48 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice Gets A Lesson From Michael Jai White”

  1. Isnt that just what happens during elections because one party opebly conspires against the other side. I.e. dems against reps every cycle.

  2. You have to born with that ability.
    Is not just punching straight is something inside the body that increase the force of the punch in such short travel.
    At a the end most fighters return to they natural movements when a fight get complicate

  3. I learned several things from this video.
    Mike is pretty bad ass
    Kimbo takes a second to learn
    I dont know what this movie is from
    I should just never fight anyone

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  5. The fact of the matter is Kimbo would of koed his Hollywood ass every time, he’s the one that shoulda been giving the lesson

  6. He isn’t taking into consideration that his opponent can hit him back in boxing. The side to side movements have never been to punch harder they are to dodge the opponents punches and get an angle.

  7. MJW is only a "show fighter". Let's see him in a real fight. He's got a pretty big ego though, to be trying to school a guy who's been in the ring.

    As Mike Tyson said, "Everybody's got a plan until they get hit."

  8. Okay straight up, I'm an older guy now and don't competition fight any longer but I had two black belts and fought golden gloves and I never had that instruction. Anyone who hasn't watched the video clip yet has to, as simple as it was it was incredibly simple to comprehend and makes complete sense. Man I wish I had that extra bite of information back in the day.

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