Knowledge Management Basics – Learn and Gain | A quick Overview

22 thoughts on “Knowledge Management Basics – Learn and Gain | A quick Overview”

  1. Kia Ora 🇳🇿
    Great insight great gain and fact in lecture… Thank you.. Yes I having so much knowledge in the palm's of my hands.. Where to start in new area…yes be blessed with a lot of mentor's like minded people's around me an good ideas.. But sure too… Um… On stand still… Thinking decision's..

  2. In the context of our course in KM at the university, our team created a short film depicting how we see the future of knowledge management in the year 2030.please watch our video:

  3. @SAT: Knowledge Management scope is often understood as job profile with limited scope. The scope of Knowledge Management is vast. As a consultant, designing and deploying a DIKW model is what any organization would look at, in terms of managing Knowledge Management System effectively. Ensure that the process deployed has appropriate cadence/governance to ensue that the content provided is most recent. As a consultant, you might be involved in ensuring the process deployment to suit all requirements which is addressed in ISO 20000. If you look from SKMS perspective, the scope is furthermore expanded. You can definitely be a consultant after being a knowledge management specialist, provided the scope of the role you are playing involved consultation in terms of process design and deployment. Hope this helps.

  4. Can anyone tell what is the career path of a Knowledge Management Specialist…..??? I am being offered the same in a consulting firm but I am not sure as I am not aware of its career path…

    Can I be a consultant after being a Knowledge Management Specialist ?????

  5. Nice basics of KM, I am holding a post of Manager-Knowledge Management. Can we develop a presentation on capturing process of Knowledge from field level personals?

  6. Very nice explanation of the knowledge management concept. Definitely, a reliable knowledge base is the basic necessity of an effective customer service strategy. Found an interesting blog post about how knowledge management software helps improve customer service, here

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