Kinh Vu: The Power of Music Education

All right. You can stand, you can sit, you can move around the room,
it is up to you. And we’re beginning. Who gets to go to work and pick up a clarinet, or tin can,
and call that their job? Music teachers do. [MUSIC]>>My name is Kinh T. Vu, and I’m an assistant
professor in music education at the College of Fine Arts
>>Students who are majoring in music education are excellent
musicians who want to utilize their music and to help their
students realize their full potential.>>We’re gonna play each cord twice. So for major, we’re gonna go, one We
work together to develop their skills, of course, whether it’s how one might
go about writing a lesson plan or introducing an instrument, but
we also want to inspire their hearts. I’m hoping that music making
music teaching is joyful. And it creates a space for learners of all
ages to be expressive, to be themselves. [MUSIC] Being left on the street in a war zone at
the end of the American war in Vietnam As a child is a large and
significant part of my personal story. [MUSIC] I began working in Vietnam in November
of 2011 when I was a doctoral student, and it was not It was me
going to my homeland for the first time making music with orphans. I remember,
like felt this deep connection. It said your home. You know a lot of what I do is for
the people I left behind. Teaching and learning is not so much
about playing scale on the clarinet or being able to sing with a perfect pitch. It’s a way of survival,
it’s a way of thriving for me.>>Go two, three and
>>Gives us all an opportunity to be on
some kind of level playing, in which we all have to be inventive,
to be innovative. And that’s what we wanna
emulate in our classrooms. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] My students and I hope that we’re creating
moments of music. That are important right now. And it’s always beautiful to see
students come to music class and thrive where they may not have
thrived in other classes. They are happy. They feel like they have
a agency in the room. And if we can keep building on those
moments of liveliness From day to day and week to week. Maybe that encourages the students
to thrive in other environments. And we hope people will come back and
say you don’t know the difference you made in my life. [MUSIC]

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