Knowledge & Disagreement – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

Vishakha Sadri we're silly Emily Wagner octet I mean listen II of coca-cola allahumma thabbitna and del Monte villa ilaha illallah Muhammad al-amin alladhina amanu aminu sorry had what I was all will Huck what I was always mean yellow belong I mean some about my intention today in Childline this hood by is to share with you reflections from 2 to 3 ayat of surah surah these are ayat that have many many profound lessons in them but there's one thing in particular that I want to build up to and share with you in childhood ila and hopefully something that can give us bring us closer to Allah is guidance in our personal lives and as a community Allah Azza WA JAL Indy's Ayyad describes the three audiences that the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam had to face and those three audiences are basically you can even call them two audiences the people of Mecca the Quraysh who worshiped idols and had no knowledge of any revelation from before and even if they were descendants and part of the legacy of ibraheem alehissalaam that was long forgotten the only thing left of some of that beautiful tradition was some rituals and they didn't even know why they did those rituals so the Kaaba was there and they have no idea why and they were sacrificing animals following the tradition of ibraheem and ismaeel alehissalaam but they have no idea why they've forgotten all about it so they are there common of a saloon you know they have no clue why they do what they do on the other hand there's the Jewish and Christian communities in Medina that was the additional audience of the Prophet sallallaahu sanam and they are very different from the audience of Makkah because these are people with background in revelation even though that revelation was changed and it was altered they understand the concept of one God they understand the concept of messengers they understand the concept of the al Qaeda these are things that they were familiarized with you know through prophets and through previous revelations whatever they had left of those revelations regardless what Allah Azza WA JAL does in these ayat is actually doesn't just introduce us to these audiences he actually describes to the prophet sallallaahu items and why his mission is so difficult why are both of these audiences so hard to convince talking about the mushrikuna of makkah the people of mecca he says cavora al-maliki numata drew whom allah it is very very hard for the for the mushrikuna for the idol worshipers it's too big of a deal for them to accept what you're calling them to capo de la cobertura de feu Laden in arabic is used when something is very hard to accept very hard to live by very hard to swallow why would Allah say that about to mushrikuna well he would say that because on the one hand you know a jolly hatela how do I hate that they would complain them we have all these gods and now you're going to take all those gods and just turn them into one guy how can we accept this how can we get rid of all of this tradition that we've had for so many thousands of years I saw my dad doing this his father did it my great-grandfather did it these are revered you know religious traditions we can't just get rid of them and by the way the older a temple is and the older and Idol is even in the idol-worshipping parts of the world today if you go to an old Buddhist temple or an old Hindu temple the older it is the more revered it is the more sacred it is the more people come and visit it you know the new one's great but the old one is like a tourist attraction if you really want to get your prayers answer so this has been going on for centuries and in in Makkah how are we going to just get rid of it what are you talking about this is very hard for them to accept because they saw it as a violation and almost like being being a traitor to their own legacy their own their own ancestry like kicking their ancestors in the grave or something but there was an additional problem and the additional problem was basically directly politics and economics I mean if you get rid of all of these idols all the other tribes in Arabia have no reason to give you business they have no reason to consider the Mekons special there's no reason to not attack the people of Makkah when they travel there hello – cheetah you were safe the only reason they don't get attacked is because they're considered custodians of all the other idols so if we mess with them if some tribe messes with them in a trip then they'll be like when we go back oh you guys are the ones with the wooden one right I'm going to break his legs when I get back so they're gonna we're not going to mess with them because they're holding our gods hostage right so but if we get rid of all the idols there's nothing no hold we have left over the rest of the region we're just like everybody else no more special status and there's no reason for all this tourism in Tamar Macha as you know is not a tourist attraction it's not a fun place to go for the weather nor for the people nor for the scenery we go there because of the Kaaba and the mushrikuna used to go there because of the Kaaba for the wrong reasons for their idols and when people go somewhere they increase economic activity there's more business there's more tourism you know there's more purchasing and so their entire economy rested on those idols so when the messenger of allah salallahu alaihe salam is calling them to get rid of the idols is going to destroy the economy how are we going to make any money and it's going to destroy them politically so it's not just ideologically or philosophically you know spiritually they had a problem with the hain but they saw this as something that will destroy the entire muckin structure the entire ecosystem is going to get disturbed and that's captured so beautifully by Allah I wish Nikita Matadero who Malay it's very big very hard for them to accept what you're