KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS – Heat Detection in Swine

API ICT pH continuously advocates swine artificial insemination for its numerous advantages in the AI procedure each cell is the carried out with care and precision so as to maximize its advantages hence heat detection is essential as it allows for the best utilization of the collected semen the signing of insemination the vital factor that affects fertilization rate and in turn a is overall success missus our guilt is inseminated too early or too late it can resolve in coral is ur size and reduce borrowing rate the ati ITC ph farm employs five methods of heat detection to all its cells and gilts before proceeding with any of these methods however it is helpful to check records first determine whether the cell has been reamed for an appropriate number of days or the guilt is not sure enough to inseminate heat the section can first be done through observation of external signs when the sour gilt vulva appears red and swollen to the Lilly Lucas is restless in nervous urine it's frequently and has less feed intake then she must be is a preheat stage in this stage she does not allow herself to be mounted it lasts for about two days and relatively not advisable for insemination the standing heat stage comes after they should be do a period for insemination thus our God in standing heat exhibits pinkish and less swollen vulva with clear sticky mucus a rigid stance calm demeanor costs ears active speaking for bored and standing with an arched back for all the few indicators that she is in heat only in this stage will she allow mounting this lasts for a day and is definitely the best time to inseminate when standing heat wears off thus our guilt goes in suppose teeth here the vulva appears pale and dry with almost no swelling this lasts for about a day during which she exhibits normal behavior at this stage insemination is highly unadvisable to reiterate always bear in mind the following signs for best insemination results apart from observing external signs there are four other methods of heat detection the Hajj pressure and writing the backtest are two methods employed in the farm with similar indicators the HP test is done by approaching the Sauer girl from behind and applying pressure on your side's with both hands on the other hand the RTV test is for riding on or pressing the back or loin of the Sauer guilt if not in standing heat she will move away or exhibit restlessness if sexually receptive she will stand firm and rigid ready to be served another method is the semen and snap test with this old semen sample is squeezed from semen bottle onto the sour your snout detecting divorce sent in the semen she would just stand firm and rigid its sexually receptive some also use sex odor aerosol or SOA for this purpose old semen at SOA are common alternatives in the absence of a teaser bore the seizure bore method is best for detecting standing heat for both wean styles and guilt simulation to the board is essential to encourage s trip how this method will be carried out exactly defense of the layout of fence and passages to provide simulation the boar will parade among the dry files or guilt those in heat will already stand out rigid and receptor while others remain Restless Pizza section can also be carried out with the boar in an adjacent pen making no sinners contact with a guilt or cell if receptive she will actively seek the boar and stand firm otherwise she will not stay still again insemination must be performed only when the sow or guilt is in standing heat performing these methods perfectly affect the result of the AI procedures all of which having something to do with either quality or efficiency of production you

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