KLCS NewsBrief: City Year L.A. Opening Day

Today city of Los Angeles 10 opening day, it is really exciting morning, it means nearly 300 young people are pledging to do a year of service to the students and schools of Los Angeles. And slow to judge, To do my best to make a difference. So we’re gonna have a huge impact in LAUSD to get students from 3rd to 10th grade back to the grade-level. City Year is a national education focused nonprofit organization that unites young people ages 17 to 25 for a year of full-time service working with students as tutors, mentors, and role models to help students get back on track to graduate. We provide whole class support so we’re in math English classes where we’re helping the entire classroom, and then from there we select specific students who are falling behind, and then provide a whole year of mentorship, and tutoring. Thousands of teachers, and school principals who feel more energized, more committed, more dedicated to their mission when they see those City Year core members this part of our LAUSD family at the doors every day, tens of thousands of lives transformed. I joined City Year because I had City Year members who really believed in me and my potential and without them I wouldn’t have been here so I want to do that the the future generation and help them out.

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