calling them – very hard for them so that's the problem of Makkah but then when you come to Medina even the Quran says when some of the Companions or the allahu taala how much marine when they got to medina they were optimistic they were optimistic because these people find the people of Makkah we had no idea what a book is we don't know what a prophet is we don't know what afterlife we dead none idea they would even question Morocco man what is this al Rahman word what we've never heard it before they talk like that but when you go to medina those are people of taurat those are people of injeel they have been worshiping allah for a long time and if once we invite them they're going to see this is mosul de panama been Ayodhya minute a lot it's actually confirming what they have in their books they're going to recognize it it's going to be so much easier for them to accept Islam and in this ayah that I wanted to share with you a lot I said says no actually it's going to be even harder for them it's going to be even harder for them you think just because they have background it's going to be easy for them there's a there's a group among them this is even more difficult for them to the people of Makkah and he gives the reasons because on face value you would think while you've been learning your book you've been learning you're taught you're waiting for a final messenger to come all the signs you've been studying that we study Allah Matassa right we study the signs of Judgment Day and we give lectures and Daluz on the signs of judgment day they would give lectures hot bus duels on the signs of the final prophet and they'll be waiting for him to come and now all those signs have been fulfilled and they fulfill 100% on the messenger of allah sallallahu I said then why not so Allah describes wha metaphoric ooh in Lombardy maha a Himalayan they didn't fall into this disagreement except even after knowledge came to them except even after knowledge came to them this is a very profound statement because the previous group did not accept because they don't have knowledge now Allah is saying this group does not accept because they have knowledge because they do member ahamill arisen the after having knowledge which defies common sense why would someone know and still well into disagreement I thought the purpose of hell the purpose of learning and knowledge is that disagreements come to an end once we all know we're all going to be on the same page so Allah Azza WA JAL in this ayah gives a profound what is called in arabic i'm a fool only Edgeley he an object of a verb that gives you reasons and let me put that in simple English for you in one word Allah describes when is it that knowledge that is supposed to bring people together when does knowledge become a means of disagreement that same knowledge that was supposed to unite becomes that that's it's supposed to be the remedy it's supposed to be the medicine that same knowledge becomes poison and it's not even a different kind of knowledge Allah Azza WA JAL called it a little meaning the actual knowledge actual knowledge had come to them and they and because of it they fell into a disagreement and that were one mother only ugly he in the ayah they'll rip the rationale behind it is just one word and that one where it is bulky and Baena home the word is billion and it's very difficult to translate billion and what am i part of my attempt in this hope but today is to help you and I understand what is that word mean and how does that relate to people who know something but I'm going to take a step back and give you some other examples you have in the scientific community across the United States and in universities around the world certain things that are considered consensus certain things have become consensus for example the the Darwin's model of evolution become consensus so if you go to any university any reputable university in the world and you're going to be studying biology in any any serious sense the basis of it is going to be the Darwin Darwin's model of evolution and if any non Muslim atheist agnostic rice changers any scientist even a disagrees with one part of it not the whole thing even one part of it their job is in trouble they might get ostracized from their community they might lose their tenure ship at the University you cannot disagree with this this is not a put up for discussion this is established fact now you talk about this and you're done you have in across universities particularly in the United States of course we have many many many schools that have higher education in the field of psychology right and abnormal psychology social psychology behavioral psychology we have incredible expertise in this field and you know up until the 70s the American Psychological Association was unanimously in agreement then homosexuality is actually a it was listed as one of one psychological disorder among many it was actually considered a psychological disorder not only was that removed from the list by now if you actually even try to ask that question your job is over you're done there in a society that says we are free to ask whatever questions we want we can question anything research anything you know probe anything experiment about anything that one question if you want your job is not up for discussion that question is over you may not ask that question so you'll notice what I'm trying to get at is that even in academics in Western academics even in you know recently I was talking to a student of mine who's actually a PhD in physics who's was telling us that you know you have people that you know and many people in many leadership professions professorship positions in science community they're famous atheists there are famous people who don't believe in God right and their arguments for belief not believing in God is basically you know science they use science and evolution etc as primary arguments for not believing in God and now you have mathematicians