Knowledge iz king: episode 2

fucking time where is this asshole fucking this boyfriend tonight that's kind of I could discuss might be big you're probably the bottom bitch couple girl is waiting for us consider this asshole you know I got a virtual glasses watching porn this guy doesn't fucking show up any sooner take a fucking snake and shove it up his ass any problem she's probably going to enjoy that why are you doing that and she cooked last wife she can't cook I'll pay more attention to the Xbox surprised you haven't heard about me that's Lake Tahoe Carlos we've been doing business for more 5 years now and business has always been straight no matter what Street beefs I've ever been involved with they've never come in between business colors you know that and this won't either I promise you to every part of it listen to me to know these people that you tell me that you have troubles with from an old disagreement they're not just some small-time thug wannabes but for what you telling me they're connecting them see take a look so tell me if they decide to command me what would you do how would I give my mom because no matter what happens I want my dinner and no excuses are going to be acceptable for you call those no excuses when we make calls because they're not gonna come for me how could you be so sure you try to run him out of the box you kill the top man this guy that you Pokemon was made I'm gonna let this hallway useful I'm sure Carlos because once knowledge and he's brag had wearing motherfuckers find out that you will retaliate if they move on me in any shape or fashion they will stay in Delaney Carlos and when the time is right when the time is right I will completely destroy that name Omaha Beach or knowledge and his inside and scene but for now all I need from you my friend is to let it be known that you guarantee my safety covers I said why would I do this I got enough headaches you want me to get involved in in not die upon a poor career that's going on out there what's in it for me compiled I'll tell you what Carlos if you don't my supply guarantee my safety I will move or extracts and birds for you among all profit yours I touch nothing Carlos nothing okay not at all we'll do that butts are neutralized knowledge and then we can sit down again and so where we go from there okay okay I'll back you but we're not done with your supplies I will instead increase maybe a third and instead of moving ten kilos a month for me you can move five I'm up here man well look at it as money for protection I'll talk to this guy a lien I'll guarantee your protection for you and your name that's a Carlo russamano and I'm telling you this isn't me that you will not regret you know our union I remember if anything happens I still won't and for whatever reasons the money doesn't come from your hands to mine you and I have a problem you don't want these things you get J come on and you know how that I want to walk motherfucker switch man just not going to press into this motherfuckers in the ground and that's worth the light you know that's gonna get dealt better it got to your main charge everybody on the street hold back right man no question I'll talk to everybody that's taking killed listen no to brother mount him and his team they've been put in that working like for real I'm really thinking about putting them up I'm a street soldier to a lieutenant school door for now you're checking out a couple of prospects okay right now later for business man but it's not the same as like when we was growing up it's not the same nobody you know brother let's shock little they love my sisters man oh wow them right now right come on over this I'm not saying I don't mess with the sisters let's give you a hard time always trying to get in your pockets man hard we're not even gonna talk about how you want me to bring the groceries home with me and you're not even in the kitchen cooking like how does that happen come on g-man cool respectively to the earth supposed to service okay that King have to treat his queen in such a way dough and she has happily want to serve him understand she always got a short ad why is that why she always got a short but on another note this these white chicks they service you brother they Canada they take care you brother anything yo yo listen you need to get with a chain to be now Wow shit brother no you the destined no question to need some knowledge is so talking like this right brother let me explain sensing if I'm lord please don't even find me just let me be wealthy don't even come looking for me man look I'm gonna leave it at that the way you talking ain't making no sense kimchi oh man you know what that's the team of man he needs his daughters big that's his daughter okay deuce me man please don't start man you just got home Jay you don't start please introduce weeks old I'm asking you know that sub is still alive right okay I'm gonna take care please man brother who the fuck is out is this the asshole finally I got my glasses oh shit yep gonna fucking punch Zig Billy spinach fucker stomach wash tumble was way into the fucking van you're coming bands name fucking time it's fucking freezing out here yep calm down Cagney and Lacey Miami Vice no listen some shit came up and ain't current wait y'all two motherfuckers ain't the most important thing that's happening in my fucking life you need to reprioritize your life because we think we're pretty damn important you dead right tape should be kept in a tighter New York City Police Department off your fat here's an Tito as you see on the streets instead of a cold fucking cell where's the stuff Miami Vice don't smoke all that shit in one night and pop your fucking lemon listen anyway yo so you don't want to know if you put those two guys in Harlem and he want to know if you did that ding day he told you to do it's all set you tell not to worry just tell him to make sure that it takes care of my guys over there the way it takes cos and everything would be smooth sailing okay all right so you got to find officers have a nice Pleasant beautiful unsafe motherfucking night all right you take care yourself fucking weirdo so you did it though give me off this fucking scooby-doo fucking arrogant ass Vick bastard you get some pussy tonight yeah let's go oh of course I remember you mm-hmm one good my father talked a lot about you well my mother back then hmm I could only imagine what that man said about me my father spoke very highly okay he talked about me you gave back to the community my cool cool hand ring he said a whole life that really couldn't afford to do so on their own looks rough even like a neighborhood I mean my father didn't like hey major minor but he always said only I laughing judge hey let me ask you something you think about me back what's it well you know with young right Wow I do remember thank you you're a great guy nice might have been big I mean hey no is this actually this is too much it was smaller than that it was like zip zero mediocre guy he was my friend all right enough about what I once you've been home yeah right now just trying to be okay I couldn't even say that without laughing what no I'm just managing the plane I manage this one in another plane say moment right maybe one day you will sure I thought Jason would have told you that all right wait a minute wait a minute yeah which time the location business cause all over me I can't believe I fell for that yeah let you go in there okay make sure you tip the bartender what's going on yeah ma'am we got a herd and get this done cuz my girl is on my case about not being home so much you know because she's missing it ain't got no problems that yeah first of all water fuck you out here with no fucking cold on little worried about nope oh there we go I'm so tired of you disrespecting me in one night I see you once or every two three weeks what you want from me sweetheart you know what I do at the end of the day I'm a busy man busy and night you need to start making some time for me instead of running around Harlem fucking all these bitches it's especially those white hole that's oh my god come on ma since when a nigga gotta answer to you you knew what it was when you first started fucking with me I told you from the RIP keep your fillers in check yeah but where's this fucking guy man you know I just want to find his and just plant that's all I wanna do plant him and kill the rule didn't I tell you that I told you to keep your feelings in check oh really Jason really yes you're a badass motherfucker turn around real quick come on stop playing one I knows man niggas out here trying to holler at you do you girl do you really Jason Shirley yes really I'm so tired of you Jason I know you tired of me but you still love me though I'm fucking sick of you that's loud you know what listen going side you know what hey just take this shit man boss two bottles take care the fucking waiters in there let me highlight my man alright get rid of that fucking nasty ass attitude exactly hey what you did now man what happened man come on man ain't about nothing man you know how we do what's up with you you got them digits that's my boy right there you too man all right I'm gonna deal with this inside ya hand do that yeah about time you know which one do you want pull them over now you'll find out who we are soon enough let's get out of here you

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