38 thoughts on “Kirby's BAD Educational Games – ConnerTheWaffle”

  1. Poppy bros in kirby adventure give you crash because bomb wasn't a power yet till a future kirby game so yea

  2. I dont like your videos anymore. There are more adult jokes, more gameplay without editing, no bootlegs, no theorys. This channel is not the same anymore.

  3. Connor please see this and pin it keep up the good videos great video can I get some likes on this please

  4. You okay, Connor? You sounded tired… I know because it’s not scripted but please don’t force yourself with uploading often if that’s the case. Love you either way! 😊

  5. These weren't educational games. These were just… tag mistakes.
    Maybe scratch the Scratch one (pun-not-intendo) because I played it and I liked it.

  6. Me: Huh, bad education games w/Kirby and friends.

    (clicks the video)

    Me just realizing something: Wait, Educational Kirby games exist?!

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