physicists other scientists who are saying your arguments don't make any sense this doesn't make any sense when they're diving deep inside of a bacteria and finding advanced engineering inside the tail of a bacteria they're starting to question wait if you're saying this is an accident this is way too well crafted and engineered this has to be designed by a creator this has to be made by a higher being this is not believers or Christians or Jews or Muslims saying that these are physicists saying this these are other scientists saying this these are statisticians saying this even they get kicked out of university positions even they are denied any position so there are some things that are just there's no room for us to talk about in certain time we think this is an open free society it's the image it's the facade of a free society but let's go back to that community that Allah described in every field of life there are some people who claim they know more than others there are experts you know there could be a mechanic who's an expert he's the only one who knows the cars in the neighborhood he's the only one who understands how the engine works yeah he's the only one who understands how the transmission works a doctor can be an expert he's the only doctor in the village nobody else is a doctor he has that knowledge nobody else has that knowledge you understand and the same thing happens within religion there's an imam there's a scholar there's a group of scholars their shape their daaad perhaps they know more than the rest of the people they're more knowledgeable and when someone is more knowledgeable we trust them if I take my car to a mechanic I don't know anything about cars he could open up the hood and tell me you need a new engine all I need is an oil change but he can convince me I need a new engine and I'll have to believe in because I I don't know any better I put my trust in him you understand this is how it works now Allah says people didn't fall into a disagreement with each other except after knowledge came to them because of Bucky now let me tell you what Buffy means what are the reasons behind which people of knowledge disagree and turn up to turn the remedy turn the medicine into poison when do they do that the number one reason they do that is an STI well Mara the liebe man a lefty agua Mara linguistically the word but he actually means to have a lofty opinion of yourself and to be full of yourself you can't possibly learn any more because you already know everything have the attitude that you're continuously learning and there's more to learn because you're the ex you're the one who knows that what everybody else so knowledge whatever there could have been has already been attained by you there is no reason to question what you've already arrived at you already know everything the attitude of a know-it-all and well he also means that hasn't well he actually also means jealousy why should people listen to his speech when I'm giving a speech maybe make sure people don't listen to that guy or don't attend that convention or don't go to this program because those people they don't they're not nearly as good as I am and let me convince you why they are so wrong so now the scholar who's supposed to further knowledge he's supposed to further truth his entire exercise his entire effort goes into proving somebody else wrong why should you not listen to him and why should you listen to me because he sees if somebody else has scholarship and somebody else is saying something that corrects what he says he sees that as oh my god I'm going to lose customers I'm going to get less people interested in me more people are going to become interested in him and now their position of knowledge is no longer a position of knowledge it's just a way of securing their in securing their insecurities this jealousy takes over them you know in the Arabic language the word bola or you know or you know Baha actually means two things in addition it means Alka Sood and it also means a ton of demand earning there are people who would like to keep knowledge suppressed because there's it's their way of making money that's their way of making money and they don't want to question anything they don't want to be able to ask questions asking questions gets in trouble understand what was happening in Medina the rabbi's of Medina used to basically teach religion to their communities and they were in paid positions people used to give them money and then get was from them and things like that this was an industry the religion had turned into an industry for them the prophet of allah salallahu alaihe salam brings the quran and makes knowledge of revelation open source everybody has access everybody has access and some of those corrupt Futaba that they used to give are now being disagreed with they're losing their position the only way can keep their industry alive is by attacking the prophet salallahu alaihe salam but people don't see that all people see is this is you know if you if you're a person living in medina at the time and you're of the jewish background and you have a rabbi that you trusted you've heard him give his saturday sermon every set you know you know at the synagogue every week and you've gone and listened to him and learn religion from him and now he says with all of that knowledge and all of that experience and all of that confidence don't listen to that man Muhammad it's a lot longer Sam he's a liar you know don't go don't go to him and he's using his credibility of knowledge to create disagreement because he sees himself threatened because if he accepts Islam he's not going to be a Mufti anymore he's not going to be a eylem anymore he's just going to be a Sahabi a student like everybody else actually he's going to be less he's going to be a freshman as opposed to some of the senior students like Alma Beelzebub now before when he was a rabbi he was actually in a superior position where the people of reading and writing