20 thoughts on “Knowledge Graphs & Deep Learning at YouTube”

  1. Youtube algorithm has changed so much in a bad way.
    They changed it so that you see all the time the videos you already saw and videos related to those in the recommendation sidebar. They erased accounts playlist when they were acquired by Alphabet even though they didn't need to.
    Now you cannot see timelines of people like before..
    They ban people based on their judgement and I strongly believe that these are not mistakes but they are just paving the way for changing our behaviour.

    I think this time, the guys from YouTube are pushing an ideology to their customers and this video is just a facade to hide the hard truths.

  2. it doesn't work actually, you get a gental massage, every time you login, your driven by majority rules, unless you specifically type something, your slowly integrated into a more logical prediction

  3. this is the problem with knowledge graph engineers at google/youtube. it sees/judges activities. physical activities like soccer, basketball, kayak or golf. it doesn't take account (at least he's not talking about it) about topics, or talks, or narration, or context like talk kind of video. or makeup video, or coming out video. or q & a video.

  4. Deep Learning:
    Yes, one of the prime jobs at YouTube and Google is to make money. BUT, what exactly are you doing with the Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom gained? Immortality? Species from Earth being able to exist beyond this Earth and solar system? New ideas and/or technologies to improve 'life'?

  5. "I works incredibly well"
    – Gets PewdiePie recommendation, even after clicking <Not Interested> .

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