5 thoughts on “Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom”

  1. Okay I am that guy… FIRST OF ALL I asked you what market is paying $200 to install a lid switch… you're the one that got offended… you could have simply just said NC and I would have been done… Mike your version of the story isn't 100% accurate. This is your outlet and I'll let you tell your audience what you want but just so you know…. I went to the group that I am apart of and asked them for the average price to install a lid switch… this was from guys from all over the United States… NOT ONE said $200. Some came close but not even one said $200 and that was from more than 50 industry professionals all over the U.S… Lastly my website has nothing to do with anything. If I'm able to tell you the exact prices from all of the warranty companies I do work for anything else is irrelevant. Not to mention I told you I was done with it and you're making a video about it…. who's mad me or you?

  2. Why are you ostracizing someone who,may disagree with you?
    So your discontinuing your cell phone repair service? I,just watched your video,on how to repair and cell phone screen and a person question you on cutting on the phone after you completed the repair and you wouldn't…she only ask,to see if the phone worked after you took it apart, Why were you offended about her wanting to see if what you did work? Now your discontinuing it and passing it to someone else cause you say it was too tedious, that sounds shady to me sir especially you say your contracted fixing real phone's that people paying 500 to 1000 dollars for….

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