were the people of scholarship the rest of these Arabs they're just they don't know their jaw head their army you know their own machine their unlettered people and now some of those unlettered people are in a superior position how can I accept that how can I accept that you couldn't take it they couldn't accept the religion so they're that same knowledge that is supposed to be a means of humility becomes a means of pride a means of making money a means of manipulating people an industry a business that's all it becomes and this is a horrible horrible thing to do with the most sacred of all gifts Allah has given us knowledge this revelation that allows the hotel gave us it's supposed to be there so human beings can have access and benefit each other not so they can take advantage of each other so he says wa mata for aku in Lombardy maha a homeowner l mu l mo Bahia Buena home there's one more meaning a fascinating meaning of ba gua in the arabic language they say cool lucia jaren la ba tomorrow who Allah sorry Lamia blow they save of any fruit that doesn't mature it's also actually called ba gua in other words knowledge or the scholar by definition is a lifelong student a scholar of anything I'm not just talking a song a scholar of anything is truly only a scholar if they are a student until they die they continually learn and when they learn sometimes they go back and realize what they concluded yesterday was not the best today they know better and they know better and they know better and they keep on growing and they keep on realizing that some of their previous conclusions were not the best conclusions there Medivh matured over time but the problem is if you're already being perceived as a scholar by people then you don't want to give the impression that you're a student because then you can't go and say well I was learning and I realized some of the things that I have said before are wrong this is the right position or this is what I find more convincing and this is even this is to the best of my knowledge right now and I will continue to learn and when I learn more perhaps I'll change my position again palasa and yeah the AMIA lobelia krub I mean Hadar ashada and like a public display of humility that I don't know I don't know what I've learned something better and I've come to a different conclusion this is also a very difficult thing for someone to admit it's very hard I'd rather and just like the image describes a fruit that refuses to mature and falls off the tree I don't want to grow immature I want to stay exactly as I am even if it's unripe I want to be stubborn in my ways now this was about if you would think this is a hobo only about picking on scholars or experts or you know undermined things like that that's one side of the equation but these I author Universal in their value all of us have some knowledge all of us know certain things some of you are parents and your children come in question some things you've done maybe you've done them in business maybe you've done them in the way you dealt with some family member and your children also know a little bit about their religion and they say Baba about what you did here I don't think this is right oh you're going to teach me now you're going to tell me I know and you're going to put them in their place because you don't want to hear it because you already know everything and even after you know you can't be corrected because you can't see yourself being corrected by a younger what difference is left between that and your brahim are they said I'm kindly telling his father that he shouldn't be worshipping idols you know an email me madam you attic when advice comes to you and me whether it comes from the youth or it comes from elders it comes neighbors it comes from friends if immediately you start holding on to your pride and you can't take it then you have the same problem as the rabbi's of Modena there's no difference you know Mamata fara coup in Lebanon bad image are in valium by now it's either jealousy or its greed some people in the audience may Allah protect all of us from Haram earning and may Allah make any of you from them you got into a bad business you got into something that you know is Haram income you know it already and you don't want to hear it from anybody you want to keep on earning and pretend to keep your eyes closed you'll just give extra checks to the mustard and a little bun or something and may tend that everything's going to be ok you know it's like a parking ticket you just pay the fine and you should be fine you keep keep you you can afford the extra tickets you keep the parked car parked illegally that's not unless allah slaw doesn't work like the Department of Motor Vehicles let me tell you you can't just do whatever Haram you want and then write a check and it erases it it doesn't work that way you can't pay your way into agenda I'll pay your way out of hellfire towba is necessary we have to recede and even if we knowingly did something or now you know that you've done something we have to walk out of those things and if we still look in within those things it's either greed or jealousy of something else or pride or stubbornness and these are all Buffy a desire to take over someone else a desire an urge to not let somebody else come up why shouldn't we and people know they shouldn't get Intel about transactions they know that already it's not like anybody in the Muslim community doesn't know what ribeyes you've heard it enough times already but then when you get into whatever transaction and then your family or some concerned one says why are you doing this what do you want us to live in an apartment or whole life look at that family they have a house they have house they have house we should just stay in an apartment what's wrong with us all I just wants us to be poor is that what it is and you start giving them lectures because they try to correct you you know we have to earn somehow and so it when it comes to money