welcome to another learning gains session on ITIL in this video we will talk about knowledge management confused on what is a knowledge let us look into it here are some of the basic dictionary definitions on knowledge one facts two information three skills you acquired through education experience for understanding of a subject five awareness six familiarity of a fact situation data from your reports will give you the actual facts on the metrics status performance or any related information is appropriate the actual facts provide accurate information any certifications or skills you possess news and updates from television channels things which are known and familiar to you information gathered through conversations the purpose of knowledge management is to ensure that the right information is delivered to the appropriate place or competent person at the right time to enable informed decision in simple terms ensure what we communicate is the correct and accurate information or have the rightfully skilled person at the right time to take correct decisions in order to put off fire you need a firefighter who knows exactly what needs to be performed based on the situation calling a doctor will not help this is appropriate use of knowledge and it is the purpose of knowledge management the goal of knowledge management is to enable organizations to improve the quality of management decision-making by ensuring that reliable and secure information and data is available throughout the service life cycle what is the objective enabling service provider to be more effective ensure all staff of clear and common understanding provide complete information of the service at any given point in time letters take a look at the s kms architecture the s kms architecture is made up of multiple layers they are presentation layer knowledge processing layer information integration layer and finally the date source information and tools we have explained the SK MS in a more detailed fashion in a separate video knowledge management is typically displayed within the data to information to knowledge to wisdom di kW structure let us take a closer look on data information knowledge and wisdom what is a data data is a set of discrete facts about events in IT industry we capture data through service management tools like remedy service now in the form of incident change request and so on even configuration data can be used data always needs to be accurate to get the most appropriate information what is an information information usually comes as an outcome of data analyzing the data gives you more information a day-to-day example would be trend analysis towards problem management analyzing the data could show some trends based on which we create a problem record for investigation data analysis provides relevant information what is knowledge knowledge comes from tactical experience discussion with peers through ideas and innovations and so on knowledge is usually content-based and is dynamic knowledge makes us to use the available information easily considering the problem example the root cause or known error are examples of knowledge we now possess the knowledge that for this specific incident I know that this is the workaround or permanent solution we document the same for better efficiency and sharing what is wisdom when the knowledge we possess is being documented shared communicated taught to peers and others we gain wisdom we know when where and why to apply this is the di kW structure from the original ITIL publication hope we were able to provide some basic insights on knowledge management for more videos please visit our website slash learn and game you can also follow us on linked in thank you and have a nice day you

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