hey everybody it's funny and I'm here today with dog man and we're gonna do a challenge general knowledge quiz the Box general knowledge that's something like there's footsteps again know why does this always happen to me know every day I'm like what steps are coming it's okay and if they were you got this big knife you like to open your boxes with right here in the nd we're wearing our fun goggles so that we can be on different teams I am clearly Team Blue Dog and I'm team Oh orange even though teams make no sense because there's only two of a team of me team of you this was my stupid idea in love ooh by the way even though I'm wearing like a blue shirt so that's also confusing so he is opening the general knowledge box I don't even think there's any I mean I'm sure there's rules but we're just gonna ask ourselves general knowledge questions today and many butcher knives also I'm classically using this old band-aid wrapper to keep our scores on because recycling I wish it was like sort of a real challenge element to this do we just like first person to get ten points wins ten points I wanna see how hard the questions are the questions are really hard this five point I'll clean up your clean up your office here if you win and you clean up the kitchen oh I win I don't want to clean a kitchen I'm just shuffling the deck I know everybody is shuffling skills yeah this is me shuffling mmm shuffling okay well how do shuffle this is not the right thing you can't no you can't go like that you can't go away see they don't bend on you can't but clearly something now we've got a problem now you've made a mess No really messed up it's okay we don't care we don't need order we do need we don't need order children need order and our key I was at Anarchy in the USA but that's not a real song ah see this is a great example and the differences of our personality I'm just like let me do it like who has money – it means like let me organize them by most words on the card – least words on the car no I'm just shuffling I don't want you you have like a neat and organized mind I'm like potatoes not facing the right way don't touch this touch this you cannot hate you're gonna tournament just something about virgos no it is I'm gonna do my bet it is no it's in your stars voice and your star sign are ligo's are legal yeah what's illegal that's what I am you're a Leo I made up my own zodiac let me need battery oh my pleasure battery I know bioengineering come on man come on honey no Jason are you doing hey everybody compliment him on this new awesome shirt though cuz I found it isn't it great isn't great yeah great isn't it great she could shirt I've had too much caffeine today clearly here put your hands up here like this look experts shuffler cool now I get to ask you some questions wait wait we rock paper scissors to find out who goes first okay no cheating at rock paper scissors could you cheat here rock paper scissors yeah no you couldn't okay I know come on come on come on Brooke rock paper scissor me okay you're gonna lose here we go good thing oh okay I gotta go easy I don't embarrass you on camera how are we doing this I'm control lion control okay wait nobody can see gotta lift your hands ease we've had the same thing twice now okay here we go you ready mm-hm okay mind control great come on I'm gonna beat you in some of these subscribers oh you did what do you wanna do ask or answer you want to ask so here you go I'm gonna ask you the top question okay this is so easy what does a cartographer draw maps okay maybe these are too easy we definitely had to play till ten because if it's like what is the first layer edge I asked the other one I'm not on a roll no we're just playing back and forth sees in which city would you find the Elgin marbles that's not really my question they're in a museum that's not really my question is an ultra this is not really the question we I don't have seen it yes sir Pennsylvania Oh state no wonder the City eight is country country I actually know same city and city still not pure genius a the country ah I feel I feel I don't even know what an Elgin marbling is somebody tell me wait oh sure yes you're gonna answer your own question I can ask any of you own question that's Ching all right Jesus Oh kiss proof okay um you sounds nasty where is the pituitary gland cured here gland is in the center of the brain look it can even say in the center you know more things I'm gonna fail I'm not gonna get one rate which chemical symbol is used to represent the gal ass glass it's so we could just say glass whoa go I have a gas helium what way gee yeah oh look that I didn't sleep through science class one time paid off oh I just drew on your hand with a sharpie you were trying to take a sneekybeeky again he's sneekybeeky oh this was challenging for me probably not for you okay uh in Roman numerals which number is represented as X X X 1 numbers X xx yeah who knows Roman numerals only remember everyone know I don't know that I don't know that I don't know that although I love them I love how Roman numerals look don't know how to count in them this one's ten when was the magna carta signed there's no reason you know that the British just like an original document skips out laws of the land can I just get a pass yes can I just get a pass and just ask me anyone I don't wanna seem straight stupid okay what year did the Titanic sink 1912 yeah oh I don't like anything about the Titanic wait why do you always double do all done that every time that's awesome I'm not totally a loser I've got to two or three buns dog and I cheated on mine you did not mind control well this is gonna be super easy for you which actor played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings film Sir Ian McKellen he likes Lord of the Rings Aquaman Ouachita who wrote the original mr. men books mr. Wyatt mr. men mr. men I've never heard of mr. man wait is all I think funny little faces like mr. messy must be mr. mr. happy mr. squiggly mr. sleepy you gotta tell him kind of this reading Roger Hargreaves oh wait why am i hanging on to you that's just me here I was gonna pick my own Oh stupid the African and Asian are two main forms of which mammal mammal African Asian elephant I couldn't have said monkey five you're winning how many number-one hits to the Beatles have you can count them all right because you love the Beatles so much just think of every one of their hits that you listen to know and over again this is a joke she hates the Beatle I don't hate the Beatles but if you have Mick Jagger and then you have some other people who are you know it both of them know you you certainly you can but it's just like come on why would you why thank you why would you look if you had MacGyver everything and other people you should just pick one and shut the other out completely okay unpopular opinion unpopular I like all beatings to her guns I like all the Beatles solo careers better than the Beatles together thought you were gonna say you like all the beetles that live in the walls I'm gonna say it like thirty hmm what is it like 32 mm-hm let's play lower higher lower 25 no 29 mmm the lower than 