when it comes to position when it comes to status when we turn a blind eye to what we already know then we are no different from this warning that's being given LaMotta for aku 11 and imagine a homeowner a mobile hyunbae now home but then as I leave you I want to share with you what are the consequences of this rarely do you find in the Quran when someone does something wrong Allah talks like the way he talks here Lola Lola Kenny motto in Sabah cut me Rebecca allah o allah moosa mala could the Avena home had it not been for a decree a word from allah that had already come to pass meaning a verdict from allah that was already decided that I will get Allah saying I will deal with them on Judgment Day had it not been for that verdict laconia baina home they would have been dealt with immediately I would have dealt with them right now Allah is so offended by people who know and still let their pride and their greed and their jealousy override what they know that he wants to deal with them immediately but says you're just you are getting you think you're getting scot-free no no no you're not it's just that I decided that I'll deal with you on judgement day but there is some immediate consequence and that's the one that I want to leave you and me thinking about there is an immediate consequence Allah says what in latina/o DPhil kitab embody him and those who were given the book in inheritance much after them Luffy Shack Kim Min Ho moody they are truly in doubt about it what happens when a generation ignores knowledge and does what they want anyway what happens when the people of knowledge just fall into disagreement out of out of pride and arrogance that a next generation of Muslims Rises and those next generations of Muslims are doubtful about Islam itself Leticia Kim Min Ho that's the Qurans words the next generation of Muslims aren't even sure if they should be Muslim all they saw was these shape types fighting each other arguing with each other I don't want to deal with any of that nonsense and actually when you dig deep enough all of them are greedy all of them want money all of them have pride issues I don't want anything to do with this religion as a matter of fact they see the behavior of those people that represent the Deen and they're so disgusted by it that they're doubtful about the book itself though who the men who in year in the ayah could refer to according to Samuel Adama al-kitab they doubt the book itself they start questioning the book itself a generation of Muslims will come about who will start asking questions about the Quran how come this is said there how come that is said there this doesn't make sense that doesn't make sense and we don't have to imagine that generation anymore we're seeing it we're seeing it and some say that that belief goes back to your oil in the end they're doubtful about knowledge they don't even care to learn anymore like I don't want to learn this stuff what's the point what you want me to learn this stuff and argue like these people do what's the point of it so an entire generation of people becomes disinterested they become they become you know skeptical about the revelation and they become unsure what the point even is of learning any religion what's even the point let me check Kim Min Ho but then if that was bad enough and would we're good able to just stop there Allah as always and added one more word and that's what I want to conclude with the free Shack came in who mu Deeb those of you that are Arabic students know that the word mu Deeb is actually motorad D it affects another it's transitive in Arabic grammar you know what that means they're in a doubt that puts other people in doubt they don't keep their doubt to themselves they make a video about it they blog about it they post about it they comment about it and when other people read it they start doubting and then other people read it and they start doubting they can't just keep their own you know what's lost to themselves it was wasn't you know that it was always to themselves their whispers and their criticisms and their questions they talked to other Muslims about it they in fact other youth and other youth start doubting and then they share with others and doubt like a disease spreads in the society how can doubt spread when you had people of knowledge I thought the remedy for doubt was knowledge and in this ayah when knowledge is not given its due when it's not served with any intent to overcome to further yourself to promote yourself out of jealousy against someone else or greed when that when those intentions corrupt knowledge then you don't get certainty from knowledge then what you get is doubt in the next generation may allah azzawajal protect us oma from falling into unnecessary disagreement may Allah protect those who are learning Dean to protect them from Billy of any kind and may allah azza wajal protect this generation and coming generations from doubt that is infectious marek ilaha illaallah come from Colonel Hakim when a fire near conv Lyautey rejection hakim al hamdu lillahi wa kaze wa salatu wa salam ala ad-din estava ho Susan Allah of bloody him Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-amin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma'in Yahoo Allah Azza WA JAL Fikret ABI Hakim bata anahulu erodibility min ash-shaytani r-rajim in Allahu Allah Yahoo user Luna and Abby yeah you had ladina amanu sallu alayhi wa salamu Taslima a lama salli ala muhammadin wa ala muhammad kamas Allah Ta'ala Abraham were a Libra haemophilia a diamond in the middle Majid allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad came apart allah' ibraheem aal-e-ibraheem a philomene in Makaha me Majid robado la hora kiraku mala eat tabouleh in la jolla mobile and live election well et al kaba when her and in fact even one car well addict allahu akbar allahu allah ma mattress neroon okay masala in oscillator kettle mini akita bono quota

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