22 thoughts on “Know your rights in a Child Protective Services investigation”

  1. U have no rights and they will tell you that and who do you think the judge is going to believe me or you the state owns your children…

  2. Not new news for black community, CPS aka ACS, removes black kids (and latino) often. It's a form of slavery, for profit abuse of families. Search google reviews of ACS, etc and read the horror stories. Just as bad, doctors/ medical professionals are less likely to diagnose black and/or latino children as autistic, further slowing down the assistance that such children/families deserve and desparately need ! Remember that on the slave plantation (and in Africa) children were often taken from parents communities. Please investigate this and produce news story on the matter.

  3. Its Friday July 19 2019 in Pekin Illinois a 9 am innocent parents that was more than willing and they took us for granted everyone unite and show up this day

  4. American family courts are trafficking children. CPS is nothing more than a part of a well organized pedophile ring, which includes hospitals, schools, law enforcement, orphanages, the court system etc. It is obvious by the way they snatch children without rhyme or reason from loving homes, that their agenda is not the protection of children. Their institutions are like death camps, children go missing, and suffer horrible abuse. It's time for all people who love children to get proactive. investigate for yourself then spread the word. These demons will be stopped.

  5. They are trying to do this to an innocent family on July 19 2019 if there are thousands protesting their rights against some very nasty woman you won't believe your eyes and go figure no man in our area works for this agency the family thought if they were nice and let them in it would be ok to show their Innocents now the false allegations are getting nasty they are trying on July 19 2019 tell as many as you can come c cps in Pekin Illinois at the court house trying to take kids and keep it going casue no one is speaking out show up show ur support against cps

  6. July 19 2019 Pekin Illinois court house we need to organize theirs some innocent parents they are trying to take their child from these good people at 9 am I urge people to show up and show ur love and passion so this can't happen ever again

  7. Careful calling the Cops in Michigan now, if you call them because an Online predator is trying to get your kid to run away or meet them the cops are now required to start tripping your kids up with 2 questions at once so that it sounds like they are trying to hurt themselves, then when the cop says I want to transport her in a firetruck to the hospital and you say no they will say i am going to call my supervisor and see what he says and then they come back in and say as long as you say you got it handled I am told this will be the end of it and then the next day I got a call from CPS saying that they need to talk to my kid within 24 hours or else so I am going to see them tomorrow morning at my home, I will let yall know the outcome as I am recording it and I will put all recordings on youtube to help folks out because these people are DIRTY

  8. In a child CSEA case I brought up x wife's hidden fianancial assets $75,000. No body gave a shit said it's not on the CALENDERS agenda

  9. These workers fail most children and traumatize the rest. So many children have been sexually assaulted, abused both verbally and physically and some kids get to stay w their abusive parents when cps could've saved them from harm. Instead too many innocent families are the victims in cps' tirades

  10. Half them fat asses ACS bitches don’t even have kids it’s a pay check for them and they feel important they be the devil sometimes be the devil 👿 I swear and talk so nasty to you but what happens if someone call ACS on a ACS worker because I know some of the messiest nastiest workers once they remove children and place them in bad homes they don’t give a fuck about the kids fuck them

  11. I think anyone that makes an allegation against a family and that allegation turns out to be false the person who made the allegation should get charges for lieing and they should be federal charges. Up to 2 years in prison and 2000 dallor fine minimum so that people stop using CPS as a weapon. Its the Only way to fight agianst people calling CPS because there mad at someone and want to see them get into trouble. It should also be considered child endangerment and they should loose there kids instead. For putting other kids in harms way and making them almost loose there parents its just sick knowing how many people use CPS as a weapon i would never call CSP not even on my worst enemy ever unless they were being horribly beaten or somthing life threatening. Everyone has there own way of raising there kids my grandma use to beat us all with switches hard and leave giant welts across our backs, ass and whereever we got hit lol and that was not even 20 years ago and im now grown and im glad we got beat like that it tought us respect and she would always talk about when she was a kid and how they had it hard her brothers being tied to stumps for days untill they pulled it out by hand and stuff like that now days thats tourture but back then normal lol crazy how Times have changed I think it is up to the parents how they want to discipline. As long as it's not life threatening or molestation its all good lol

  12. When somthing like this happens the adoptiond should be thrown out and you shoukd get your kids back with like a couple million dallors instantly who cares if they were adopted out there your kids if your blood matches then there yoir kids you should have them thats it. Its your choice how you want to raise them not there's they shouldn't be able to make you raise them any way you dont want to its ridiculous. Free country my ass cant even raise your kids the way you want to these days it shoukd be your choice weather you want your kids to go to school or anything for that matter.

  13. If it’s a wrongful adoption then someone should be able to reimburse the family and overturn that adoption

    No warrant? My kids go nowhere with you! Best yet, don’t even answer the door

  14. Cps saved me when i was child .they removed me from an un safe environment where i was beaten every day and scared for my life as a kid.they saved me when noone else could.

  15. So if you don't let these asshole strangers into your homes whenever they want or talk to your children alone, they can just petition to have your children taken away? What a shit system!

  16. It's supposed to be the law that all people are treated equal then shouldn't they drug test everybody all citizens not just parents not just pregnant mothers and prosecute all criminals for drugs if they find them in their system not just moms not just people on State insurance but shouldn't it be everybody it's not fair it's prejudiced

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