30 a little over half then 17 yes oh thank you Joe I didn't really get that though look I'll get I'll get a half point should ask me to make Jagger's you and a half we don't know you're asking hey this shouldn't be mine why do I do that every time I always hand you on and that's supposed to be your question oh my god okay ooh what's Elton John's real name hmm Louisville ABBA no do you not know doing that do not know Reginald white Riley one you missed I feel empowered I've just been getting lucky what type of bird is a Harlequin what do they mean what type of bird well you know is oh hey goal is it a songbird it's a dot I didn't get that wait no it's my turn to ask you okay um what does the C stand for in Einstein's famous equation e equals MC squared do you know you know I'll tie him do you know what your mind and I owe it to me buttons control you don't know energy equals mass times the speed of light but see wouldn't cease the speed of light that's actually it so six points now for you to my two-and-a-half which US city is known as the mile-high City Seattle do not see a ttle its Denver Mile High Stadium the Broncos who murdered John Lennon we knew the name can't just be some guy all three names and we had one renames is who killed JFK all killer sent three names Reginald it's not only John Oh Mark Chapman I would not have gotten that either Oh which scientists discovered radium and polonium around let's say it again scientists discovered radium and polonium Tesla dr. Edison ha ha ha I wish is it Edison either no is it girl Oh dolly got sick yeah oh my god I thought she wait wheezing no I'm asking you that what is a male Swan called know is everything at this I've never heard this in my life have you ever heard this in your life called bird no it's called a cob like I thought that was a question about corn it's not what is the square root of 14 and for what – what is what is the square root of 144 still not – when are you I only gave me the answered oh I don't know ma'am this isn't bad what is the cab you should make this like a self-esteem killer wait oh my god you're not even supposed to be asking me that yeah no baby it's you turn it's okay that wasn't very happy numbers we look is another question not here okay but you can ask me to some excitement see the answer be fine with another question what is the capital of Switzerland Denmark no burn in which country would you find matcha Picchu Peru yes hello oh my god at least this game is lease on being swiftly defeated Titanic was built in which city Irish City that does not help me Belfast there we go hmm we're with a 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing yep how do you even know that leaving aside heroes that I remember there were Olympics 2008 for years How Many Eyes does it be have How Many Eyes does a bee have four eight ten – almost four um three how could they have an odd number of i-64 really hungry doom run wrong way eight Oh ten far too far – six too far how could it be not for six eight or ten cuz it's everything but seven still too cold for planet or and you started going lower and I said the wrong way and then you said six seven eight nine ten which is all too far there's only one two three four five yes oh my god now I just keep crying and tears ones gonna get so long tears streaming down my face wait I get to ask you now now that my eyeliner is ruined oh now here's me why don't I get this one what is the colored part of the eye called oh that's uh mmm it's the cupids the iris there you go I'm trying to like not ruin fish can breathe underwater thanks to which organ skills how is it not gills it's not gills yes oh my god I was like shut up I know it's bringing my grand total to three and a half points what is a unit of measurement of wind speed this is not fair because you know boat things being a boat man sailor captain what are you now I'm speed now you know that how do you not know that I figured that'd be the first thing that they quiz you on when they're like can you say a little boat can you see hello oh I asked me again um what is the unit of measurement of wind speed you know this come on last one you mean like what's it measured in like what's the name for it name for not as miles per hour and not but like yes there you go ten flippin points look try to ask me one more just for luck just for luck maybe would be like an Edgar Allan Poe question or a Lord Byron question or not and more make Jack your question one more plate on me yeah one more just one one more one more yes one more ask me I have asked you one more several times no just ask me oh look oh the temperature thing we got okay one more who wrote The Grapes of Wrath oh my god I know this one is irritating Milton burrow Milton Bradley yes they did make the Great Escape Oh John Steinbeck I had to take a pee key okay thank you for layers day thank you for winning wait we can't cuz it's the thermostat here the thermometer tuna I would never know the tallest mountain USA don't even we okay oh look call me Ishmael are the opening words of which work of literature no bees door your goggles on who wrote Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain now we get the literature questions look I feel like we should construct a maze find look first we construct amaze seriously then we wait for nightfall and then we put these on and try and see who can get out of the maze that's gonna be our next challenge and really hey hey what's going on oh okay I can't see we have to do outro your must at the thermostat where the camera it's overheating thank you guys so so much for hanging out with us today yeah and we hope you enjoyed our little silly game we found this for like six dollars at toy joy and buy for like $6 I mean we found it for seven dollars I don't know why lately I just keep saying like all the time like it's like so cool it's so cool thank you guys so so much for watching today we had a really awesome time and I really enjoy embarrassing myself it was cool it was fun time good stuff awesome love you guys so much and I will see y'all tomorrow look I've been like waving for like an hour like bye bye hi see if it was a wave as fast as you can challenge I'd win that you went all the challenges here no clearly I just lost this one really badly no you won mind control

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  1. Commenting twice, but Dogman is the best boyfriend. They are so cute! I think I say this every video πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  2. DENMARK IS A COUNTRY lol so many Americans think it's a capital somewhere. It is a Scandinavian country, capital being Copenhagen.

  3. This was cute and fun. Dogman is a smarty pants, and y'all are hilarious. I cannot believe I got most of the questions right. Maybe being in college for nearly a decade is finally starting to pay off. :0)

  4. Fun video, but it drove me crazy that they did not give the answers to each question they asked. Yes, my OCD kicked in.

  5. Oh my gosh it is a Virgo thing because my boyfriend and Mum are exactly the same with being organised and neat!

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