses?

  13. 2:41 I have the same Nikes as you lol (this is so necessary to comment I know)

  14. So you're an english teacher in South Korea? What is that like? (I've been looking into doing something like that, and it would be nice to hear some advice from someone who is in the profession and knows it first-hand).

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