Know Our People – Ms Dimuthu Pascual – Dean of Humanities and Education

I'm limitless cool a Dean of humanities and education at cyrix College I have about seven years of experience in psychosocial sector plus academic field so I started my journey from a National Council for mental health in Sri Lanka I also worked in Sri Lanka an AVS counseling offices then I joined a Colombian state of research and psychology as lecturer as well as she'd psychologists so I have my experience in academic where the country University of UK with the affiliation for Colombians to do research in psychology so it's a new journey involved is a country that is full of beautiful beaches and beautiful people as well I love to contribute for the Maldivian community I'm very proud to be a part of cyrix College that caters young and dynamic youth in Maldives we are doing a very important work right now we are going to commence a new psychology bachelor's program which going to be the first time in models and I'm very proud to be part of it we're going to develop a psychology lab it is an actually an opportunity to gather all the experts in different field of psychology in motive to one platform will be approving up programs internationally and many more to come psychology is different we deal with humans so we need to consider by the human factors even in our learning so the methods like case study critical analysis experimental basis practical sessions to improve counseling skills are some of the techniques that we use by the end of the courses we make sure that students are ready for the real life's a lot of opportunities are opening up in psychology field be it counselor or maybe a psychotherapist even as a teacher or maybe as a marketeer you may need psychology I'm proud to be a part of the cyrix team you

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